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Hybrid packet-switched and circuit-switched telephony system

A hybrid telephony system with packet switching as well as circuit switching optimizes utilization of transport networks, and is accessible from any conventional telephone set. A call originating from a circuit-switched network is passed through a gateway computer to a backbone packet-switched network, and then through a second gateway computer to a second circuit-switched network where it terminates. The voice of both the originating party and the terminating party is converted to data packets by the near-end gateway computer and then converted back to voice by the far-end gateway computer. In an alternative scenario, the originating party uses a computer on the packet-switched network, which replaces the originating circuit-switched network and the originating computer. Powered by CPUs, DSPs, ASICs disks, telephony interfaces, and packet network interfaces, the gateway computers may have media conversion modules, speech processing modules and routing resolution modules, and are capable of translating telephony call signaling as well as voice between circuit-switched and packet-switched networks. Optionally, the gateway computers may also have analog trunking modules, MF and DTMF digit modules and special services modules, in order to support analog circuit-switched networks and secure telephone calls.

Method for automatically reporting station of public transport vehicle

ActiveCN101493990AAccurate and timely station announcementEasy to schedule and manageRoad vehicles traffic controlBroadcastingData sequences
The invention relates to an automatic stop announcement method of a bus, pertaining to a bus information-releasing method. The method solves the problems of difficult data adjustment and low accuracy of stop announcement under a complicated situation, and comprises the following steps: a bus terminal receives and stores a data sequence of stop announcement in a running route, sent out by a control center through mobile communication. When the bus is in running, the bus terminal first combines current GPS location information with stop location information of auxiliary beacons to periodically find out the nearest stop as a current stop in the running route from the data sequence of the stop announcement. The running modes, namely, the uplink or the downlink, is determined when the bus runs into the current stop. And then the bus terminal adjusts the running mode according to the data sequence, controls the broadcasting and displays the information of the current stop; when the bus leaves the stop, the bus terminal, combining the running mode and in accordance with the data sequence, controls the broadcasting and displays leaving information consisting of the name of the next stop, and sets the next stop in the running route as the current stop.

Small-size unmanned helicopter point-to-point data chain system and achieving method

The invention discloses a small-size unmanned helicopter point-to-point data chain system which comprises a base station module, a ground station module, a remote control module, a wireless sending and receiving module and an unmanned helicopter master controller module. The invention further discloses an achieving method of the small-size unmanned helicopter point-to-point data chain system. The method includes the following steps that firstly, the base station module collects flight control data and task data and is communicated with the ground station module; secondly, the base station module transmits the collected flight control data and the collected task data to the unmanned helicopter master controller module; thirdly, the unmanned helicopter master controller module extracts the flight control data and the task data in the data part and outputs the flight control data and the task data to an onboard application system; fourthly, the unmanned helicopter master controller module collects various sensor data and transmits the data to the base station module; fifthly, the base station module receives downlink data packages and displays the real-time state of an unmanned helicopter. The small-size unmanned helicopter point-to-point data chain system and the achieving method have the advantages of being high in reliability, low in communication cost, high in transmission efficiency and the like.

A device for automatically realizing visual reuse of a Web system

The invention relates to a device for automatically realizing visual reuse of a Web system, which relates to the field of information technology, in particular to a Web front-end development technology. The device of the invention is composed of a bottom module set and an upper application set. The bottom module set consists of a component module, a page layout module, a style management module, aNodejs service module, a user-defined template analysis module and a system construction module. The upper application set consists of a page prototyping tool, an editable large-screen resource library, a page rapid production tool, a user-defined template development tool and an open source technology page development tool. The device of the invention adopts the mode of combining the server technology and the browser technology, so that the Web front-end code is developed by using a unified development pattern, when the system is developed, the most advanced Web front-end technology can be integrated. After the system is developed, the code that meets the production requirements can be generated by compiling tools, so that the Web development process becomes more pure, and the browser compatibility related problems need not to be considered too much in the development process,and the development efficiency and the development quality can be improved.

System and method for realizing full-process visualization in order execution

The invention provides a system and a method for realizing full-process visualization in order execution. The method comprises an order initialization module, an order full-process execution module, an order full-process monitoring module, an order abnormity analysis module, an order early-warning module, an order predicating module and an order visualization module. The method comprises the stepsof order initialization, order full-process execution, order full-process monitoring and analysis, order early-warning, order predication and order full-process visualization. The system and the method are advantages in that an end-to-end full-process order circulation model is designed; through flow standardization, the operation steps of related personnel in each step are simplified; all ordersare visible; multidimensional order checking can be realized and multiple data acquisition and checking manners are realized; order full-process tracking is performed, and all responses in the stepsare mastered; in-time notification of abnormal orders and high-efficiency coordination without stoppage are realized; order state collection and analysis are simplified; a basis is laid for analysis and decision; convenient informationized operation is realized and operation efficiency is improved.

