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Subsea actuator assemblies and methods for extending the water depth capabilities of subsea actuator assemblies

InactiveUS7108006B2Improved hydraulic pressure compensation systemIncrease fluid pressureOutboard propulsion unitsEqualizing valvesOcean bottomPressure transmission
A hydraulic pressure compensation system for valve actuator assemblies is described having particular application for subsea wellhead installations. The compensation system includes at least one valve actuator assembly having a housing that retains a reciprocable piston therewithin. The piston is spring biased into its fail safe configuration. The valve actuator assembly is hydraulically associated with an accumulator reservoir that defines a closed fluid reservoir and an open fluid reservoir that is exposed to ambient pressures. The two chambers are separated by a membrane. The valve actuator assembly is also operationally associated with a fluid pressure intensifier that boosts the ambient pressure of the accumulator so that an increased fluid pressure may be transmitted to the actuator assembly to bias the actuated valve toward its fail safe configuration. In a described embodiment, the fluid pressure intensifier comprises a housing that defines a chamber having a fluid inlet and fluid outlet. A dual-headed piston is moveably retained within the housing. The piston has an enlarged piston face and a reduced size piston face. Fluid pressure entering the fluid inlet is exerted upon the enlarged piston face, and due to the difference of piston face sizes, an increased pressure is transmitted out of the fluid outlet.

Vehicle system to recapture kinetic energy

A fluid drive system that can be used to drive a vehicle and has energy regeneration and storage capabilities. The fluid drive system includes an electrical energy supply source mounted on the vehicle, at least one electrical motor electrically connected to the electrical supply source, and a hydraulic pump driven that may be of the variable displacement type by the electrical motor. The fluid drive system may also include a low pressure hydraulic fluid supply tank supplying fluid to the hydraulic pump, at least one pneumatically charged accumulator tank for storing pressurized hydraulic fluid, a combination hydraulic motor and pump that may also be of the variable displacement type being alternately driven by the hydraulic pump and the pneumatically charged accumulator tank; and an electrical regeneration system for regenerating the electrical energy supply. The electrical regeneration system may be powered by hydraulic fluid from the combination electrical motor and pump. The combination hydraulic motor and pump propels the vehicle during acceleration and speed maintaining operations and may also serves as a braking mechanism during deceleration of the vehicle. The combination hydraulic motor and pump may also pump hydraulic fluid into the pneumatically charged accumulator tank during at least a portion of the time that the vehicle is decelerating. The combination hydraulic motor and pump may further pump hydraulic fluid for powering the electrical regeneration system when the pneumatically charged accumulator tank is fully pressurized. The electrical regeneration system also has the ability to recharge the electrical energy supply while the vehicle is stopped using stored recovered kinetic energy.
Owner:PARKER I L L C +1

Threaded actuator for positioning structure subjected to intense loads

A threaded actuator is disclosed for positioning a core in a molding apparatus. The threaded actuator includes a hydraulic cylinder unit having a piston rod connected to the core for positioning thereof. The core is subjected to intense force during the molding process and this force is transmitted onto the piston rod and hydraulic cylinder unit and its support. The hydraulic cylinder has a threaded nose which is secured within a threaded opening in a support. A rotatable threaded connecting member is threaded between the threaded nose and the threaded opening of the support structure. The outer and inner threaded connections of the rotatable threaded connecting member are of different thread configurations to form a differential thread assembly. The configurations may differ either in pitch and/or in the handedness of the threads. The differential threaded assembly provides for relative positioning of the hydraulic cylinder unit and core relative to the mold. A preload system includes a wall on the cylinder and a wall on the rod for preloading of the locked rod and the supporting components. The hydraulic cylinder and the piston rod are formed with stop wall members which provide for controlled extension of the piston rod for preloading of the piston rod and the supporting structure. A locking unit provides for locking of the rod in an extended position.

Intelligent emulsion pump station for mining

The invention relates to an intelligent emulsion pump station used in the mine, which belongs to a safe production equipment of coal excavation and comprises an emulsion tank, an emulsion pump, an emulsion pipeline, an emulsion pump station controller. The invention is characterized in that: the emulsion pump station controller comprises a primary control circuit, a secondary control circuit and a PLC programmable controller system control circuit; a pressure sensor (8), a liquid level sensor (14),a concentration sensor (15) and an oil level sensor (18) are arranged in the emulsion tank; a temperature sensor (5) is arranged on an emulsion pump (25); the pressure sensor (8), the liquid level sensor (14),the concentration sensor (15) and the oil level sensor (18) and the temperature sensor (5) are connected with the emulsion pump station controller through a cable. The pumping station adopts constant pressure variable feed liquid, speed control by frequency variation and intelligent control, the two pumps can mutually switch over automatically; the liquid level and the oil level are controlled automatically, the temperature of the emulsion pump is supervised automatically, the safe pressure relief protection and the automatic liquid blending improves the service life of the hydraulic support, highlights the explosion proof security in the coal mine; the working performance is reliable and the operation of the pumping station is economical and energy-saving.
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