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Network safety monitoring method, system and equipment, and storage medium

ActiveCN107682351ASimple to useData switching networksSafety monitoringNetwork security
The invention provides a network safety monitoring method, system and equipment, and a storage medium. The method comprises the following steps: colleting safety logs of multiple network safety defense equipment and sending the same to a message caching cluster and an intrusion detection server; performing safety semantic conversion on the safety logs through the intrusion detection server, and analyzing to generate a safety event according to a preset rule, sending the safety event to the message caching cluster, and sending alarm information when the safety event satisfies a preset alarm condition; reading the storage data in the message caching cluster through a centralized log analysis platform, performing normalization processing and field filling on the storage data to acquire indexdata, querying the index data through a retrieval front end, thereby acquiring the safety log or safety event corresponding to the index data. Through the network safety monitoring method provided bythe invention, the light-weight and multi-dimensional safety monitoring with unified safety semantic standard and traceable source can be realized through the safety log unified collection, the intrusion detection server, the message caching cluster and the centralized log analysis platform.

Method for making electrical windings for electrical apparatus and transformers and winding obtained by said method

This invention relates to a method of manufacturing electrical windings for electrical apparatus and transformers. This method comprises the following steps: manufacturing a metal mandrel defining the internal shape of the winding; installation of an internal insulation and support; installation of side rings; pouring impregnation compound on horizontally turning mandrel for obtaining a thin layer on the operational area of the mandrel and side surface of the side rings; optionally curing this layer; fixation of the first end wire using one of side rings; manufacturing winding with simultaneous pouring of compound onto the mandrel; possibly introducing intermediate insulation and/or reinforcing layers of preimpregnated reinforced plastics; optionally inserting premade sleeves around section of the winding; fixation of the second end wire using one of side rings; possibly introducing external insulation or reinforcing layers of preimpregnated reinforced plastics; possibly manufacturing secondary windings on top of the wound winding; curing the winding; extraction of the cured winding or a set of cured windings from the mandrel.
The invention also relates to winding structures obtained by this method.
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