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Information mapping is a research-based method for writing clear and user focused information, based on the audience's needs and the purpose of the information. The method is applied primarily to designing and developing business and technical communications. It is used as a content standard within organizations throughout the world.

Workflow management system and method

A computerized workflow management method and system to provide operational support for complex multi-step processes, having particular utility in supporting operations involving securitizations for which periodic valuation and distribution computations, disbursements and reporting must be set up and executed. The invention permits unification of manual operations and operations performed by legacy software, even if implemented with database structures different from the workflow management system, automated quality control, workflow status display and automatic updating of workflow status records. The method of workflow management involves creating an underlying database structure for recording the processing steps and other information required for each transaction, entering the necessary setup information by selection from lists of pre-stored information about processing functions, associated workflow events and milestones for the queues, mapping the data structures of the subsystem databases and the workflow management database to provide transparent interfacing and convenient manual entry of data were necessary, displaying for the user the workflow status of all transactions for which he or she is responsible, permitting menu driven initiation of required actions and automatically updating the database records for the universe of deals being managed by the system.

System and method for accessing third party application based on cloud platform

The invention discloses a system and a method for accessing a third party application based on a cloud platform. The method comprises the steps of receiving a cloud platform account and cloud platform password information, wherein the cloud platform account number and the cloud platform password information are input by a user, and displaying applications provided by the cloud platform to the user; according to the third party application selected by the user, querying a stored binding information mapping table, acquiring third party application account information and access token information corresponding to the third party application and cloud platform account information, or third party application account information and encrypted third party application password information corresponding to the third party application and the cloud platform account information, and sending the third party application account information and the access token information, or the third party application account information and the encrypted third party application password information to a third party application server; receiving authentication approval information returned by the third party application server, pulling the third party application from the third party application server and displaying the third party application to the user. With the application of the invention, the operation complexity of the frequent login of the user is reduced, and the security of the access to the third party application of the user is improved.

Intelligent production system and method based on edge calculation and digital twinning

The invention provides an intelligent production system and method based on edge calculation and digital twinning, which belong to the field of intelligent production. The intelligent production system comprises a physical system, an edge digital twinning node, a digital twinning management control system, a production manufacturing simulation system, an order system and an AI algorithm model base. The method comprises the steps that intelligent sensing equipment acquires physical production line information in real time and transmits the physical production line information to the edge digital twinning node; the edge digital twinning node constructs an equipment model, predicts equipment faults and service life, and carries out visual display; and the digital twinning management control system generates simulation analysis operation of production equipment scheduling, optimizes a production scheduling strategy according to a simulation result of the production manufacturing simulationsystem, and sends a production scheduling instruction to the physical system. According to the invention, the calculation burden of the terminal processor is reduced, the time delay is reduced, the information mapping efficiency and the working efficiency of the whole intelligent production system are improved, and the equipment fault monitoring, prediction and maintenance at the edge side are realized.

Advertisement classification method and device based on webpage characteristic

The invention discloses an advertisement classification method and system based on a webpage characteristic. The method comprises the following steps of: extracting the webpage characteristic information from the webpage sample information and extracting the advertisement characteristic information from the advertisement sample information; mapping the webpage characteristic information and the advertisement characteristic information to a common characteristic space by use of a transfer learning method to obtain the webpage sample information and advertisement sample information mapped to the common characteristic space; training a classifier based on the webpage sample information mapped to the common characteristic space and a current training set, and classifying the advertisement sample information according to the trained classifier to obtain a classification result; establishing a link network between the webpage and the advertisement according to the historical release and click data of the advertisement sample information so that the classification result is transmitted along the link network and the corrected classification result is obtained; and updating the training set according to the corrected classification result. Through the invention, existing mark data can be sufficiently utilized, and a large amount of repeated work is avoided.

