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Robot control system and robot control method thereof

A robot control system and a robot control method provide improved user convenience in operating the system. The robot control system includes a wireless IP sharing device, connected with the Internet, for transmitting and receiving an image signal and / or a control signal, a robot running by itself in accordance with a command received through the wireless IP sharing device, and performing a designated job, the robot being installed with a wireless communication module, a portable wireless terminal having a motion sensor, for wirelessly transmitting an operation command to the wireless communication module, or receiving image signal and / or control signal, and a robot server, connected with the Internet, for outputting a control screen of the robot, and the image signal and / or the control signal which is received from the robot, to the portable wireless terminal. The robot is controlled by use of the motion sensor installed at the portable wireless terminal.

Providing mobile application services with download of speaker independent voice model

The vehicle of a subscriber of mobile application services is provided with wireless telecommunication apparatus for communication over a wireless network and a public switched telephone network with a service center. When a subscriber calls the service center to locate a particular point of interest (POI), the service center advisor extracts data from a database and downloads it to the vehicle. The information includes a dialable telephone number and an identifying speaker independent voice model of the POI and may include POI identification and location data. The vehicle is equipped with apparatus which stores the downloaded data for automated dialing of the dialable telephone number initiated by the subscriber speaking data matching the identifying speaker independent voice model and may include apparatus to visually or audibly display the identifying, locating and / or descriptive data. The subscriber may call the service center from the vehicle or from a telephone outside the vehicle, with the download to the vehicle resulting from either call. The vehicle may be equipped to store multiple dialable telephone numbers and identifying speaker independent voice models, with identification data for each displayed so that the subscriber may cycle through them to pick one for automated dialing.

Method, apparatus, system, and graphical user interface for selecting overclocking parameters of a graphics system

Overclocking parameters in a graphics system are automatically set. In one embodiment, in response to a user request, overclocking parameters for different sets of overclocking parameters are tested using a graphical stress test to select optimum overclocking parameters.

Systems for monitoring proximity to prevent loss or to assist recovery

A portable proximity alarm apparatus comprising a Bluetooth system and an alarm monitors the presence of a portable electronic device equipped with a compatible transceiver within range and alarms when that device leaves its range. On detecting disconnection, the proximity alarm automatically tries to reconnect. A portable proximity alarm apparatus with an optional voice mode allows for listening to a monitored device and / or to send voice to a monitored device. A proximity alarm device particularly suitable for monitoring persons and animals comprises a base device having a Bluetooth transceiver that can pair with a monitored device having a Bluetooth transceiver. The base device has a lower frequency receiver and the monitored device has a lower frequency transmitter, optionally the base has a lower frequency transmitter and the monitored device has a lower frequency receiver. The lower frequency is less than 1 GHz and preferably 433 MHz. The lower frequency transmitter and receivers are activated when the base and monitored devices are paired and the Bluetooth transceivers enter a sleep or low power usage mode, such as sniff, park, and hold. In an embodiment, the lower frequency transmitter and / or receiver has an adjustable range.

Apparatus for purifying blood

The present invention relates to an apparatus for, after separating plasma from blood using a plasma separation filter, purifying the blood by discharging various kinds of toxic substances from the separated plasma using an anion exchange resin filter and a charcoal filter, and more particularly, to an apparatus for purifying blood configured to be capable of miniaturization and be conveniently used by installing the plasma separation filter, the anion exchange resin filter, and the charcoal filter in a housing.

Method For Managing Storage Product In Refrigerator Using Image Recognition, And Refrigerator For Same

A refrigerator is provided. The refrigerator includes an imaging unit generating a goods loading / unloading video through video recording of storage goods loaded into or unloaded from the refrigerator; a data storage unit storing the goods loading / unloading video, goods information that may be stored in the refrigerator, and storage items information; a control unit recognizing loading / unloading of goods based on an optical flow detected through vision recognition from the goods loading / unloading video, and updating the storage items information in the refrigerator based on recognition information generated through vision recognition on loading / unloading of the goods and the goods information stored in the data storage unit; and a display unit displaying a managed state of storage items for a user based on the updated storage items information.

