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Temperature cascade PID (Proportion Integration Differentiation) control system of high-temperature high-pressure testing device and control method thereof

The invention relates to a temperature cascade PID (Proportion Integration Differentiation) control system of a high-temperature high-pressure testing device and a control method thereof. A high-temperature autoclave for test is used for simulating the temperature, the pressure and other parameters of a stratum environment and carrying out detection test on performances of an instrument working in an environment similar to the stratum environment. The temperature cascade PID control system comprises a hot air mixed heating module, a heating power supply module, a fan circulating module and a temperature measurement and control module; a heating area of the hot air mixed heating module is divided into three temperature measurement areas, i.e. a target temperature measurement area, a safetytemperature measurement area and a hearth temperature measurement area; the target temperature of which an output signal is transmitted to an inner ring auxiliary control PID control circuit after operated and processed through an outer ring main control PID control circuit is compared with a safety temperature for operation processing, and the output signal is amended by a temperature control coefficient and converted into a simulation control signal which is output to a power adjusting device for adjusting the output power of the heating power supply. Three temperature control areas in the invention realize the accurate control on the test temperature in the autoclave by using a cascade control method according to the requirement of a process curve of raising, preserving and reducing the temperature.

Method for controlling main steam temperature in power plant based on simplified second-order auto disturbance rejection controller

The invention discloses a method for controlling a main steam temperature in a power plant based on a second-order simplified auto disturbance rejection controller. In the method, a cascade control mode is used for forming a cascade steam temperature mediation and control system; in an inner ring, proportion integration differentiation (PID) adjustment is used for eliminating the deviation of an advance timing steam temperature to achieve a coarse tuning effect on an overheating steam temperature; in an outer ring, the simplified second-order auto disturbance rejection controller is used for controlling the outlet temperature of an overheater, so that the defects of large inertia and large delay of a temperature object in an inertia area are fully overcome; and by a disturbance compensation effect of the simplified second-order auto disturbance rejection controller, the disturbance of factors such as loads, flue gas and the like is eliminated, so that the stability of the main steam temperature is ensured. In the method, an algorithm is simple, a parameter is easy to adjust, and a higher response speed, higher steady state accuracy, higher disturbance resistance and higher robustness can be well acquired without dependence on a mathematical model with an accurate main steam temperature in the power plant.

Thermal power unit reheated steam temperature control method

The invention relates to a thermal power generating unit reheated steam temperature controlling method. According to the operating characteristics of the boiler reheater and the theoretic study on a steam-temperature control system, a state feedback control method based on incremental state observer is adopted, and the concept of an algebraically equivalence observer is used to direct the parameter setting of an incremental state observer; in addition, a special control circuit is arranged in the steam-temperature control circuit to resolve the problems that the process of steam-temperature adjustment is relatively long when the reheated steam temperature set value is changed, non-linearity exists during steam-temperature control, the process of steam-temperature variation is very slow, etc., and variation parameter PID regulator is combined to jointly form a comprehensive reheated temperature automatic adjusting system. The invention is capable to ensure reheated steam temperature control to escape spray water upon large-range load variation, and effectively overcomes the disadvantage of the poor effect of the traditional PID regulation on the control of big lagged object; the reheated temperature control effect is improved remarkably; and a sample is provided for controlling the controlled object with big inertia and serious lagging in relation to reheated steam temperature.

Three degree of freedom micro-vibration suppression platform and control method thereof

The invention provides a three degree of freedom micro-vibration suppression platform and a control method thereof, belongs to vibration isolation and suppression devices, and solves problems of complicated structure and complex control method of a prior active-passive composite vibration isolation structure. The platform provided by the invention includes a base platform, a load platform, three sets of single degree of freedom active-passive composite vibration isolation assemblies which are totally identical and a controller. The upper end and the lower end of each single degree of freedom active-passive composite vibration isolation assembly are connected with the load platform and the base platform. The control method provided by the invention includes calculating logic axis translation signals, calculating logic axis control signals, calculating physical axis real time control signals and transmission steps. The platform provided by the invention is simple in structure, adjustable in rigidity, is capable of suppressing and isolating three degree of freedom microvibration in rotation directions of an X axis and a Y axis and a translation direction of a Z axis and is suitable for different occasions. Microvibration of different frequency bands can be dampened effectively and reliable guarantee can be provided for precision machining and measurement equipment in a microvibration environment.
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