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Automatic exchanger for peritoneal dialysis

An automatic exchanger apparatus for peritoneal dialysis fluids is provided having a dialysis fluid bag and a drained fluid bag and arranged for connecting and disconnecting between the end of a peritoneal dialysis circuit equipped with a branching point and the end of a tube extending from a patient to drain the waste dialysis fluid from the cavity of the patient and fill the peritoneal cavity of the patient with a fresh peritoneal dialysis fluid for exchange, and in particular comprises: means A, B, and C for carrying out respectively a step (A) of connecting the end of the patient side tube to the end of the peritoneal dialysis circuit, a step (B) of delivering and draining the waste fluid, and a step (C) of, disconnecting the two ends and connecting the end of the patient side tube to its shut-off member, arranged for carrying out their respective steps (A) and (C) automatically; and a controlling means for controlling the respectively means to execute their respectively steps in a sequence. The apparatus is simple in the construction while carrying out, with much ease, the connection and disconnection of the tubes and the exchange of the fluids including a waste and a fresh supply one, hence avoiding operational errors of the operator and minimizing the possibility of infection and contamination.
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