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Method and device for selecting hyperspectral image band based on key band extraction

ActiveCN106778680AImprove Band Selection EfficiencyGood resultCharacter and pattern recognitionBand selectionSpectral image
The invention discloses a method and device for selecting a hyperspectral image band based on key band extraction. The method is specifically implemented by: determining the number of end members of a hyperspectral image, and extracting end member spectrums; extracting a key point subset for each end member spectrum by using a method based on three-point vector included angle and variation amplitude analysis, and combining all the key point subsets to construct a candidate band subset; according to the characteristic that inter-band similarities have clustered distribution, constructing a visibility graph of a local information divergence matrix, and determining a range of an optimum band number; and finally, selecting the best one of an information quantity measuring method and an optimum subset selection criteria method, thereby determining the optimum band subset. Key bands of the end member spectrums provided in the method disclosed by the invention are most distinguishing feature bands among different ground objects, an optimum band is selected from the key band subset, and the time of subsequent band selection can be shortened, so that the band selection method disclosed by the invention can improve the efficiency of band selection.
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