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Process for pyrolyzing tire shreds and tire pyrolysis systems

Tire pyrolysis systems and processes are provided which include feeding tire shreds to a pyrolysis reactor, pyrolyzing the shreds in a pyrolysis reactor to produce a hydrocarbon-containing gas stream and carbon-containing solid, removing the carbon-containing solid from the reactor, directing the hydrocarbon-containing gas stream into a separator, contacting the hydrocarbon-containing gas stream with an oil spray in the separator thereby washing particulate from the hydrocarbon-containing gas stream and condensing a portion of the gas stream to oil, removing and cooling the oil from the separator, directing non-condensed gas from the gas stream away from the separator, and directing a portion of the cooled oil removed from the separator to an inlet of the separator for use as the separator oil spray. A process is also provided in which solids from the pyrolysis reactor are directed to an auger having a pressure which is greater than the pressure in the pyrolysis reactor, and in which non-condensed gas from the gas stream after condensing a portion of the gas is directed to at least one burner in heat exchange relation with the pyrolysis reactor, and burned to heat the reactor and generate an effluent flue gas, a portion of which effluent flue gas is cooled and injected into the auger which is a trough auger in one embodiment.

Thermally modified carbon blacks for various type applications and a process for producing same

An electro thermal fluidized bed furnace is adapted to be used in a process for continuously heat treating of fine particulate matter, such as carbon black material, by continuously introducing a non-reactive fluidizing gas through the nozzles of the furnace at a pre-determined rate, continuously introducing untreated carbon black material through the feed pipe of the furnace at a predetermined rate so that it forms a fluidized bed, energizing the electrode so as to heat the fluidized bed, and continuously collecting the treated carbon black from the discharge pipe. The carbon black collected from the discharge pipe exhibits properties of having the PAHs and sulfur removed, the carbon black has been graphitized, the moisture pick-up by the carbon black has been eliminated and the carbon black is more oxidation resistant, Furthermore, the resultant furnace carbon backs have a particle size of 7-100 nm and an oil absorption number of 50-300 ml/100 g., while the thermal blacks have a particle size of 200-500 nm and an oil absorption number of less than 50 ml/100 g. All of these properties result in thermally modified carbon blacks having such properties and of such purity so as to provide improved performance properties in food contact type applications, moisture cured polymer systems, zinc-carbon dry cell battery applications, and semi-conductive wire and cable applications.
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