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Polar grafted polyolefins, methods for their manufacture, and lubricating oil compositions containing them

InactiveUS6300289B1Highly graftCheapAdditivesPolyolefinN-vinylimidazole
A grafted polyolefin containing one or more of N-vinylimidazole, 4-vinylpyridine, or other ethylenically-unsaturated nitrogen-containing or oxygen-containing graftable monomers grafted to a polyolefin copolymer is disclosed. The grafted polyolefin preferably has a weight average molecular weight of from about 20,000 to about 500,000, a polydispersity of less than about 10, and an ADT value of at least about 8. The grafted polyolefin can be defined as containing more than about 1.2% by weight of grafted monomer on a polyolefin, or as containing at least about 13 moles of graftable monomers per mole of polyolefin, or as having an asphaltene dispersancy test (ADT) value of at least about 8. Also described is a lubricating oil comprising a lubricant base oil and a grafted polyolefin as described above. Also described is a method of making a dispersant viscosity index improver. N-vinyl-imidazole or other ethylenically unsaturated nitrogen-containing and/or oxygen-containing graftable monomers and a graftable polyolefin are reacted with enough of an initiator to graft the monomer to the polyolefin. The initiator and/or graftable monomer is added to the other ingredients, maintained at the reaction temperature, over a period of time. The reaction temperature is maintained at a level high enough to give acceptable reaction times. The N-vinylimidazole and the initiator each can be added at a uniform, relatively slow rate during the reaction.
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