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System appliance and cartridge for personal body care

The system comprises, for example, an electric shaver (1) and a cartridge (2) mounted in a chamber (12) of the shaver (1). The shaver (1) comprises a shaving head (3) having drivable cutters (31) and an electric motor (11) for driving the cutters (31) via a coupling pin (14). The cartridge (2) comprises a reservoir (25) for holding an auxiliary fluid. This auxiliary fluid may, for example, serve to reduce the friction between the shaving head (3) and the skin of a user. The cartridge (2) has an outlet channel (22) and a diaphragm pump (23) for feeding the auxiliary fluid from the reservoir (21) to the outlet channel (22). For the actuation of the diaphragm pump (23) the shaver (1) comprises a button (15) and a lever (17) which is pivotable about a pivot (18). When the button (15) is pressed the diaphragm pump (23) is actuated and a small amount of the auxiliary fluid is applied to the skin of a user via an outlet opening (32). The cartridge (2) has a key (50) which cooperates with a blocking device (60), which is adapted to block the lever (17) by means of pins. The key (50) has projections for positioning the pins of the blocking device (60). In the absence of the correct key the lever (17) is blocked and thus prevents the auxiliary fluid in the cartridge from being pumped to the outlet opening (32).

Lock for vehicle doors or lids

According to the invention, when the door is locked, a locking part (10) is displaced into a rotary latch (20), which is first pivoted from its open position into a preliminary detent position. The rotary latch (20) is spring-loaded (25) in the direction of its open position and is usually supported on a catch (30) by means of an initial detent section (21). The rotary latch (20) is then rotated further by means of a motor-driven closing aid with the aid of a drive mechanism (53) and an eccentric element (50), until it reaches a primary detent position, in which the catch (30) rests on a primary detent section of the rotary latch (20). To obtain a reliable lock that can be universally used, a toggle-joint lever pair (40) and a spring-loaded follower (33) are provided between the eccentric element (50) and the rotary latch (20). One fixed end (41) of said toggle-joint lever pair (40) is rotatably mounted in a locally fixed bearing (14) and the other free end (42) is forcibly guided by guide elements (15) and simultaneously supports the spring-loaded follower (33). The toggle-joint lever pair (40) is supported on a control curve (51) of the eccentric element (50). The closing displacement is attained by the extension and/or bending of the toggle-joint lever pair. The follower then seizes the rotary latch (20) and propels it in a motor driven manner from its preliminary detent position into its primary detent position.
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