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Driving task deciding system and method for driverless car

The invention discloses a driving task deciding system for a driverless car. The system comprises an environment sensing module, a macro-planning and navigating module, a driving task deciding moduleand a driving task executing and obstacle avoiding module, wherein the environment sensing module is used for detecting ambient environment of the car; the macro-planning and navigating module is usedfor planning a route according to an input driving task, generating a passable macro-route from starting point to destination, determining actions needed to be taken by the car to follow the macro-route according to the current position of the car and outputting navigation information; the driving task deciding module is used for deciding driving tasks to be executed by the car according to the current driving task of the car, driving environment and the navigation information of the car; the driving task executing and obstacle avoiding module is used for executing the optimal driving task according to the motion state of the car. The driving task deciding system has the advantages that defects in the prior art can be overcome, safe and efficient driving of the car on a road can be guaranteed, corresponding driving tasks are completed, and the car can abide by traffic laws and regulations actively.

Personal driving behaviour analysis management control system

The invention discloses a personal driving behaviour analysis management control system, comprising a data reading terminal, a GPS (global positioning system) positing device and a server, wherein the data reading terminal is used for acquiring vehicle ECU (electronic control unit) operational data, reading automobile travelling working condition data, creating a driver operation behaviour data evaluation analysis model, giving an alarm when finding a dangerous driving behaviour, emergently recording vehicle accident data, carrying out statistic on automobile travelling mileage and fuel consumption and detecting whether vehicle emission exceeds the standard or not; the GPS positioning device is used for vehicle positioning; and the server is used for recording and analyzing driving behaviour data, timely reminding a vehicle maintenance fault by combining OBD (on-board diagnostics) vehicle diagnostic function and exchanging information with a user by virtue of an interconnection platform. The invention extracts safety and economy conditions of a vehicle owner by virtue of multiple behaviour models, provides guiding suggestions and ideas for a vehicle owner and alarms and suggests in the automobile driving process and on an Internet terminal interface, thus the system improves driving behaviour and achieves energy conversation and emission reduction, is safety in control, is economic and environment-friendly.

Automobile driving data interaction system based on LiFi (Light Fidelity) and vehicle signal lighting device thereof

The invention discloses an automobile driving data interaction system based on LiFi (Light Fidelity) and a vehicle signal lighting device thereof, relates to united control of vehicle subsystems of different types or different functions, or systems and parts of a vehicle, and especially relates to a vehicle signal lighting device for carrying out information interaction based on a LiFi technology. The vehicle signal lighting devices based on LiFi are taken as headlights and taillights of the vehicle. The automobile driving data interaction system establishes bidirectional interaction of driving data through the vehicle signal lighting devices, transmits own driving state to opposite vehicles through LiFi sending modules and judges the driving states of an opposite direction vehicle and a trailing vehicle through the driving data of the opposite vehicles received by the LiFi sending modules. A vehicle control computer system analyses and processes the driving data, thereby obtaining real-time driving state information of the opposite vehicles. Alarm can be carried out on a vehicle collision accident capable of being caused by driving operation; and therefore, an effective measure is timely taken for preventing the vehicle collision or tailgating traffic accident.

Drive control method for all-electric car

The invention discloses a drive control method for an all-electric car. The drive control method aim at solving the problems that division of working modes during a finished automobile driving running is not considered, a torque compensation function is not considered in the running process of other vehicles except flooring of an accelerator pedal, and united efficiency of a power component is not considered in goal torque setting. The drive control method for the all-electric car comprises the steps of utilizing a finished automobile controller to automatically identify a finished automobile working mode according to current finished automobile acceleration mean values and an acceleration mean square errors, and enabling the finished automobile working mode to be one of a common mode, a power mode and an economic mode; working out an expected torque Treq under the corresponding mode according to a goal working mode control strategy in the finished automobile controller after the working mode identification is finished; restraining and correcting the expected torque Treq according to a power limiting value strategy in the finished automobile controller after the expected torque Treq under the goal working mode is obtained, and if a finished automobile has no major failure at the time, outputting ultimate goal torque commands to a motor.

