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Cavity-enhanced photo acoustic trace gas detector with improved feedback loop

A photo acoustic trace gas detector (100) is provided for detecting a concentration of a trace gas in a gas mixture. The detector (100) comprises a light source (101) for producing a light beam and a light modulator (103) for modulating the light beam into a series of light pulses at a chopping frequency for generating sound waves in the gas mixture. The amplitude of the sound waves is a measure of the concentration of the trace gas. The detector (100) further comprises an optical cavity (104a, 104b) with the gas mixture. The optical cavity (104a, 104b) amplifies the light intensity of the light pulses. A transducer (109) converts the sound waves into electrical signals. A feed back loop (110, 111, 113, 114) regulates a ratio of a length of the optical cavity (104a, 104b) and a wavelength of the light beam for amplifying the light intensity of the light pulses in the optical cavity (104a, 104b). The feedback loop (110, 111, 113, 114) comprises ratio modulating means (113, 114) for modulating the ratio at a modulation frequency, a photo detector (110) for measuring the light intensity of the light pulses and adjusting means (111), coupled to the photo detector (100) and to the ratio modulating means (113, 114) for, in dependence of the measured light intensity, adjusting an average of the ratio. The chopping frequency is higher than the modulation frequency.

Sub-scanning interval adjusting apparatus for multi-beam laser scanning unit

A sub-scanning interval adjusting apparatus for a multi-beam laser scanning unit adjusts an interval between at least two laser lines that are formed on a photoreceptor drum without causing starting points of image formation to vary. In the multi-beam laser scanning unit simultaneously emitting at least two laser beams by using at least two laser sources, the sub-scanning interval adjusting apparatus includes a transparent member varying in thickness depending on its height, in a direction where the laser beams pass through, the transparent member having an inclined lower side with respect to a scanning direction of the laser beams, and a movable member having an inclined side corresponding to the inclined lower side of the transparent member, thereby adjusting an interval between the laser beams by moving the movable member in the scanning direction and thus varying the height of the transparent member with respect to the laser sources. An elastic member is formed on the transparent member to press the transparent member with respect to the movable member. The transparent member is formed to have a shape of a triangle or a trapezoid in cross-section in the direction where the laser beams pass through. The transparent member has a refractivity greater than 1.
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