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Engine vibration isolation system based on combined suspension and its control method

The invention provides an engine vibration isolation system which is based on a combination suspension and a control method, relating to the automatic control technical field. The invention forms the combination suspension by a plurality of passive rubber elastomers and a single controllable magneto-rheological damper which is obliquely arranged between the middle part of the engine and a base; an acceleration sensor and a force sensor respectively extract the vertical and transverse vibration acceleration of the engine body and the vertical vibration force of the base, so as to calculate the vibration excitation frequency and the transverse vibration speed of the engine; an engine vertical vibration isolation fuzzy control rule and a transverse damping state control rule are established in a controller, and an oblique control force of the magneto-rheological damper is calculated; the driving current of the magneto-rheological damper is determined by an oblique control force, the damping force of the combination suspension is adjusted in real-time, the transmission of the vibration energy of the engine is restricted. The invention can lead to effective vibration isolation of the engine in wide-frequency range, reduces the self vibration of the engine, and improves the durability and the riding comfort of a carrier.
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