Method for repelling unwanted speech advertising for packet-oriented communication networks

A service (LD) according to the invention is disclosed for managing lists in a packet-oriented network (LAN) for end devices (EG) of the network, said service providing a first (blacklist) and second (whitelist) list (L1, L2) of identifiers (id, rn) in which one or no unwanted speech advertising SPIT or unsolicited bulk communications are to be expected. A call is directed to the service (LD), and the identifier (idx) of the call is compared to the identifiers (id, m) in the lists (L1, L2). A call whose identifier (idx) is not contained in the lists (L1, L2) is directed to the addressed end device (EGx) and transmitted following acceptance.; After determination of a call with or without unwanted speech advertising (SPIT), a first or second piece of information (z1, z2) inputted to the end device (EGx) is transmitted to the service (LD) in the packet-oriented network (LAN), and the identifier (idx) of the call is assigned to the first or second list (L1, L2). The handling of the lists, and therefore the comfort for the subscriber, is increased by the central management of the lists (L1, L2) by a service (LD) in the network and by simple input to the end device

Navigation system and displaying method thereof

Disclosed is a navigation system and displaying method thereof, which controls the level of protrusion for each piece of indication data displayed on a 3-D screen of the navigation system based on its criticality so as to maximize the legibility of the driver. More specifically, the navigation system includes a GPS receiving member which receives GPS location information, a map data storage member which stores map data including a plurality of indication data, a controlling member which requests a display scope of the map data, corresponding to the received GPS location information, and at least one set of indication data within the display scope, and 3-D data-processes said indication data so that it can be displayed so that the most important data is protruding the most to the driver, and a display member which displays the map data containing the 3-D data-processed indication data.

Dispenser for food or medicine

A dispenser for food or medicine is provided to store contents such as food or medicine inside and discharging one or a certain amount of food or medicine at a time and improves productivity of components and convenience for assembly by improving a cover which has an elastic piece and a button and a rod formed in one body and improving a coupling structure of a blocking member, a base plate, and a cylindrical main body to a protrusion and a groove type coupling.

Information processor capable of using past processing space

An information processor uses the past processing space to shorten the time spent for starting up programs, thereby increasing convenience for the user. A memory unit provides memory space that can be used as processing space. A control unit retains, in the memory space of the memory unit, the processing space of programs that have been executed in the past even after the programs have been shut down, and further, manages the priority of each program. When a program is to be started up, and if the processing space of that program has not been retained, and moreover, if a sufficient vacant region does not exist in the memory space, the control unit discards the processing space of the program having the lowest priority among programs that are not being executed to create a vacant region in the memory space and newly secures processing space in that vacant region. The control unit then reads the program to the processing space that has been newly secured.

Curling iron having protruding and retracting comb teeth

A hair curling apparatus in which comb teeth protrude and retract includes an electro thermal line heater mounted within a cylindrical body to provide heat, comb teeth configured to protrude from the body to comb and wind hair, a cap and a handle in a front portion and a rear portion of the body, a shaft installed substantially at a center inside the body, a lever coupled to the handle, wherein the shaft is moved forward or backward when the lever is pushed or pulled, a link connected to the shaft through a pin, and a support connected to the link through the pin, wherein the support is raised or lowered in an upper or lower portion of the shaft, and the comb teeth protrudes or retracts through holes formed by perforating the cylindrical body.

Systems and methods for storing pictures on a cloud platform and printing the pictures from different locations

The present invention discloses systems and methods for storing pictures on a cloud platform and printing the pictures from different locations. The system may include a first network device to upload a plurality of image files to a private space on a cloud platform, the cloud platform selectively assigning a unique access code to a set of image files or a single image file within the plurality of image files, and a second network device, which is different from the first network device. The second network device may include a transmitter to communicate with the cloud platform electronically so as to access related image files utilizing the unique access code, wherein the set of image files or the single image file within the plurality of image files may have a respective privacy setting. When the privacy setting is set to open, a user may enter the unique access code at the second network device to access the related image file, and when the privacy setting is set to private, the user may not access the related image file by entering the unique access code at the second network device, even when the unique access code entered is correct.

Sunglasses attachable to cap

Disclosed herein are sunglasses attachable to a cap, which are more readily adjustable corresponding to the size of a cap visor. The sunglasses comprises a frame with an integral lens unit suspending downwardly from a lower side thereof, and two clamps provided at the frame and adapted to grasp a cap visor. Each of the clamps includes a support extending vertically from one of both side positions equally spaced apart from the center of an upper surface of the frame, a joint extending outwardly from the support and having a ball formed at a distal end thereof, and a clamping body located outward of the joint. The clamping body has a visor clamping pin, which defines a visor groove for securely grasping either side brim of the cap visor, and a ball socket defined at an inner surface.

