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Device for expanding an exit pupil in two dimensions

A diffractive beam expander (50) comprises an input grating (10), a crossed grating (20), and an output grating (30) implemented on a planar transparent substrate (7). The crossed grating (20) comprises a plurality of diffractive features (23) arranged along the lines of a first set of parallel lines (25) and along the lines of a second set of parallel lines (26) such that the lines (25) of the first set are parallel to the lines (26) of the second set. The lines of the first set have a first grating period and the lines of the second set have a second grating period. A light beam (B1) coupled into the substrate (7) by the input grating (10) impinges on the crossed grating (20) at a first location (EC1) and further locations (EC2). Interaction at the first location (EC1) provides several sub-beams (S00, S01, S10) which propagate in different directions. Further interactions at second locations (EC2) provide further sub-beams (V01, U10) which propagate in the same direction as the original in-coupled light (B1). Light is subsequently coupled out of the substrate (7) by the output grating (30) to provide a light beam (B2) which is expanded in two directions (SX, SZ) with respect to the beam (B0) impinging on the input grating. A virtual display device (200) may comprise said diffractive beam expander (50).

Portable and stationary game machine system

A game system including a stationary game machine requiring an external power supply, such as a coin-operable business-use game machine or a home game machine, and a portable game machine having an internal power supply. Game programs for raising game characters are installed in the stationary and portable game machines. The stationary game machine has more internal resources, and its programs support higher resolution video game data. The portable game machine has a vibration sensor for receiving input during play, resulting in the raising of the character. Each of these game machines are provided with a radio data transfer means through which a game result from a memory in one of the game machines can be transferred to a memory in the other game machine. The game machine receiving the game result can use that result in subsequent processing, such as for a starting point in further play or for creating video data that can be printed on a printer. The game machine receiving the result can include a camera for generating images of a player and an image synthesizing mechanism for combining player images with character images so that the resulting synthesized image can be printed. Further game results can be passed back to the portable game machine, or to another game machine, for further game play.
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