Internet of vehicles-based car periodic leasing system and method

The invention discloses an internet of vehicles-based car periodic leasing system and method. The leasing system comprises intelligent vehicle-mounted equipment, a handheld terminal APP, a periodic leasing remote management control center and a vehicle, wherein the intelligent vehicle-mounted equipment is arranged on the vehicle and is connected with the vehicle, the periodic leasing remote management control center and the handheld terminal APP, the periodic leasing remote management control center is connected with the intelligent vehicle-mounted equipment and the handheld terminal APP through an internet, and the vehicle and the intelligent vehicle-mounted equipment are in communication connection through a vehicle-mounted bus. By the leasing system and a leasing and vehicle management method, the problems of car leasing and returning, car seeking, vehicle identification designed user opening, real-time monitoring of an enterprise, leasing vehicle management, leasing user warning and monitoring and the like of the user on the handheld terminal are solved; by automatic flow-type leasing, actions of car seeking, car driving, vehicle starting and the like of the user are facilitated, other devices are not needed to be additionally arranged, and the safety and the convenience are ensured; and meanwhile, the management of the enterprise on the vehicle is more timely and thorough.

Method for detecting phone holding violation of driver in driving

The invention relates to a method for detecting the phone holding violation of a driver in driving, and belongs to the technical field of machine vision. The method comprises the following steps of: acquiring a head image of an automobile driver, detecting a face in the head image of the driver by utilizing a face detection algorithm, and positioning a rectangular face region according to the detected face; positioning a left rectangular ear region and a right rectangular ear region according to the rectangular face region, and extracting characteristic indexes from the left and right rectangular ear regions; inputting the characteristic indexes into a mode identification algorithm, identifying whether the driver holds a phone or not in the head image, and storing an identification resultinto a phone holding result queue; and performing logic judgment on the phone holding result queue, and giving an early warning to the driver according to a logic judgment result. The method is high in real-time performance and identification accuracy; and the left-hand and right-hand phone dialing and answering behaviors of the driver can be detected and early warned, so that traffic accidents caused by the phone dialing and answering in driving can be effectively reduced, and driving safety is further improved.

Automobile driving behavior detection method and apparatus thereof, and automobile

An embodiment of the invention discloses an automobile driving behavior detection method and an apparatus thereof, and an automobile. The method comprises the following steps of according to an association relation among a plurality of operation characteristic parameters of the automobile, establishing an automobile operation model; collecting values of the plurality of operation characteristic parameters to train the automobile operation model so as to acquire an automobile operation prediction model, collecting driving behavior data and acquiring a predicted value of a first operation characteristic parameter corresponding to the driving behavior data; and according to the driving behavior data and the predicted value of the first operation characteristic parameter, carrying out driving behavior detection. By using the detection method and the apparatus thereof, and the automobile, based on a neural network, the automobile operation model is established; through machine learning, the automobile operation model is trained so as to acquire the automobile operation prediction model; whether a predicted value acquired through the automobile operation prediction model matches with the driving behavior data is determined; whether an abnormal driving condition is generated is determined; driving safety is increased, automobile accident generation is reduced and a life and property safety of a driver are effectively protected.

Automobile window intelligent regulating system and control method thereof

The invention provides an automobile window intelligent regulating system and a control method thereof. The automobile window intelligent regulating system comprises multiple automobile window units and an environment perception control system, wherein each automobile window unit comprises an automobile window, an automobile window driving mechanism and an automobile window controller; the environment perception control system is used for collecting environment information and emitting an automobile opening/closing signal for controlling the automobile windows of the multiple automobile window units to be opened and closed according to collected environment information and a preset control strategy, and the environment information comprises air quality information inside an automobile, air quality information outside the automobile, rainfall information and/or sunshine information; the automobile window controllers of the multiple automobile window units are configured for receiving the automobile opening/closing signal emitted by the environment perception control system so as to control corresponding automobile driving mechanisms, and thus corresponding automobile windows can be driven to open and close by the corresponding automobile driving mechanisms. In addition, the invention also provides the control method used for the automobile window intelligent regulating system.

Driver identity identification and driving state monitoring method based on machine learning and deep learning

The invention relates to a driver identity identification and driving state monitoring method based on machine learning and deep learning. Motion data of an automobile are acquired through a smart phone sensor, thereby identifying motion of a vehicle driver. Fuzzy mode identification is utilized for dividing the motion sequence of the driver to a driving operation. Then according to road traffic information and an image photographing device, front obstacles and a jam condition in automobile driving are identified through computer vision technology, and furthermore different driving scenes are divided. According to a driving operation, statistics characteristics are respectively extracted. Furthermore a characteristic vector is formed as an input of a deep neural network. The identity of the driver is identified through constructing a personal driving characteristic database and training a corresponding deep neural network model. After the identity of the driver is confirmed, the driving state of the driver at each time is identified through a recursion neural network. According to the method of the invention, multiple-signal-source data are utilized; and based on the driving operation and the driving scene, a deep learning method is utilized for improving identification accuracy.
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