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Celeste blue glaze and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to celeste blue glaze and a preparation method thereof. The celeste blue glaze is prepared from, by mass, 48-51 parts of melilite, 14-16 parts of drug, 14-16 parts of calcite, 11-13 parts of quartz, 5-8 parts of talc and 0.4-0.6 part of bone ash; the preparation method for the celeste blue glaze comprises the following steps that S1, the raw materials are weighed according tothe matching ratio, water is added into a ball grinder for grinding the raw materials, after grinding, the ground raw materials are sieved by a sieve, and glaze paste is obtained; S2, blank bodies are manually soaked in the glaze paste; S3, the blank bodies are placed in a kiln for firing and heated for 3 h at the 300 DEG C/h speed under an oxidizing atmosphere to 900 DEG C, after the temperatureis kept for 3 h, the heating speed is controlled to be 55 DEG C/h, the temperature reaches 1020 DEG C, after the temperature is kept for 2 h, the heating speed is controlled to be 110 DEG C/h, undera reducing atmosphere, the blank bodies are heated to 1240 DEG C, after the temperature is kept for 0.5 h, the blank bodies are cooled naturally, and the celeste blue glaze is obtained; by adopting the formula and the preparation method, the fired jun porcelain glaze color is bright and smooth, and the glaze is bright, high in artistic value, wear-resisting, solid and durable; the optical propertyof the melilite is sage green, yellow and brownness, and a thin melilite piece is colorless.

Vivo intracellular reprogramming composition and method of making and using same

InactiveUS20180207113A1Prevent accumulationMaintain mitochondrial respiratory capacityPharmaceutical delivery mechanismOrganic non-active ingredientsC60 fullereneGene expression
An in vivo intracellular reprogramming method for both somatic and stem cell pools in the mammal's body using, C60 fullerenes can be added to enhance mitochondrial ATP production and Biogenesis, Metformin, Everolimus, Seligilene, Danasitab, Venetoclaxalong with Quercitin may act as agent to enhance autophagy and apoptosis helping to decrease their ongoing formation and a novel resveratrol complex along ribonucleasies worth together to help decrease heterchromation dysregulation aid in DNA repair enhancement and nutraceuticals is disclosed. The present in vivo reprogramming invention works at the epigenetic level and promotor region of the genome inside the nucleus of the cell, and other intracellular organelles, rather than outside the body. The key genetic activity changes that the invention reverses have now been found responsible for causing aging in adult stem cells and somatic cells, the combination of the above compounds have been shown to cause improved and corrected epigenetic changes or reprogramming in vivo in gene expression to induce the necessary genetic changes to improve cellular aging and epigenetic IC changes responsible for the changes and therefore effect total body and cellular health from the organ and tissue level on upward. The key to and extended to a long and healthy life is keeping your somatic cells health and maintaining a pool of stem cells can be called on for acute situations like healing form surgery or trauma or an immune boast to frequent infection.
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