Flexible locking and sealing device

The invention is used for locking and sealing railway wagons and containers, warehouses, shops, stalls etc. The invention makes it possible to increase the locking reliability by means of a small, easy-touse device. The inventive device comprises a part of wire rope whose one end passes through a body and is fixed with the aid of two spring-loaded rollers during a locking operation. The external side surface of each roller has a spiral or dentate shape and is formed by successively disposed collars and annular grooves. Each roller together with the spring thereof and a pusher is arranged inside the body on a separate mounting seat which is embodied in the form of a longitudinal slot whose width corresponds to the diameter of the roller. The slots are disposed at an angle with respect to each other and the longitudinal axis of the end-to-end channel of the body. The slots are provided with end cylindrical stop surfaces which are oriented towards the input hole of the body and offset with respect to each other. Several variants for the arrangement of the rollers inside the body and with respect to each other are also disclosed.

Information processing system, terminal device, information processing method, and program

An information processing system includes a storage section, a separation section, an interval related information generation section, a control section, and a content data management section. The storage section is configured to store content data. The separation section is configured to perform an analysis process on the content data stored in the storage section and separate the content data into interval data accordingly. The interval related information generation section is configured to generate interval related information, which describes the interval data that constitutes the content data. The control section is configured to exercise control so that the storage section stores content data related information containing at least one of pieces of the interval related information in association with content data. The content data management section is configured to manage the content data stored in the storage section in accordance with the content data related information.

Portable storage device with multiple data interfaces

The present invention relates to a portable storage device with multiple data interfaces coupled to an electronic device for performing data access. The portable storage device has a casing, a circuit board, a first data interface and a second data interface. The casing contains a cavity, and a first opening and a second opening are located in both sides thereof The circuit board is placed inside the cavity and contains a memory for performing data access. One terminals of the first data interface and the second data interface are electrically connected to both sides of the circuit board, respectively. The other terminals of the first data interface and the second data interface protrude out of the casing via the first opening and the second opening, respectively, to be coupled to an electronic device for performing data access.

Storage container with retractable stands

A storage container with retractable stands has a body and two stand assemblies. The body has a front surface, a rear surface and multiple slots. The slots are formed in the front and rear surfaces. Each stand assembly has multiple props. Each prop is mounted pivotally in a corresponding slot. The props are pivoted to stand on the ground to stand the storage container off the ground for increased convenience. When the props are held in the slots, the props are completely received in the slots to avoid additional storage volume.

Method and Apparatus for Performing Authentication Services

A method of authenticating information associated with a consumer in connection with a third party transaction is disclosed and includes receiving transaction information descriptive of a transaction initiated between a consumer and a third party. The method may include determining a type verification to be performed based on the transaction information, and receiving an input associated with authentication of information associated with the consumer. The authentication may be performed based on the type of verification indicated in the transaction information. The method may include generating verification information based on the input associated with the authentication of information associated with the consumer. The verification information may facilitate completion of the transaction

Electricity-storage system, monitoring device, and power control system

An electricity-storage system 110a is configured to be able to charge and discharge by connecting a plug to an electrical outlet 140a. Power discharged from the electricity-storage system 110a is monitored by a reverse-power monitoring device 100 and discharge from the electricity-storage system 110a is executed according to instruction from the reverse-power monitoring device 100, in order to avoid reverse power flow to an electrical grid 150.

Apparatus, System and Method for Wireless Transmission for Use in Projection Display Apparatus

An apparatus, a system and a method for wireless transmission for use in a projection display apparatus are disclosed. The wireless transmission apparatus comprises a wireless transmission controller, a decompression unit, an interface unit and a processor. A wireless signal is received by the wireless transmission controller. The wireless signal comprises a video / audio compression signal and a control signal. The video / audio compression signal is decompressed by the decompression unit to generate a video / audio signal. The interface unit includes an image transmission interface and a serial transmission interface. The video / audio signal and the control signal are transmitted by the processor to the projector from the interface unit. The video / audio signal is transmitted by the image transmission interface to the projection display apparatus. The control signal is transmitted by the serial transmission interface to the projection display apparatus.

Method for staining tissue

It is an object of the present invention to provide a tissue staining method that makes it possible to observe both information on the morphology of a tissue and information on a biological substance such as an antigen molecule to be detected on a single section and in a single view field. The present invention provides a tissue staining method, including carrying out (A) a HE (hematoxylin-eosin) staining, and (B) a histochemical staining, serially on a single tissue section, wherein the histochemical staining is defined as a histochemical technique for detecting a biological substance to be detected in a tissue in a visible manner by use of a binding reaction between the biological substance to be detected and a probe biological substance capable of binding specifically to the biological substance to be detected.

