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A design system is a series of components that can be reused in different combinations. Design systems allow you to manage design at scale.

Design and control systems, commissioning tools, configuration adapters and method for wireless and wired networks design, installation and automatic formation

Design and control systems, commissioning tools, configuration adapters and a method for wireless and wired networks design, installation and automatic formation, including binding of the networks devices are provided. In the design system a scheme that uniquely identifies each network device by its type and its physical location is created and information for logical binding between the devices is prepared. In the design system is also created a device mapping that maps between the devices on the scheme and their network configuration data such as, radio IDs and startup attribute sets and wired communication link address. The data prepared in the design system is transferred to or accessed by a master controller and dedicated commissioning tools in the control system. According to devices' physical locations, appropriate configuration data is loaded from the commissioning tools into the devices through dedicated configuration adapters. The devices and their configuration adapters not necessarily have to be powered-up during configuration data loading. After power-up, the devices automatically update themselves with the loaded configuration data and the control system may initialize itself and identifies all the devices. The master controller in the control system uses the design system defined binding information and transmits binding commands for creating logical links between the devices and so networks may be automatically formed.

Flight program design system for performance-based navigation, verification platform and verification method

The invention discloses a flight program design system for performance-based navigation (PBN), a verification platform and a verification method, belonging to the field of aerial navigation. The program design system is based on an AIXM (Aeronautical Information Exchange Model) core database; a program protection region can be automatically drawn, an obstacle is evaluated, and a chart is generated; and thus, functions such as seamless connection and the like of the PBN program protection region and the conventional flight program protection region can be realized. According to the system, the chart can be automatically generated according to data finished by the flight program design, customized edition and modification can also be realized according to requirement, and program design and publishing are finished at one time. By using the flight program design system, the verification platform and the verification method, the PBN program can be directly added in a navigation database of the verification platform, and the navigation database can be edited and modified in a verification process. In addition, a visual scene database is increased; the defects and the disadvantages of the program design can be directly discovered according to geomorphology in a visual scene when the PBN flight program is verified; and the program is further modified perfectly.
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