Multi-user instant chatting method achieving classified display based on content topics

InactiveCN103490989AImprove the efficiency of live chatSolve the problem of disorder and clutterSpecial service provision for substationHuman–computer interactionData science
The invention discloses a multi-user instant chatting method achieving classified display based on content topics. The method comprises the following steps that (1) users create discussion topics on a multi-user instant chatting interface, (2) topic display is carried out, (3) discussion messages in the topics are created, and (4) the discussion messages are displayed. The multi-person instant chatting method achieving the classified display based on the content topics has the advantages that the concept of topics is introduced in the multi-person instant chats, and thus the problem that a multi-user chatting function of an existing instant chatting product on market is disorderly and messy in information due to the absence of topics. The topics are made to be clear, the discussion under different topics does not interfere with one another, the problem of disorder of information in an existing multi-user chatting method is solved, participants of the instant chats can check the information of different topics, judge the objects of the information replies and participate in interested topics, therefore, the efficiency of the multi-user chats is improved, and communication cost is reduced.

Ad Hoc network-based crane automatic cruising system of Beidou positioning system, and method thereof

The invention discloses an Ad Hoc network-based crane automatic cruising system of an RTK Beidou positioning system. The Ad Hoc network-based crane automatic cruising system comprises: at least one Beidou positioning base station used for acquiring base station positioning data of the Beidou positioning base station; at least one positioning tracking device used for acquiring corresponding RTG crane positioning data and connected with a control device arranged in a crane; and at least two Ad Hoc network communication devices respectively communicated with the Beidou positioning base station and the positioning tracking device, wherein Ad Hoc network is established between the Ad Hoc network communication devices; the RTK Beidou positioning base station sends the base station positioning data through the Ad Hoc network communication devices; and positioning tracking devices transmit data, acquire the carrier wave phase observed value of the base station through the Ad Hoc network communication devices, carries out positioning calibration by combining positioning data of the above RTG crane to obtain the RTK coordinate of the RTG crane, and realizes automatic cruising through a control apparatus according to the RTK coordinate of the RTG crane and a cruising algorithm. The invention also discloses an automatic cruising method.

Method for multi-channel self-adaptive switch during terminal communication

The invention relates to a method for multi-channel self-adaptive switch during terminal communication, in particular relating to a method for self-adaptive switch of a wireless channel and an Ethernet channel. The method comprises: a terminal automatically detects a wireless communication module and an Ethernet physical link channel, automatically judges the parametric model of Ethernet, and switches to the Ethernet channel when detecting that the Ethernet channel is available (or else switches to the wireless channel). The method has the following beneficial effects: the real-time detection of the wireless channel and the Ethernet channel can be realized, the switching is automatically carried out according to detection results, the fast switch actions are realized in the whole process, the self adaptability to two types of network channels is fully realized, and the manual intervention is avoided; and when the Ethernet is available, the Ethernet channel is utilized preferably; because the Ethernet channel is adopted, the network bandwidth can be greatly expanded, the network time delay is reduced, and meanwhile the consideration of flow is ensured to be unnecessary, thereby reducing a great deal of communication cost; and when the Ethernet is not available, the wireless module is started for utilizing the wireless channel for communication, so that the smooth communication between the terminal and a master station can be ensured.

System and method for remotely monitoring power grid by utilizing reactive power compensation device

The invention discloses a system for remotely monitoring a power grid by utilizing a reactive power compensation device, which relates to the technical field of power systems and communication and comprises a reactive power compensation device and a master station server end, wherein the reactive power compensation device comprises an acquisition module, a preprocessing module and a communication module. The acquisition module is used for acquiring the field data of a power grid according to a command sent out by the master station server end; the preprocessing module further comprises a compression module and an encryption module, wherein the compression module is used for compressing the filed data acquired by the acquisition module, and the compressed data is encrypted by the encryption module; the communication module is used for receiving the command from the master station server end and sends the data processed by the preprocessing module to the master station server end. The invention also discloses a method for remotely monitoring the power grid by utilizing the reactive power compensation device, and a large number of acquisition points of the power grid can be remotely monitored and the communication costs are reduced by the system and the method for remotely monitoring the power grid by utilizing the reactive power compensation device.

Real-time audio and video meeting implementing method by browser combined with P2P transmission mode

The invention provides a method for realizing a real-time audio and video meeting through a browser by combing the P2P transmission mode, comprising a real-time audio and video meeting registration server and a plurality of browser clients. The method comprises the following steps that: a client A starts and sends a request; a meeting is established on the real-time audio and video meeting server; the client A which is a meeting creator is the meeting director by default; other clients find out the meeting by a list of the real-time audio and video meeting server or a url address; the real-time audio and video meeting server records and indexes an address of each client; the audio data among clients is transferred by the real-time audio and video meeting server; the video data is connected and transmitted in the P2P mode; and the audio and video data are processed simultaneously at the client of the server. By the adoption of the method, a user can hold and take part in an audio and video meeting on line by the server without buying or arranging a special audio and video meeting device, thereby having low communication cost, convenient communication among users, strong real time property, high reliability, flexibility and convenience.
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