Portable electronic system

A portable electronic system includes a first electronic device, a carrying element and a second electronic device. The first electronic device has a casing. The casing has an accommodating portion located at one side of the casing. The carrying element is connected with the casing and capable of relatively moving between a first position and a second position of the casing. The second electronic device is disposed at the carrying element and coupled to the first electronic device. When the carrying element is located at the first position, the second electronic device is received within the accommodating portion by the carrying element. When the carrying element is located at the second position, the second electronic device is departed from the accommodating portion by the carrying element.

Ceiling Fan Motor

A ceiling fan motor includes a sleeve, a stator unit fixed around the sleeve, a rotor unit rotatably mounted around the sleeve, and an axle detachably mounted to the sleeve. The axle can include an extending section and a suspension section. The extending section extends through and is coupled to the sleeve. The suspension section is exposed outside of the sleeve. The extending section can be contiguous to the suspension section. An outer diameter of the axle at the extending section can be smaller than an outer diameter at the suspension section to form a shoulder. An end of the sleeve can abut the shoulder.

Wireless charging device, wireless charging case and wireless charging method thereof

A wireless charging device, a wireless charging case and a wireless charging method thereof are provided. The wireless charging device includes a wireless signal transmitter, a controller and a temperature sensor. The wireless signal transmitter is configured to transmit an electromagnetic signal. The controller is coupled to the wireless signal transmitter. The temperature sensor is coupled to the controller. The temperature sensor is configured to detect an ambient temperature to obtain a temperature sensing value. The controller controls the wireless signal transmitter to adjust a frequency or a transmitting position of the electromagnetic signal according to the changing state of the temperature sensing value.

Handheld electronic device, panoramic image forming method and non-transitory machine readable medium thereof

A handheld device, a panoramic image forming method and a non-transitory machine readable medium thereof are provided. The present invention discloses a handheld electronic device for generating a panoramic image formed by a plurality of sub images, the handheld electronic device comprise an input unit, a display unit, an image sensor and a processor. The input unit senses a control action to generate a panorama signal. The image sensor captures a specific sub image of the plurality of sub images according to the panorama signal. The processor determines that the specific sub image is fuzzy so that the processor executes an image re-capturing program to: enable the display unit to display an image re-capturing interface; enable the image sensor to capture a first auxiliary image corresponding to the specific sub image; and replace the specific sub image by the first auxiliary image.

Method of installing a plug and play device driver

A method of installing a driver for a plug and play device is provided, wherein the plug and play device includes a main function device and a storage device meeting a standard specification. The storage device stores a driver required by the main function device. The main function device and storage device may be connected to the host in two different ways after the plug and play device is installed to the host. The first way is to connect the two devices to the host simultaneously. The host loads a built-in standard driver for the storage device from the host to access the storage device, and then loads the driver required by the main function device from the storage device to gain freely access to the main function device. The second way is to connect the storage device to the host, and to cause the host to copy the main function device driver from the storage device to the host's storage device (e.g., a disk drive). Next, the main function device is connected to the host. At this time, the host can directly load the copied driver for the main function device and retrieve the device accordingly.

Method of checking an inspection apparatus and method of establishing a measurement variable of the inspection apparatus

In order to establish a lighting intensity of an inspection apparatus, an inspection board is installed in an inspection apparatus. Then, a width of a histogram of a captured image acquired through a camera of the inspection apparatus is adjusted to avoid from a dark region and a bright region. Thereafter, a lighting intensity of the inspection apparatus is adjusted by adjusting the histogram to be near a middle of a graph. Thus, a setting time of an inspection condition stored in a job file may be reduced to increase the user's convenience, and measurement error due to mis-establishment may be reduced to enhance inspection precision.

Method for providing GUI using pointer having visual effect showing that pointer is moved by gravity and electronic apparatus thereof

A method for providing a graphical user interface (GUI) using a pointer having a visual effect showing that the pointer is moved by gravity is provided. If the pointer is determined to be placed on a first area, the pointer is moved according to user's manipulation, and if the pointer is determined to be placed on a second area, the pointer is moved to another position. Accordingly, convenience and entertainment are provided to the user who manipulates the pointer.
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