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Internet intelligent mirror based on natural user interface

PendingCN104461006ARealize a faceliftFeel the effect of fitting in timeInput/output for user-computer interactionPicture framesThe InternetNatural user interface
The invention provides an Internet intelligent mirror based on a natural user interface. The Internet intelligent mirror mainly comprises a base, a square mirror frame, a filter single lens, a light emitting screen and a mainboard. The filter single lens, the light emitting screen and the mainboard are located in the square mirror frame. The filter single lens is located on one side, facing a user, of the intelligent mirror. The light emitting screen and the mainboard are located on the rear side of the filter single lens. The mainboard is located below the light emitting screen. A loudspeaker A, an infrared transmitter, a color camera, a depth sensor, a microphone and a loudspeaker B are sequentially disposed on the upper portion of the front side of the square mirror frame from left to right. During use, a user can interacts with the mirror through voices and gestures by facing the mirror, and experiences such as physical data measuring and virtual try on are achieved. The Internet intelligent mirror has the advantages that the mirror can understand human languages and the gestures of people; when the user faces the mirror, Internet information browsing can be achieved by voice control, virtual clothes can be tried on through gesture control so as to decide intraday wearing, and body bone motion trajectories can be recorded and analyzed to aid various exercises high in body posture requirements.

Photoelectronic control system for industrial sewing machine

The invention discloses a photoelectric control system for an industrial sewing machine, and relates to the technical field of photoelectric control, in particular to an infrared control system capable of detecting fabric edge length of materials sewn and whether sewing materials exist by an industrial sewing machine. The control system comprises two infrared emitters (1) independently forming a relative included angle (phi), an infrared receiver tube (2) and an infrared receiver tube (3) positioned in a front circular hole and a back circular hole of a needle plate holder, a cutter assembly (5), a fabric edge signal processor (10), an air suction pipe (11) and a sewing machine electric cabinet (17), and comprises steps of a to d. Two groups of signals about having or no fabric edges are provided to the fabric edge signal processor to be processed through judging whether the fabric edges are existed on a sewing machine needle plate; and starting, stopping, accounting, speed raising, speed reducing, wire cutting and air sucking and the like of the sewing machine are controlled automatically according to positions of the fabric edges supplied to a system controller. The control system has the characteristics of accurate output signals, good anti-interference property, easy processing and high performance cost ratio, is suitable for various industrial sewing machines, and the like.

Intelligent interactive projection system

The present invention discloses an intelligent interactive projection system. The system comprises a projection screen, an intelligent projector, a camera, an infrared emitter and an intelligent terminal. The intelligent projector comprises a miniature projector and a service controller; the miniature projector and the camera are adjusted in angle, so that the view angle covers the projection screen; the infrared emitter is arranged at the front upper part of the projection screen and forms an infrared light surface parallel to the projection screen in front of the projection screen; the intelligent terminal is wirelessly connected to the service controller and pushes projection content or a control instruction to the service controller; when a finger touches the projection screen, the finger passes through the infrared light surface, and then the camera captures an image formed by reflecting infrared light and sends the image to the service controller for gesture recognition; and the service controller feeds back an operation instruction to control the play of a projection, thereby achieving the intelligent interaction. The system provided by the present invention has the advantages of being low in cost, high in performance, convenient and user-friendly, and has good user experience.

Intelligent desk with sitting posture correcting function and correcting method implemented by intelligent desk

The invention relates to an intelligent desk with a sitting posture correcting function. The intelligent desk comprises a desktop, desk legs, an infrared transmitter, an infrared camera, a control box and a display panel. A read-write area is arranged on the desktop, the infrared transmitter is used for casting structured light, carrying out active infrared imaging and measuring three-dimensional depth information, the infrared camera is used for photographing change of forms of the infrared structured light under the conditions of human sitting postures, the display panel is used for displaying the sitting postures, and photography results of the change of the forms of the infrared structured light are transmitted to the control box by the infrared camera, so that images are processed, the infrared structured light is measured, the images are three-dimensionally reconstructed, and information of the sitting posture images of users is analyzed and is ultimately transmitted to the display panel. The invention further provides a sitting posture correcting method on the basis of the intelligent desk. The intelligent desk and the sitting posture correcting method have the advantages that the sitting postures can be corrected by the aid of an information technology and an image modeling processing technology, and the users do not feel uncomfortable; the sitting postures of the users can be effectively and accurately corrected, and accordingly impairment to the eyesight of the users due to incorrect sitting postures can be prevented.

Data center IT equipment and cabinet U-bit detection system

ActiveCN103884374ATimely and accurate recordsReduce electromagnetic pollutionMeasurement devicesInfrared emitterSignal reflection
The invention discloses data center IT equipment and a cabinet U-bit detection system. The system comprises an identification code memorizer for storing and identifying identification code of the binding IT equipment; an infrared emitter for emitting infrared signals; an infrared receiver for receiving infrared signals; a retaining plate for reflecting the infrared signals emitted by the infrared emitter to the infrared receiver; and a controller which is used for judging corresponding U-bit service condition and outputting a control signal to a status display module according to the judged result, and is used for reading an identification code stored in the identification code memorizer. According to the data center IT equipment and the cabinet U-bit detection system, the service condition of the cabinet U-bit space can be directly detected without depending on attribute parameters of other systems and the IT equipment, so that automatic and visual detection of IT equipment deployment and position change is achieved; moreover, IT equipment change information can be accurately recorded timely through the identification code which is bound with the IT equipment, so that using cost is reduced to the maximum, electromagnetic pollution of a computer room is reduced and work efficiency is greatly improved.
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