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Manufacture method for polarization maintaining fiber and polarization maintaining fiber

The invention provides a manufacture method for polarization maintaining fiber and a polarization maintaining fiber, and relates to optical waveguide fibers in the field of fiber-optical communication and fiber optical sensors. The method comprises the following steps that: (1) two oppositely arranged open slots with a same shape are inwardly provided at a side surface of a glass mother rod, stress rods are machined to obtain a shape matching the open slots, and the centers of the cross sections of the two open slots and the center of circle in the cross section of the glass mother rod are in a same line; (2) the stress rods are respectively inserted into each open slot on the glass mother rod, and the assembled glass mother rod and stress rods are put in a cannula to form a preformed rod of the polarization maintaining fiber; (3) the preformed rod of the polarization maintaining fiber is drew to form the polarization maintaining fiber. According to the invention, the glass mother rod is provided with the open slots, and the stress rods are embedded in the open slots, thereby obtaining high process repeatability; inner surfaces of the open slots have high fineness, and the open slots have good symmetry, thereby improving processing efficiency; therefore, the optical performance and reliability of the polarization maintaining fiber are substantially improved.

Single mode optical fiber

A large core photonic crystal fiber for transmitting radiation having a core comprising a substantially transparent core material and having a core diameter of at least 5 mu. The fiber also comprises a cladding region surrounding the length of core material, wherein the cladding region comprises a first substantially transparent cladding material, having a first refractive index, and wherein the first substantially transparent cladding material has embedded along its length a substantially periodic array of holes, wherein the holes are filled with a second cladding material having a second refractive index less than the first refractive index, such that radiation input to the optical fiber is transmitted along the length of the core material in a single mode of propagation. In a preferred embodiment, the core diameter may be at least 20 mu, and may be as large as 50 mu. The fiber is capable of transmitting higher power radiation than conventional fibres, whilst maintaining propagation in a single mode. The core material may be doped with a material capable of providing amplification under the action of pump radiation input to the fiber. The invention also relates to a fiber amplifier and a fiber laser comprising a doped large core photonic crystal fiber. The fiber may also be used in a system for transmitting radiation comprising a plurality of lengths of large core photonic crystal fiber, separated by large core photonic crystal fiber amplifiers, such that the power of radiation transmitted through the system is maintained above a predetermined threshold power.

Optical fiber for transmitting ultraviolet ray, optical fiber probe, and method of manufacturing the optical fiber probe

It is an object of the present invention to provide an optical fiber for transmitting ultraviolet ray which has an improve transmittance and is prevented from deterioration by ultraviolet ray with which it is irradiated. It is another object of the present invention to provide an optical fiber probe which can propagate vacuum ultraviolet ray and deep ultraviolet ray at a high transmittance, is deteriorated only to a limited extent when irradiated with ultraviolet ray and can be etched to have a desired shape of the sharpened section at the fiber end.The present invention provides the optical fiber for transmitting ultraviolet ray which has a core 5 of silica glass containing a given content of fluorine and a clad 6a of silica glass containing a given content of fluorine or boron, a clad 6b of a resin which transmits ultraviolet ray or a clad 6c having air holes H. The clad may be coated with a protective layer and further with a covered layer for protection. In particular, the core, clad and protective layer have a high transmittance for ultraviolet ray and resistance to ultraviolet ray with which they are irradiated, when treated with hydrogen.An optical fiber probe 1 has an optical fiber 2 provided with a sharpened section 3 at the end, which is sharpened with an etchant solution, the sharpened section 3 being coated with a light-shielding metallic film 4.

Method of making a jacketed preform for optical fibers using OVD

On the basis of a known process for the production of a preform for an optical fiber for optical data transmission technology, the productivity of the process for the production of complex refractive index profiles is to be improved by providing a quartz glass substrate tube which exhibits different doping in radial direction, introducing a core glass made of synthetic quartz glass into the substrate tube and covering the substrate tube with a jacket tube. A substrate tube suitable therefor is also being provided which tube requires less core glass material for the production of the preform, whether during the internal deposition or for the core glass rod in the rod-in-tube technique. Regarding the process it is proposed according to the invention that a substrate tube be used which was obtained by vitrification of a porous tube-shaped SiO2 blank, the substrate tube being provided with a core glass layer which is produced in that to the first radial portion of the SiO2 blank there is added before the vitrification a first dopant which increases the refractive index of quartz glass. The substrate tube according to the invention has in the radial direction regions of different doping whereby it incorporates a core glass layer which has a refractive index of at least 1.459.
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