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Internet of things intelligent socket

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The invention relates to an internet of things intelligent socket and belongs to the technical field of sockets. The internet of things intelligent socket can realize remote monitoring, overload protection and electric energy monitoring of an electric loop for the socket as well as long-distance stable transmission of a communication signal, and comprises a power supply module, an MCU, a relay, anelectric energy statistical module, a jack panel, a communication module, a red and green indicating lamp and a microswitch; and the MCU is used for processing current and voltage information acquired by the electric energy statistical module, controlling a relay coil to turn on and off, controlling the output state of the red and green indicating lamp, accepting the action state of the microswitch, transmitting the local peripheral module state to a user operating terminal through the communication module and receiving and executing a control instruction of the operating terminal through thecommunication module. The internet of thins intelligent socket provided by the invention has the functions of the traditional socket, can monitor the working state of the socket external electric equipment and can perform alarm and outage on the abnormal state so as to realize electric energy saving and safety alarm.
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