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Electrostatic precipitator with high-efficiency dust collecting pole

The invention relates to an electrostatic precipitator of an efficient dust collecting electrode, comprising a shell which is provided with an airflow inlet and an airflow outlet. A discharge electrode and a dust collecting electrode are arranged in the shell. Wherein, the dust collecting electrode comprises a hollowed-out metal shell, and a dust collecting plate or a dust collecting sphere or an alveolar porous plate which is filled in the shell and manufactured by porous metallic foams or porous foam plastics processed via conductive treatment, and the dust collecting plate or the dust collecting sphere moves between an integration chamber and a dust cleaning chamber. The electrostatic precipitator of the efficient dust collecting electrode of the invention selects the porous metallic foams or the porous foam plastics processed conductive treatment, to manufacture a flat type, a granular type or an alveolar porous type to fill in the shell of a metal framework or a reticular formation to manufacture the dust collecting electrode with different structures such as rotary type, flat brattice type, circular flow type and so on, and at the same time separates a dust collecting area and a dust cleaning area to make dust collection efficiency of the electrostatic precipitator reach to more than 99.99%. The dust collecting electrode of the invention is particularly applicable to the last stage of the electrostatic precipitator, wherein, after dust abatement, dust content of the gas per cubic meter is less than or equal to 10mg.

Electrostatic precipitation filter with integrated structure and polarization process for electrostatic precipitation filter

The invention relates to the technical field of air filter products, in particular to an electrostatic precipitation filter which is used for trapping particulate matters in air efficiently and has an integrated structure and a polarization process for the electrostatic precipitation filter. A main body of the electrostatic precipitation filter is formed by overlaying a plurality of layers of pore plates, wherein array holes through which the air passes are formed in the pore plates integrally; the pore plates are micro-foamed and made of a plastic material added with a polarization reinforcing material, a negative ion emitting material and a magnetic material; closed conducting films for applying high-voltage electric fields are arranged on upper and lower surfaces of each layer of pore plate, and ion emitting devices are arranged in one or more of layers of pore plates; and a high-voltage power supply for supplying power to a high-potential electrode and a low-potential electrode is encapsulated on the lateral surface of an overlaid structure, the overlaid structure and the high-voltage power supply are encapsulated in an outer frame of a protective structure integrally, and the outside of the outer frame is powered by low-voltage direct current or a mains supply. The electrostatic precipitation filter is processed by an on-line polarization technology to form a practical product. Due to the adoption of the technical scheme, the particulate matter filter can eliminate interelectrode sparking and electric shock hidden troubles, is easy to clean, low in wind resistance and high in efficiency, has long service life, can be recycled and is suitable for household and industrial air purification devices.
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