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Graphic element with multiple visualizations in a process environment

Smart graphic elements are provided for use as portions or components of one or more graphic displays, which may be executed in a process plant to display information to users about the process plant environment, such as the current state of devices within the process plant. Each of the graphic elements is an executable object that includes a property or a variable that may be bound to an associated process entity, like a field device, and that includes multiple visualizations, each of which may be used to graphically depict the associated process entity on a user interface when the graphic element is executed as part of the graphic display. Any of the graphic element visualizations may be used in any particular graphic display and the same graphic display may use different ones of the visualizations at different times. The different visualizations associated with a graphic element make the graphic element more versatile, at they allow the same graphic element to be used in different displays using different graphical styles or norms. These visualizations also enable the same graphic element to be used in displays designed for different types of display devices, such as display devices having large display screens, standard computer screens and very small display screens, such as PDA and telephone display screens.

Workshop production management method and system based on Internet of Things

The invention discloses a workshop production management method and system based on Internet of Things. The management method includes the steps of establishment of an enterprise production and operation management system, on-site acquisition, real time monitoring, productive task tracking, product quality analyzing and production order feeding back. The workshop production management system based on Internet of Things comprises a terminal management server, a receiving computer, a mobile phone with bluetooth or wireless fidelity (WiFi), a ZigBee coordinator, a ZigBee router, a station controller, a radio frequency identification (RFID) reader-writer, an electronic tag and a process displayer. According to the workshop production management method and system based on Internet of Things, workshop site is connected with an upper decision system by the aid of the RFID reader-writer and electronic tag manufacturing execution system (MES), integration and sharing of various data information of workshops can be achieved, thereby, the 'fault' phenomenon caused by incomplete sharing and exchange of enterprise data information in enterprises can be avoided, the management process is simplified, and the management efficiency is increased.

Production line design and optimization method based on digital twinning

The invention relates to a production line design and optimization method based on digital twinning. The production line design and optimization method comprises the following steps: performing digital process design on a product, integrally planning a production line, constructing and integrating a digital twinning model of the production line, performing simulation verification on a virtual production line, constructing and implementing a physical production line, and performing virtual-real mapping and optimization on the production lines. According to the invention, the digital twinning model is constructed according to three levels of elements, behaviors and rules, and has production line evaluation, evolution and reasoning capabilities; a virtual production line model is established,virtual debugging and simulation operation of the virtual production line are achieved, the production line does not need to be constructed firstly, design risks are avoided, and debugging time is saved; and a virtual-real mapping relationship and an interaction mechanism between the virtual production line and the physical production line are established, statistical analysis is performed on theoperation data of the virtual production line, and optimization and management and control on the physical production line are realized.

Internet + industrial 4.0 intelligent manufacturing management method and system

The invention discloses an Internet + industrial 4.0 intelligent manufacturing management method and a system. The Internet + industrial 4.0 intelligent manufacturing management method and the system are used to provide a comprehensive information resource service for system exploitation, testing and operation deployment. The method and system are characterized in that the Internet + industrial 4.0 intelligent manufacturing management method and the system comprise five layers of service frameworks, two safety systems and intelligent building management; the five layers of frameworks are a hardware platform layer, a software platform layer, a production manufacturing execution layer, a service operation management layer and a strategy management layer from bottom to top respectively; through the intelligent building management and a series of guarantee support auxiliary of the two systems of an operation maintenance and IT management system and safety guarantee, sensors which are located everywhere, an embedded terminal system, an intelligent control system and communication facilities form one intelligent network through a CPS. People and people, people and machine, machine and machine, and server and server can be interconnected so that transverse, vertical and end-to-end high integration is realized. A production network is constructed. Perfect fusion of virtual and real worlds is achieved and an industrial 4.0 mode of information physics fusion system construction and application is constructed.
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