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According to, computer technology is the activity of designing, constructing, and programming computers. Computer technology directly correlates with information technology. Computer technology encompasses a developing list of different software programs and devices.

Coal mine production three-dimensional visualization information system based on Internet of things

InactiveCN102325177AChange transfer modeRealize one-stop managementData switching by path configurationThe InternetComputers technology
The invention provides a coal mine production three-dimensional visualization information system based on an Internet of things, belonging to the coal mine production safety integration information monitoring research field. According to the system, starting from an application layer of the Internet of things, through computer technology such as system integration, three-dimensional visualization and the like, the three-dimensional visualization information system is constructed. According to the coal mine production three-dimensional visualization information system based on the Internet of things, computer Internet and sensor technology are utilized to connect the real world with the Internet, integration of coal mine production safety and safety risk avoidance six systems and dynamic control of a three-dimensional image are realized, and one-stop management of a coal mine enterprise is realized. The system has the characteristics of clear structure, a friendly interface, and high easiness of operation. A coal mine tunnel, ground detection information, machine running, underground personnel activities can be subjected to three-dimensional displaying conveniently, data is subjected to situation analysis, accident early warning is provided for operation monitoring personnel, and personnel security and production efficiency of a coal mine are raised.

Computer systems and methods supporting on-line interaction with content, purchasing, and searching

The preferred computer apparatus and methods use computer technology in a unique way to motivate children to devote more time to educational and cultural enrichment, and encourages them to explore the appropriateness of various educational institutions that they may apply to for admission. In the preferred embodiment, educational material is provided at a child's local computer under control of a central computer system connected to it over a computer network. On completing a particular educational task, the child is rewarded with a certain number of points. Points that the child accumulates are stored centrally, and at least some of the points can be redeemed towards the purchase of goods and services offered through the system of the preferred embodiment by its commercial participants. The purchasing transactions are also administered by the central computer. Parents, preferably, use the system to support their children's purchasing activity financially and to select content available for presentation to the child. Users, both children and parents, can explore entrance requirements to colleges, universities, and other institutions, and school administrators can use the system to identify and locate appropriate applicants. The disclosed systems and methods can be used for purposes unrelated to education of children. For example, the disclosed system also supports limited on-line interaction with various products and services, rewarding users with discounts on those products and services.

Digital intelligent housing system

The invention discloses a digital intelligent housing system which comprises a community master server, wherein the community master server is connected with a plurality of household controllers through a community local area network; the household controllers are respectively connected with a visual talk back subsystem, an entrance guard subsystem, a safety-protection alarm subsystem, a household appliance control subsystem and a community service support subsystem; and the community local area network is further communicated with a public telephone switching network and internet. By utilizing the subsystem modularization design, the system is convenient to install, maintain and use; various advanced technologies such as a modern computer technology, a sensing technology, a transmission technology, a network technology and an automatic control technology are adopted for a traditional building structure, so that the efficiency is improved, the loss is reduced, and the cost is saved; a newly-developed internet of things technology, an Ethernet technology, a GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) technology and a ZIGBEE wireless technology are perfectly integrated; and the system integrates functions of building visual talkback, safety precaution, intelligent housing control, environmental control, garden service and cloud computing.

Method and apparatus for recognizing character string in image

Embodiments of this disclosure belong to the field of computer technologies and disclose a method and an apparatus for recognizing a character string in an image. The method includes: according to image data of a pre-stored sample image block including a character string, and based on a convolutional neural network algorithm, constructing an expression of a probability set corresponding to a character string recognition result of the sample image block, the expression of the probability set being constituted by a to-be-determined parameter; based on a training target of maximizing a probability that the character string recognition result determined according to the probability set is the character string included in the pre-stored sample image block, training the plurality of to-be-determined parameters to obtain a training value for each to-be-determined parameter; and when a to-be-recognized target image block is obtained, determining, based on the convolutional neural network algorithm and the training values of the plurality of to-be-determined parameters, a target probability set corresponding to the target image block, and determining, according to the target probability set, a character string recognition result of the target image block. By means of the embodiments of this disclosure, correctness of recognizing a character string can be improved.

Crevice inspection method in bridge quality inspection

The invention relates to a crevice inspection method in bridge quality inspection. According to the crevice inspection method in the bridge quality inspection, a machine visual technology, a modern sensor technology, a datum analyzing and treatment technology and a computer technology are merged into the bridge quality inspection, and continuous and stable crevice images of an inspected bridge areobtained, so that automatic crevice detection for bridge quality is achieved, and safe using of a bridge is ensured. The crevice inspection method comprises the steps that devices are installed, thecrevice images are collected, pre-treatment of image graying, graying level switching and image smoothing to the images is conducted, and crevice targets and image backgrounds are distinguished, so that the crevice is identified, crevice parameters are extracted, a skeleton ridge line is obtained after the crevice is thinned, burrs are removed, the crevice width is calculated, and thus the actuallargest width of the bridge crevice is obtained. According to the crevice inspection method in the bridge quality inspection, the method is scientific, the operation is easy, the inspection effect isgreat, the bridge crevice can be quickly and accurately identified, the automatic inspection level of the bridge crevice is improved, and smoothness and safety of traffic transportation are effectively ensured.

Image matching method, device, computer device and storage medium

The invention relates to the field of computer technology, and provides an image matching method, a device, a computer device and a storage medium. The image matching method comprises the following steps: a finger vein image to be detected is obtained and grayscale processing is performed to obtain a grayscale image; a fast algorithm is used to extract the feature points of finger vein veins in gray-scale images; a sift algorithm is used to process the feature points, and the eigenvectors of each feature point are obtained; for each feature point, the cosine value between the feature vector ofthe feature point and the feature vector of each legal feature point in the legal image is calculated; if the cosine value is less than the preset cosine threshold value, the feature point of the cosine value is confirmed as the matching point; and if the cosine value is less than the preset cosine threshold value, the feature point is confirmed as the matching point; if the number of matching points is greater than the preset threshold value, it is confirmed that the finger vein image to be detected matches the legal image. The technical proposal of the invention realizes the accurate identification and matching of finger vein patterns, thereby effectively improving the accuracy of finger vein pattern matching.

Network online invoice making method

InactiveCN101894435ASupport online updateSupport offline reportingUser identity/authority verificationCash registersData validationSource Data Verification
The invention provides a network online invoice making method. Based on internet and computer technology, the method provides comprehensive real-time management services for the links of purchase, making, use, inquiry, data application and the like of an invoice of a taxpayer. The method comprises the following steps of: realizing the authentication of a taxpayer identity by using a digital certificate; ensuring the transmission security of invoice data on the internet by using an HTTPS encryption protocol; establishing a security channel between a user and a backstage server; realizing bidirectional data security transmission by encryption technology; generating an invoice security code used for verifying the authenticity and the completeness of invoice face value information by invoice anti-counterfeiting technology. An online invoice making key is a medium for the digital certificate, a face value anti-counterfeiting algorithm and secure storage, and finishes data encryption, data decryption, digital signature, data verification and the like. Therefore, the problems of false invoice, writing false invoice, making an invoice excluding income, filling and making non-standard invoice, declaration data distortion and the like are solved fundamentally.
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