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Liquid ejection head, image forming apparatus and method of manufacturing liquid ejection head

The liquid ejection head comprises: a plurality of ejection ports which eject liquid; a plurality of pressure chambers which are respectively connected to the ejection ports; a plurality of piezoelectric elements which respectively deform the pressure chambers, the piezoelectric elements being arranged on sides of the pressure chambers opposite to sides thereof where the ejection ports are formed; a common liquid chamber which supplies the liquid to the pressure chambers, the common liquid chamber being arranged on the sides of the pressure chambers opposite to the sides thereof where the ejection ports are formed; a plurality of wiring members which have electrodes for driving the piezoelectric elements, respectively, each of the wiring members being formed in such a manner that at least a portion thereof rises through the common liquid chamber in a direction substantially perpendicular to a plane on which the piezoelectric elements are arranged; and a drive circuit which drives the piezoelectric elements, the drive circuit being arranged on a wall of the common liquid chamber opposite to a side thereof where the piezoelectric elements are arranged, wherein the electrodes and the drive circuit are composed and covered integrally with resin.
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