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Method of manufacturing liquid ejection head, and image forming apparatus

The method of manufacturing a liquid ejection head comprises the steps of: forming a plurality of piezoelectric elements on a diaphragm; stacking an intermediate plate which includes recess sections for covering the piezoelectric elements and drive wires connected to the piezoelectric elements, on a surface of the diaphragm on which the piezoelectric elements are formed, in such a manner that peripheral spaces are formed around the piezoelectric elements by means of the recess sections and electrical connections are created between the drive wires and the piezoelectric elements; connecting an integrated circuit to end sections of the drive wires which are opposite to connection sections between the drive wires and the piezoelectric elements; forming an actuator function unit by electrically and mechanically bonding the diaphragm, the piezoelectric elements, the drive wires, the intermediate plate and the integrated circuit after the formation of the piezoelectric elements on the diaphragm, the stack of the intermediate plate on the diaphragm, and the connection of the integrated circuit and the drive wires, in such a manner that the piezoelectric elements are electrically driven via the integrated circuit; measuring displacement of the diaphragm by operating the integrated circuit in the actuator function unit; and bonding a flow path forming member to the actuator function unit after the measurement of the displacement of the diaphragm, the flow path forming member being provided for forming a plurality of pressure chambers connected to a plurality of nozzles and forming a common liquid chamber for storing liquid supplied to the pressure chambers.

Multi-functional electronic pen capable of writing in paper and storing written contents in computer

InactiveCN102602200ASolve the problem that it is impossible to write on paper and the writing method is singleWriting implementsInput/output processes for data processingGraphicsHandwriting
A multi-functional electronic pen capable of writing in a piece of paper and storing written contents in a computer is characterized in that an electromagnetic component is arranged at the front end in a pen holder and is connected with a circuit board, a control circuit controls the emission frequency of electromagnetic waves of the electromagnetic component, a right on-off key and a middle key with the function of a mouse are arranged on the pen holder, and a pen head is a left on-off key. A charging component is arranged at the upper end part of the pen holder; and a pen refill is an ink pen refill or a ball-point pen refill, and the pen head is an ink pen head, a sign pen head or a ball-point pen head. When the multi-functional electronic pen is used for hand inputting, written characters or patterns are emitted to a circuit board of a computer handwriting pad or a tablet personal computer by the electromagnetic component, and the original written handwriting can be stored on the computer or a mobile phone after the written characters or patterns are received and processed by a receiving circuit on the circuit board of a desktop computer, the tablet personal computer or the mobile phone. The multi-functional electronic pen can be placed on the paper on the computer handwriting pad or a computer display screen for writing, and the written contents can be stored in the computer and the paper at the same time.
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