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Branch and bound techniques for computation of critical timing conditions

In one embodiment of the invention, a method for electronic circuit design is disclosed. The method includes analyzing a hierarchy of a netlist of a circuit to determine primary inputs and primary outputs of the circuit at an upper level, and internal vertices of the circuit at lower levels between the primary inputs and the primary outputs; forming a timing graph of the circuit including a plurality of timing delay edges representing timing delay between the primary inputs, the internal vertices and the primary outputs to form a plurality of paths of a path space from the primary inputs to the primary outputs; and in response to the timing delay of the plurality of timing delay edges, dynamically pruning paths of the plurality of paths using branch and bound techniques on bounds of timing delay that are a function of one or more circuit parameters to reduce the path space down to one or more critical timing paths of the circuit with a worse case metric of timing delay between the primary inputs and the primary outputs. Additionally or alternatively, timing in the circuit may be analyzed to determine a bound of timing delay of the circuit for one or more parameter corners in a parameter space and if the bound of timing delay is worse than a threshold time delay then one or more parameter corners may be pruned from the parameter space using branch and bound techniques.

Biomagnetic field measurement apparatus

A biomagnetic field measurement apparatus according to the present invention comprises: a head part provided with SQUID sensors (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) for measuring a magnetocardiogram, the sensors being arranged in a row in a right and left direction at a lower end portion of the head part and being spaced apart by a predetermined space, and a non-magnetic liquid coolant container for cooling the SQUID sensors; an electronic circuitry part for controlling the SQUID sensors and measuring a signal; a signal processing software part for acquiring and storing the signal detected by the electronic circuitry part to a PC, calculating the signal and thus transforming the signal to a magnetic signal or a current signal, then mapping and displaying the transformed signal; and a bed part made of a non-magnetic material, mounted at a lower side of the head part to be spaced apart therefrom and provided with a platy sliding bed for measuring a magnetocardiogram by using the SQUID sensors of the head part at a state that a man to be measured is laid thereon, a sliding rail for allowing the sliding bed to move thereon in a front and rear direction, an up and down moving device for moving the sliding bed, for adjusting a measuring position of the man to be measured, in an up and down direction for adjusting the position of the SQUID sensors of the head part, a right and left moving device for moving the sliding bed in a right and left direction, and a front and rear moving device for moving the sliding bed in a front and rear direction by a predetermined space.
The biomagnetic field measurement apparatus according to the present invention has advantages that since SQUID sensors are arranged in a row and a magnetocardiogram is measured by moving the bed in a predetermined space, it is not necessary for the high-priced SQUID sensors to be provided a lot in comparison with a conventional biomagnetic field measurement apparatus, and thus the apparatus is inexpensive, structurally simple and able to be downsized, a space taken up can be reduced and maintenance thereof is facilitated.

Synthetic experiment device for monitoring system

The invention relates to a measurement and control system comprehensive experimental device which comprises a programmable controller, a hydraulic system, a work drive motor, a loading motor, a analog-to-digital converter, a sensor, a contactor, an intermediate relay and a digital display board, wherein, the work drive motor is connected with a drive pump of the hydraulic system; the signal output terminal of the sensor arranged in the hydraulic system is connected with the input interface of the programmable controller by the analog-to-digital converter, the output interface of the programmable controller is connected with the loading motor by the intermediate relay and the contactor; and the output interface of the programmable controller is also connected with the digital display board. The invention combines experimental devices of three courses in the same set of device, thereby reducing the investment of the experimental device of single course to the utmost extent, improving the utilization rate of the device greatly and saving the cost and the space. In addition, the student does different experiments at the same experimental device repeatedly, thereby shortening the time for getting familiar with the experimental device, also taking effect of understanding the present by reviewing the past and also feeling the relation between different subjects.
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