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Shade solar vehicle pull-type full-automatic sunscreen device

The invention provides a shade solar vehicle pull-type full-automatic sunscreen device. Sunscreen clothes comprise a piece of sunscreen side clothes, and a piece of sunscreen top clothes. The sunscreen side clothes and the sunscreen top clothes are movably connected with a thermal insulation folding-unfolding rack. The sunscreen side clothes comprise a piece of front side clothes and a piece of rear side clothes. The sunscreen top clothes comprise a piece of left top clothes and a piece of right top clothes. The thermal insulation folding-unfolding rack is internally provided with a first pull-type driving assembly and a second pull-type driving assembly. The sunscreen clothes comprise an aluminum foil organic glass fiber cloth outer layer, an organic glass fiber cloth inner layer, and a fluff layer. An air layer is formed between the outer layer and the inner layer, and the outer layer is provided with exhaust holes. A solar photoelectric plate is arranged on the top of the thermal insulation folding-unfolding rack. A charging and sucking pump, a refrigeration assembly, and a storage battery are arranged in a vehicle trunk. The storage battery is connected with the solar photoelectric plate, the charging and sucking pump, the refrigeration assembly, and the pull-type driving assemblies. The refrigeration assembly is communicated with a vehicle car. The charging and sucking pump is communicated with the air layer. The device is advantaged by convenient use, high adaptability and reliability, and the device can realize shade sunscreen effect.

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