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Device exhibiting photo-induced dichroism for adaptive anti-glare vision protection

A device (100, 140, 150) for differentially absorbing light, depending on the state of linear polarization of the light, is disclosed. This polarizing effect is induced and controllable by the level of ambient light impinging on the device. The device (100, 140) may be used as an anti-glare vision protection device which selectively absorbs specularly reflected sunlight in brightly lit environments while permitting all light to pass in dimly lit environments. The device (100) includes a carrying medium which may be a film (142) or opposed substrates (112) that are sealed. A film or the opposed substrates carry a mixture (120) of fluid material (124) and photochromic dyestuffs (122), wherein the photochromic material is activated upon the detection of ultraviolet light so as to absorb some of the light and wherein the energization of the photochromic material effects the material so as to simultaneously selectively absorb the specularly reflected sunlight. The material (124) may be any fluid that dissolves the photochromic dyestuff material (122). The fluid is preferably a liquid crystal material such as nematic or chiral nematic. Alternatively, the material (124) may be a polymer liquid crystal. The device (150) may allow for electrical control of the absorptive properties.

Personal care formulations

Personal care and hygiene formulations for topical application to mucosal surfaces. These formulations include an amphiphilic lipid carrier in the form of a colloidal composition which can include a micellar aggregate or mixed micelles dispersed in a continuous aqueous phase, or an emulsion of lipid droplets suspended in a continuous aqueous phase, and an active agent which is an anti-microbial agent. The lipid carrier has high adhesiveness to mucous membranes such as the soft tissues of the oral cavity. The lipid carrier also has a high load capacity for the active agent to be carried to these tissues. These formulations have the desirable properties of carrying a large amount of active agent for controlled and prolonged release thereof at the desired site, such as mucous membrane surfaces and surrounding tissue. Accordingly, the present invention provides a formulation for oral or topical application including an anti-microbial agent and a lipid. The agent is held by the carrier through a hydrophobic interaction and is released from the carrier in a controlled manner over a prolonged period of time. The lipid is also characterized by having a high adhesive capability towards mucous membrane surfaces. The lipid and the agent are preferably present in a ratio in a range of from about 1:10 to 10:1, more preferably from about 1:5 to about 5:1, and most preferably from about 1:3 to about 3:1 in the formulation.
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