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Products, methods and apparatus for fresh meat processing and packaging

Improved processing and packaging for perishable goods such as red meats providing a processing system wherein ambient air is excluded and suitable gases such as carbon dioxide are provided at a suitable pressure and in such a manner as to increase the quantity of the gases dissolved in the perishable goods. Then providing a base and placing the perishable goods over the base. A flexible web of plastic wrapping material (second web) is then applied over the base and the goods and air or gas evacuated therefrom and replaced with a suitable gas. The base includes a cup-shaped tray with a recess (first web), of plastics or other suitable material, with side walls extending upwardly to connect to a narrow horizontally disposed flange. The first web, goods and second web are located inside a depression in a third web of gas barrier material and there together placed into an enclosed evacuation chamber. A suitable gas is provided in the chamber in such a manner as to displace substantially all other gas and particularly atmospheric oxygen that may be present with the enclosed goods and web materials. The third web is then sealed so as to enclose the goods with first and second webs. that the pressure of the gas may be increased to a level above atmospheric pressure. Most preferably the quantity of gas dissolved into the goods will be increased. Most preferably the gas introduced into the chamber and the space will enhance preservation of the packaging goods when contacting the goods. The first web, second web and third web are sealed together thereby producing a hermetically sealed package with the goods and a gas filled space contained therein to provide a sealed package. The sealed package can be stored for any convenient period of time after which the third web is can be removed so as to allow ambient air to contact the goods. The invention further includes the method and apparatus for producing the processed goods and packaging.

Method for producing fermented edible plants or edible animal/plants, fermented edible plants or edible animal/plants produced by same, and foods containing same

The present invention relates to a method for producing fermented edible plants or edible animal/plants, to fermented edible plants or edible animal/plants produced by same, and to foods containing same. The method for producing fermented edible plants or edible animal/plants includes the steps of: producing crushed edible plants or edible animal/plants; culturing a liquid mixture of grains, saccharides, filamentous fungi, and yeast for 24 to 36 hours to produce a mixed microbial broth; inoculating the edible plants or edible animal/plants with the mixed microbial broth, and firstly fermenting the edible plants or edible animal/plants for 3 to 8 days to produce first fermented edible plants or edible animal/plants; and inoculating the first fermented edible plants or edible animal/plants with bacteria, and secondly fermenting the first fermented edible plants or edible animal/plants for 6 to 12 days to produce second fermented edible plants or edible animal/plants. Whereby, a fermentation period can be shortened, and food deterioration and the growth of pathogenic microorganisms can be suppressed. Further, adding the fermented edible plants or edible animal/plants produced by the above-described method into foods can provide storage stability, increase bioavailability, and improve flavor.

Composition for disinfection of plants, animals, humans, byproducts of plants and animals and articles infected with pathogens and method of producing and application of same

ActiveUS7163709B2Extended shelf lifeReduce pathogensBiocideFatty acid chemical modificationDiseaseIrrigated crops
The present invention discloses a composition and method of providing ionic forms or compounds of any combination of three metals to produce a product that can be used as a antimicrobial as defined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) such as a hard surface disinfectant and as a foliar spray or water treatment for the control of various diseases in garden row, field and tree crops, on hard surface areas such as equipment from infected fields or in hospitals, homes, etc. as well as against a wide range of human, plant and animal diseases. Additionally, the composition of the present invention is able to be used to coat and otherwise treat and disinfect food products such as but not limited to fish and shellfish, meat, milk, poultry, eggs and irrigated crops (both food and nonfood crops) as well as non food products as defined in the EPA exemption from tolerance for copper and copper products. The composition may include inerts such as surfactants, detergents and buffers to adjust the pH. The composition remains soluble in water and is useful efficacious against the spread of bacteria, viruses and fungi and other pathogens within a source of water such as a reservoir or pool. Alternatively, the composition may be in aerosolized, misted, vaporized, fogged, humidified forms to produce micronized particles which are able to remain in suspension in the air for long periods of time in order to act on air-borne fungal spores and/or pathogens.
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