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Method for preparing biocarbon solid acid catalyst and biodiesel

The invention pertains to the new material technical field, and relates to a method for preparing a carbonaceous solid acid catalyst and biodiesel by taking pure natural biological substances as raw materials. The method is characterized by: taking the pure natural and renewable biological substances as the raw materials; adopting the technical route and method of low-temperature carbonization firstly, oxidation secondly and sulfonation then according to the constituent and structural characteristics to prepare the bio-carbonaceous solid acid catalyst; and adopting a continuous rectification-water separating esterification reaction technology to produce the biodiesel by carrying out the catalytic esterification reaction of a free fatty acid or waste oil and short chain alcohol. The raw materials adopted by the invention are rich in resources, low in price, pure natural and renewable, which pertains to waste utilization; the preparation technology is simple with moderate and controllable reaction conditions; the catalyst has the advantages of high activity, good stability, easy recycling and no corrosion to equipment, which is an really environment-friendly catalyst, thus being applicable to the large scale industrial production of the biodiesel. The method can also be applied to a plurality of organic reactions such as alkylation, hydrolysis and hydration, etc.
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