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System and Method for Introducing an Additive into a Coking Process to Improve Quality and Yields of Coker Products

Gas oil components, coking process recycle, and heavier hydrocarbons are cracked or coked in the coking vessel by injecting an additive into the vapors of traditional coking processes in the coking vessel. The additive contains catalyst(s), seeding agent(s), excess reactant(s), quenching agent(s), carrier(s), or any combination thereof to modify reaction kinetics to preferentially crack or coke these components. The quenching effect of the additive can be effectively used to condense the highest boiling point compounds onto the catalyst(s), thereby focusing the catalyst exposure to these target reactants. With a catalyst to crack these highest boiling point materials, this mechanism can effectively increase the catalyst's selectivity, thereby increasing its efficiency and reducing catalyst requirements and costs. Selective, catalytic conversion of the highest boiling point materials in the coking process product vapors (coker recycle and/or ‘heavy tail’ of the heavy coker gas oil) may be accomplished with an exemplary embodiment of the present invention in varying degrees. Exemplary embodiments of the present invention can also provide methods to control the (1) coke crystalline structure and (2) the quantity and quality of volatile combustible materials (VCMs) in the resulting coke. Pet coke from this process may have unique characteristics with substantial utility.

All-purpose card consumption tendency analysis and processing system

The invention discloses an all-purpose card consumption tendency analysis and processing system. The method is used for solving the problems of how to calculate the consumption tendency of an all-purpose card user, formulate corresponding discounts according to the tendency and how to calculate the adhesion degree of the all-purpose card user so as to reasonably reduce, avoid and reapply the costof the all-purpose card. The system comprises a consumption collection module, a database, a processor, a tendency analysis module, a storage module, a discount calculation module, an adhesion analysis module, a reissue discount module and a password locking module. According to the one-card consumption tendency analysis and processing system, a tendency value Qi is obtained by using a formula; the formula is used for obtaining the tendency value Qi according to the formula; the maximum tendency value Qmax is obtained in the tendency value Qi of the one-card consumer; a discount value Yi is acquired by using a formula shown in the specification, wherein the formula shown in the specification is shown in the specification to acquire a discount value Yi; the adhesion analysis module is usedfor analyzing the adhesion of the all-purpose card consumer to the all-purpose card; The adhesion Ni is obtained through a formula and the longer the consumption time of continuous use of the one-cardis, the larger the adhesion is.
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