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Methods and Apparatus for Personal Care

InactiveUS20100217357A1Effectively cleanseEffectively rejuvenateCosmetic preparationsToilet preparationsEtiologyWrinkle skin
Methods, apparatus and systems for personal care, such as treatment of a skin or hair treatment surface, are disclosed. In some embodiments, a base device is configured to thermally modify (heat or cool) an applicator on a hand piece that can then be used to cleanse, treat and/or otherwise rejuvenate the treatment surface. The applicator can be formulated with a smooth or abrasive material that can absorb, be coated with or otherwise take up a variety of materials, such as liquids, lotions, gels or creams, which are suitable for application to the treatment surface. The base device may thermally modify the material that is then coupled to the applicator and applied to the treatment surface during treatment. Application of the applicator at the desired temperature to the treatment surface may, for example, stimulate deeper blood circulation, clear pores, diminishes or removes deep and fine wrinkles, accelerate acne clearing, treat blemished skin, decrease edema and erythema of the skin, and/or reduce puritis of various etiologies. The hand piece may comprise one or more secondary treatment elements, such as LEDs for photoactivation, electrodes for delivery of micro-currents or vibrating elements for rubbing or abraiding, in order to achieve additional activation of the treatment surface and/or of the thermally modified material coupled to the applicator, which may enhance or improve treatment.

Automated hair isolation and processing system

A device comprised of hair-flow-channel guides continuously moved over the surface of the scalp. A track cap of parallel tracks is placed on the head to guide device's movement over the scalp along non-overlapping rows. At the front of the device is a hair-tensioning straightener that pulls hairs perpendicular to the scalp before and during processing. A bend-under assembly, formed by two pinching conveyer belts, facilitates hair exit from the channels by bending scalp-attached hairs beneath the walls of each hair channel. Intermittent intersection of each channel by an obstructing member isolates one or a few leading hairs for processing and forces trailing hairs to wait their turn for cosmetic processing behind it. Isolated scalp hairs may be cosmetically processed in ways including coloration; cross-section reshaping, hair-extension attachment and removal, and cutting to length according to position along track. Hair extensions removed at one position along a track cap are conveyed to corresponding holding clips and loaded in an order so as to permit their reattachment to the same scalp area. Hair extensions so held can be channeled and isolated for attachment, as are scalp hairs. A bend-under assembly can be used to draw one or a group of isolated hairs longitudinally through the chamber in which they are isolated facilitating cross-sectional reshaping of hairs or cutting to a preprogrammed length. Intersecting member and cosmetic processing actuation synchronized by computer.

Taxol enhancer compounds

InactiveUS7001923B2High anticancer activityMinimal toxic side-effectsBiocideOrganic chemistryArylNitrogen
One embodiment of the present invention is a compound represented by the Structural Formula (I):
Y is a covalent bond of a substituted or unsubstituted straight chained hydrocarbyl group. In addition, Y, taken together with both >C=Z groups to which it is bonded, is a substituted or unsubstituted aromatic group. Preferably, Y is a covalent bond or —C(R7R8)—.
R1 is an aliphatic group, a substituted aliphatic group, a non-aromatic hetereocyclic group, or a substituted non-aromatic hetereocyclic group, R2–R4 are independently —H, an aliphatic group, a substituted aliphatic group, a non-aromatic hetereocyclic group, a substituted non-aromatic hetereocyclic group, an aryl group or a substituted aryl group, or R1 and R3 taken together with the carbon and nitrogen atoms to which they are bonded, and/or R2 and R4 taken together with the carbon and nitrogen atoms to which they are bonded, form a non-aromatic heterocyclic ring optionally fused to an aromatic ring.
R5–R6 are independently —H, an aliphatic group, a substituted aliphatic group, an aryl group or a substituted aryl group.
R7 and R8 are each independently —H, an aliphatic or substituted aliphatic group, or R7 is —H and R8 is a substituted or unsubstituted aryl group, or, R7 and R8, taken together, are a C2–C6 substituted or unsubstituted alkylene group.
Z is ═O or ═S.
Also disclosed are pharmaceutical compositions comprising the compound of the present invention and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier or diluent.
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