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An intelligent network-connected automobile operation system based on vehicle-road collaboration

ActiveCN109714421ARealize data standardization and interconnectionMeet different applicationsParticular environment based servicesDetection of traffic movementHorizonVehicle driving
The invention discloses an intelligent network-connected automobile operation system based on vehicle-road collaboration. The intelligent networked automobile operation system comprises a high-precision map platform, a cloud control platform, a vehicle-mounted terminal platform, a vehicle-mounted computing platform and an information security platform. The high-precision map platform provides a real-time dynamic high-precision map; the cloud control platform and the vehicle-mounted terminal platform are subjected to cooperative management and control through a communication network; the cloudcontrol platform executes data storage, cloud computing and standardized data interconnection; the vehicle-mounted terminal platform executes information reporting; wherein the vehicle-mounted computing platform is connected with the vehicle-mounted terminal platform through the vehicle-mounted Ethernet, over-the-horizon perception data, map data, environment data and the like are obtained, a vehicle driving scheme is formulated through fusion calculation, and the cloud control platform, the vehicle-mounted terminal platform, the vehicle-mounted computing platform and the map platform are allprovided with safety monitors. Common basic services are provided for operation of the intelligent network connection automobile, and national and industrial development requirements are met.

Self-adaptive background modeling and moving target detecting method

The invention relates to a self-adaptive background modeling and moving target detecting method which comprises the following steps: establishing an initial background, extracting a moving target binary mask, updating a self-adaptive background and detecting a moving target: firstly, determining the pixel gray value of the initial background by using an inter-frame difference method; successively, carrying out binarization treatment on a difference image by using a self-adaptive threshold valve when a difference image is obtained by a current frame image minus a background image and post-treating of morphological filtering and the like to obtain the moving target binary mask; then, carrying out dynamic update on the gray value of a pixel which is not corresponding to the moving target binary mask in the background image by adopting an region-based background updating method; and finally, carrying out logic 'and' operation by using the moving target binary mask and the current frame input image to detect the moving target. The invention can effectively establish the reliable initial background and carry out real-time dynamic update on the background to solve the problem that the detection accuracy of the moving target is influenced by background disturbance and illumination change.

Indoor emergent abnormal event alarm system

The invention discloses an indoor emergent abnormal event alarm system. The indoor emergent abnormal event alarm system comprises a video collecting module, an audio collecting module, a heat releasing infrared detection module, a vibration detection module, a glass breaking detection module, a door magnet detection module, a signal processing module, a wireless receiving module, an alarm sending module, an alarm linkage module, a voice output module, an infrared light-emitting diode (LED) light-compensating lamp module, and a power management module. The indoor emergent abnormal event alarm system conducts real-time dynamic detection analysis on emergent abnormal events that people fall down and lay on the floor for a long time, illegal break-in, theft, violent physical confrontation, fire accidents, coal gas leakage, explosion and the like in an indoor deployed and controlled area, sends intuitive alarm signals which take audios, videos or pictures as carriers in a wire communication mode or a wireless communication mode to alarm receiving and processing terminals such as a mobile phone or a computer of a householder and residential area monitoring computers in the first time, associates with the audible and visual alarm device to give an alarm, and receives voice output of receiving terminal devices to achieve voice talkback.

Real-time road traffic signal coordination optimization control method and control system thereof

ActiveCN105206070AAccurately monitor real-time changesAccurately monitor and identify real-time changesControlling traffic signalsControl systemTraffic congestion
The invention provides a real-time road traffic signal coordination optimization control method and a control system thereof and solves problems that real-time optimization for control characteristic parameters such as a signal period and a green signal ratio according road traffic flow change can be not realized in a traffic signal control system mainly in a multi-period fixed signal timing mode; traffic pass efficiency and pass capability are not high; traffic congestion or even traffic jam can not be effectively ameliorated. According to an active optimization real-time driving system based on traffic data, macroscopic control strategies and microscopic tactical control strategies are made according to different dynamic and static traffic scenes, main-line coordination optimization control and real-time dynamic crossing optimization control are actively carried out, the control characteristic parameters such as the signal period and the green signal ratio are dynamically adjusted and generated, dynamic benefit evaluation is controlled through controlling operation characteristic indexes, and real-time coordination control is carried out through gradual operation monitoring and repeated optimization searching.

Ocean environment monitoring and early warning system

The invention relates to an ocean environment monitoring and early warning system, especially relating to an offshore ocean environment real-time monitoring and calamity early warning system based on Internet of things and a geographical information system. The invention is aimed at realizing on-line real-time dynamic monitoring and solves a practical problem that present ocean environment monitoring technology and method are only established on a sampling analysis base. A monitoring device of the system acquires a meteorological element, a hydrological element, GPS information and video monitoring information. Communication between monitoring buoys is realized through a wireless sensing network, and communication between a monitoring ship and an offshore monitoring terminal and communication between offshore monitoring terminals are realized through a wireless microwave communication network. The offshore monitoring terminal sends data to a remote monitoring center through a mobile communication network, the monitor center completes data reception, storage and management, and publishes GIS service and Web service information. Early warning information is automatically sent to an intelligent mobile phone terminal through a background management program. A monitoring early warning information platform provides related service information to a user for browse access.

Method for acquiring dynamic traffic information based on middleware

The invention relates to a method for acquiring dynamic traffic information based on a middleware, which overcomes the shortcomings of data loss, data noise, and particularly the multi-source isomerism of data, reduces redundant data, ensures the accuracy of the data and improves the accuracy and the reliability of the data. The method comprises the following steps of: 1) transmitting the traffic information by adopting a serial interface communication mode and/or a network communication mode; 2) customizing an information acquisition port which can be matched with different inspection devices of the traffic information by using an interface definition language IDL in the CORBA middleware technique, identifying and normalizing the data from different inspection devices, thus acquiring the real-time dynamic traffic information, such as road traffic flow, vehicle velocity, road occupancy rate and the like; 3) performing preprocessing on the all data acquired by the method, and performing map matching on a floating automobile by using a road matching algorithm based on a network topology relationship; and 4) fusing and saving the multi-source isomerous real-time dynamic traffic data which is preprocessed by the method in a database by using an immune clustering neural network.
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