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Clogging determining device for reducing agent passage and clogging determining method for reducing agent passage

There are provided a clogging determining device for a reducing agent passage and a clogging determining method for a reducing agent passage, which can accurately detect clogging and estimate a clogged place when clogging occurs in any place of a supply line or a return line.
The device includes pump driving control means for subjecting the pump to DUTY control so that a pressure value is kept to a predetermined value, driving DUTY determining means for determining whether the driving DUTY of the pump is less than a predetermined threshold value corresponding to the opening degree of the reducing agent injection valve, or not; pressure reduction amount calculating means for calculating a pressure reduction amount by which the pressure value detected by the pressure sensor is reduced within a predetermined time after the pump is stopped and the reducing agent injection valve is fully opened when it is determined that the driving DUTY of the pump is less than the threshold value, and clogging determining means for determining on the basis of the pressure reduction amount calculated by the pressure reduction amount: calculating means whether clogging occurs in the first reducing agent passage or the second reducing agent passage.

Optimizing execution of a database query by using the partitioning schema of a partitioned object to select a subset of partitions from another partitioned object

One embodiment of the present invention provides a system that optimizes the execution of a database query involving a target partitioned-database-object. During system operation, the database receives a query. If the query has a predicate that includes a partition-mapping function that uses the partitioning schema of a partitioned database-object and a list of columns from one or more tables to express a mapping of the list of column values to the partitions of the partitioned database-object, the system determines the compatibility of the partitioning schemas of the target partitioned-database-object and the partitioned database-object. Next, if the partitioning schemas are compatible, and if the list of columns is compatible with the partitioning keys of the target partitioned-database-object and the partitioned database-object, the system attempts to identify a subset of partitions in the target partitioned-database-object that satisfy the predicate. Finally, if a subset of partitions is successfully identified, the system performs the query only on the identified subset of partitions, and not on the other partitions, thereby optimizing the execution of the query by reducing the number of partitions that need to be accessed.

Image Forming Device

An image forming device in which image carrying bodies on which an electrostatic latent image is respectively formed in accordance with for each a plurality of colors are arranged in a tandem manner, in which a charging voltage in which an alternating voltage and a direct voltage are superimposed is applied to charging devices which respectively charge each image carrying body, and in which a color image is formed by sequentially overlapping a toner image of each color formed on each image carrying body on an intermediate transfer medium or a transfer material. A direct voltage power supply for applying a direct voltage to the charging device for each color is independently provided for each charging device for each color, and an alternating voltage power supply for applying an alternating voltage to the charging device for each color is commonly provided to the charging device for each color. A current detecting section for detecting a current which flows between the each image carrying body and the each charging device is provided. A control device is provided which judges that the image carrying body is damaged when a current value detected by the current detecting section is not less than a preliminarily set specified value when a direct voltage is sequentially independently applied to the charging device for each color when leakage of charging voltage is generated.
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