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System and method for deterring theft of vehicles and other products having integral computer means

A security system and method for deterring theft of a product, especially an automotive vehicle, is provided. In an embodiment, a secure storage device is provided that can be presented to a vehicle computer. The secure storage device includes a digital certificate associated with the vehicle and is operable to automatically install the certificate on the vehicle's computer once presented to the computer. At this point the vehicle's computer checks whether the certificate is valid and is issued by the private enterprise certificate authority of the vehicle manufacturer. If it is valid, the vehicle's computer then presents the certificate to the software upgrade server of the vehicle manufacurer. The upgrade server checks its certificate revocation list to see if the certificate has been revoked, perhaps because the vehicle is in a list of reported stolen vehicles. If the vehicle is not in the list i.e., its certificate is still valid, the server then allows for authorization of a fully autonomous online download (can be confirmed, if desired) and the secure authentication of such activities. If the vehicle is in the list of reported stolen vehicles, the server performs an exceptional handling process to prevent any software upgrade to the vehicle and reports the incident to the administrator to take firer action. The main vehicle computer may disable the stolen vehicle completely if the vehicle does not get its software upgraded for a predetermined period of time from an authorized server.
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Systems and methods for generating and processing evolutionary documents

An evolutionary document system comprises: a multi-function printer, a recognition module, an evolutionary document processing module, a list of document identifiers and corresponding actions, and an evolutionary document creation module. The MFP includes software and control routines for processing and creating evolutionary documents. The recognition module is operable on the MFP and allows the MFP to determine an evolutionary document identification number from an image scanned by the MFP. The evolutionary document processing module is capable of matching an evolutionary document identification number to one or more steps or action stored in the list of document identifiers and corresponding actions. Once the actions have been identified, the evolutionary document processing module executes the actions. The present invention also includes an evolutionary document creation module for creating an evolutionary document including an identification code. The evolutionary document creation module also creates the actions associated with the evolutionary document and an entry in the list of document identifiers and corresponding actions. The present invention also includes a method for creating an evolutionary document, a method for processing an evolutionary document, and a method for printing an evolutionary document.
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