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Method for allocating blocks of internet protocol (IP) addresses in networks

Methods for allocating blocks of addresses to nodes in an IP communications network determine an optimal set of serving subnets, referred to as resources, for a single node in an IP communications network with given input demands for blocks of addresses. An optimal set of resources is determined at the node to a relaxed problem that aggregates all the demands to a single large demand and deletes the constraints that each demand must be assigned to a single resource. Each of the original demands is assigned to a single resource from among those determined by the solution to the relaxed problem. The optimal solution balances the amount of excess addresses that are not used at the resources with the fragmentation of addresses at the node to too many resources with a discontinuous range of addresses. New resources can be allocated to nodes that already have existing resources. Specifically, it is possible to evaluate the desirability of returning existing resources to a pool of addresses in order to gain more flexibility in allocating new resources to the node. The methods can also be used to allocate subnets at all nodes in a tree network by solving repeatedly single-node problems, starting at the lowest level of the tree. The resulting serving subnets at nodes of one level are demands to nodes at the next higher level.
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