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Wearable hand robot

A wearable hand robot of the present invention is a wearable hand robot which is mounted on a user's fingers and can bend the user's fingers by means of an external force transmitted through a wire, and comprises: at least one first wire which is disposed to extend toward the tip of a finger and then change the extension direction toward the base of the finger; a finger cap which is configured to be fit on the tip of the finger and includes a first wire tube which is disposed at the end of the finger so that the first wire passes therethrough and is U-shaped; a finger member comprising two second wire tubes, at least one finger strap and at least one bending unit; and a support member which is mounted on the hand adjacent to the user's wrist and through which the first wire extending from the finger member passes. The two second wire tubes are configured to extend in the extension direction of the finger segment and are disposed on the respective sides of the finger, and the first wire passes therethrough. The at least one finger strap is coupled to the second wire tubes and is disposed on the finger segment. The at least one bending unit is disposed on the joint so as to bendably connect finger straps which are adjacent to each other or to bendably connect the finger cap and the finger strap which are adjacent to each other.
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