Intelectual property (IP) brokering system and method

InactiveUS20030126059A1Maximum system efficiencyFinanceOffice automationCustomer requirementsExecution plan
An intellectual property (IP) brokering system and method (0110) incorporating an expert system permitting a customer (0120) to automate and optimize the use of IP agents (0130) to affect customer product realization (0140) is disclosed. The present invention in some preferred embodiments permits a customer to define a knowledge database with background and customer sensitivities as well as a requirements database for a given product to be created. This information is then mapped to available technical resources and design architectures by the expert system that then generates an optimized execution plan based on available resources. The disclosed invention permits global optimization of the customer requirements by coordinating disparate IP agents in a unified fashion to achieve an optimal utility function with respect to the desired customer product. The system as disclosed may include a wide variety of optimization algorithms and additionally may permit feedback to the customer to allow recursive optimization to occur. The methods as disclosed herein within a variety of preferred systems contexts permit IP to be brokered and granularized by allowing projects to be fractured according to system functionality and subsequently brokered out for optimal cost realization via a globally-connected IP resource acquisition and coordination system. The present invention is particularly well suited for application as a management element in a counter terrorism information technology system to minimize the impact and social disruption associated with terrorist events.

Visible camera communication system employing LED lamp MIMO array configuration

The invention discloses a visible camera communication system employing LED lamp MIMO array configuration. A transmitter employs the MIMO array configuration, and each LED lamp wick is provided with an independent FSOOK modulation drive power supply. The transmitter is provided with an LED-ID data modulation mapper connected with the FSOOK modulation drive power supplies. The interior of the LED-ID data modulation mapper is provided with an information mapping table in a preset manner, and the LED-ID data modulation mapper enables serial binary LED-ID data to be modulated into a plurality of parallel FSOOK frequency signals according to an information mapping rule, enables the signals to be mapped to the plurality of independent FSOOK modulation drive power supplies, and drives all lamp wicks to flicker at different frequencies. A receiver employs a CMOS image sensor with a roller shutter mechanism for photographing an LED array light source, and the exposure time needs to be selected during photographing, so as to prevent excessive exposure from causing high light noise interference. A light source forms a plurality of stripe images with different dark and bright stripe widths on the CMOS sensor, and the receiver obtains the complete image composed of a plurality of stripe subimages, and then carries out the decoding of the image.

Mobile node positioning algorithm based on integration of sensor network and cellular network

The invention relates to a mobile node positioning algorithm based on integration of a sensor network and a cellular network. A PAD ID floor information mapping table is first formed and stored in a backend server of the cellular network. After entry into a wireless sensor network, a mobile terminal first broadcasts a positioning request to peripheral sensor nodes and communicates with nodes in the sensor network by use of a 64-bit address directly. When receiving the positioning request, a node sends position and PAN ID information to the mobile terminal. After receiving replies from a plurality of beacon nodes, the mobile terminal extracts, from Respond information, the PAN ID information, coordinate information of the beacon nodes and received signal strength RSSI which are integrated into positioning information. The mobile terminal sends the positioning information to the backend server of the cellular network and sends out a command to start the positioning algorithm. Through the positioning algorithm, the backend server of the cellular network finally determines the floor, room information and the coordinate of the mobile terminal. According to the invention, the energy consumption and the network burden of the wireless sensor network are significantly reduced.

Gesture control man-machine interactive system based on WiFi

The invention discloses a gesture control man-machine interactive system based on WiFi.The gesture control man-machine interactive system comprises a signal collecting module, a signal processing module, a gesture action extraction module and an action command mapping module, wherein the signal collecting module obtains channel state information (CSI) of a physical layer containing user' action from WiFi signals; the signal processing module processes collected signals, and the processing comprises donoising, filtering and smoothing operation; the gesture action extraction module performs gesture action information extraction according to signals obtained from the signal processing module; the action command mapping module is used for obtaining gesture action data from the gesture action extraction module and mapping the data to be corresponding computer operation instructions.By means of the WiFi signals, users do not need to wear any specially-made equipment; through the collection of the channel state information of the physical layer, the extraction and identification of gesture information contained in the channel state information and the mapping to be the corresponding computer operation instructions, human interaction is performed.The cost is low, and the system has low coupling performance and scalability.
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