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Filtration of hydrocarbon containing liquid

An apparatus for and method of filtering hydrocarbon contaminated water is disclosed herein. The present invention may be used in drainage openings, particularly in parking lots and containment areas for large sources of hydrocarbons such as oil tanks or electrical transformers, to remove hydrocarbons from hydrocarbon contaminated water. The apparatus has a filtration compartment which filters out debris and sediment which may clog the treatment compartment. A pre-filter attachable to the apparatus may be used to further aid in filtering out sediment. A means for melting snow and ice may be incorporated within the filtration compartment such that liquid flow is not hindered during extreme weather conditions. The treatment compartment contains a hydrocarbon absorption media which absorbs any hydrocarbons present in the water rendering such water substantially hydrocarbon-free for discharge directly into a stream or groundwater. In the event of a hydrocarbon spill, the hydrocarbon absorption media forms a plug which seals off the flow of contaminated water. A hydrocarbon solubilizing material capable of effectively removing sheen in a first pass may be disposed as a top layer over the hydrocarbon absorption media. Preferably, each compartment is manufactured as a cartridge which may be dropped into a housing inserted into a drain opening.

Mining area surface subsidence synthetic aperture radar interferometry monitoring and calculating method

A mining area surface subsidence synthetic aperture radar interferometry monitoring and calculating method belongs to mining area surface subsidence monitoring and calculating method. The method comprises the following steps: having format conversion, calibration, pre-filtering and interference to interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) data to obtain an InSAR interference phase, eliminating flat ground effect, an terrain phase and orbit errors of the interference phase by means of precise orbit data and an external dynamic effect model (DEM), obtaining phase values which only contain deformation information of a ground surface after filtering to residual phases, on the condition of large deformation gradient, through phase unwrapping, obtaining deflection of the edge of a mining subsidence basin, fusing the deflection with a few ground measured data, reversely deducing probability integral method parameters of the subsidence basin through a genetic algorithm, calculating sinking values of an arbitrary point of the whole surface subsidence basin through required probability integral method parameters and geological mining data, and therefore mining subsidence deformation field is produced. The mining area surface subsidence synthetic aperture radar interferometry monitoring and calculating method has the advantages of being high in monitoring accuracy, large in monitoring range, convenient to operate, low in cost and large in technical content.
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