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Hot melting connecting method of plastic composite pipe and connecting device used by same

The invention relates to a hot melting connecting method of a plastic composite pipe and a connecting device used by the same. The hot melting connecting method adopts a hot melting socket connectingmode, and comprises the following steps: presetting the pipe mouth inside diameter of one section of plastic composite pipe at a connected end to be equivalent to the pipe mouth outside diameter of the other section of plastic composite pipe; when in connection, heating the outer surface of a minor-caliber pipe mouth and the inner surface of a major-caliber pipe mouth at the connecting end of twosections of composite pipes to be in a fusing state; and removing a heating device, socketing heating surfaces of two sections of composite pipes together and connecting two sections of composite pipes after cooling. The connecting device is sequentially provided with a fixed clamp group, an inner surface hot melter, an outer surface hot melter and a movable clamp group in the same axial directionof clamping the plastic composite pipeline, wherein the fixed clamp group and the movable clamp group are respectively fixed on a plunger piston connecting rack of a hydraulic plunger piston system and an oil cylinder connecting rack, and the inner surface hot melter and the outer surface hot melter are respectively fixed on front side and the back side of a heating plate and fixed together on asuspended movable bracket together. The hot melting connecting method and the connecting device have the advantages of realizing the connection in the flaring and hot melting socket modes, having convenient operation, reliable connection, easy processing and low connecting cost, being suitable for connection of buried pipelines and other long pipelines and particularly according with the connecting requirements of plastic composite pipelines of steel wire frames with the pressure less than 1.6Mpa.

Spraying arm assembly for dish-washing machine and dish-washing machine provided with spraying arm assembly

The invention discloses a spraying arm assembly for a dish-washing machine and the dish-washing machine provided with the spraying arm assembly. The spraying arm assembly comprises a spraying arm base, a spraying arm main body, a first spraying arm subordinate body, a second spraying arm subordinate body and a gear assembly, wherein the spraying arm main body is arranged on the spraying arm base and is capable of rotating around the central axis of the spraying arm base; a first spraying arm subordinate body rotating shaft and first spraying holes are arranged on the first spraying arm subordinate body, and the first spraying arm subordinate body is capable of rotating around the central axis of the first spraying arm subordinate body rotating shaft; a second spraying arm subordinate body rotating shaft and second spraying holes are arranged on the second spraying arm subordinate body, and the second spraying arm subordinate body is capable of rotating around the central axis of the second spraying arm subordinate body rotating shaft; the second spraying arm subordinate body comprises two spraying arms which are symmetrically arranged; the movement tracks of the first spraying holes and the second spraying holes are superposed, so that a washing region, which is roughly square, is defined; and the gear assembly is capable of driving the spraying arm main body and the spraying arm subordinate bodies to rotate. According to the embodiment, the spraying arm assembly for the dish-washing machine disclosed by the invention can achieve the square washing region, and the spraying arm assembly is good in washing effect and good in user experience.

Diaphragm wall joint flexible water stop installing device and method

The invention relates to a diaphragm wall joint flexible water stop installing device and a method. The installing device is a connector pipe structure made of steel plates or profile steel with width-thickness ratio being close to 1, at least one mounting groove capable of installing a rubber water stop is arranged on one side of the installing device in contact with concrete, and the width at an opening of the mounting groove is slightly smaller than that of a groove cavity. Since the width-thickness ratio of the connector pipe is close to 1, one side of the connector pipe in contact with soil is closely stuck with a soil layer, no phenomenon of flow around exists during the concrete pouring process, the subsequent construction of the groove section is greatly facilitated, and the installing device and the installing method have the advantages of the round pipe connector and overcome the defects of the I-shaped steel connector; the installation and the disassembly are convenient; the connection of the connector pipes is reliable, and the installing device and the installing method have sufficient rigidity, further meet the requirements for deformation resistance and connection and provide convenience for lifting the connector pipe; and the installed rubber water stop has good effect, does not drop off, can be completely retained on a concrete interface, and can well be adapted for the deformation caused by long-term dynamic load in the soft soil strata and prevent the seam from leaking due to misplacement.

Device and method for spinning cylindrical titanium alloy part

InactiveCN103521583AReduce mold weightReliable connectionShaping toolsTitanium alloyMetal
The invention relates to a device and method for spinning a cylindrical titanium alloy part. The device comprises a spinning mould 1, a spinning wheel device 4, a fluted disc device 7 and a spinning lathe. The spinning mould 1 is mainly used for clamping the cylindrical spinning part 10 and limiting the flow of materials in the process of metal spinning. The fluted disc device 7 is used for fixing the cylindrical part in the process of metal spinning to prevent relative rotation between the cylindrical spinning part 10 and the spinning mould 1. The spinning wheel device 4 is used for applying spinning force to the cylindrical spinning part 10 in the process of metal spinning, so that plastic deformation is carried out on a titanium alloy spinning workblank, and the required shape and the required size of the cylindrical spinning part 10 are achieved. According to a method for manufacturing the cylindrical spinning part 10, before the spinning process, the spinning mould 1 and the cylindrical spinning part 10 are heated up to a certain temperature, the process of mould filling is completed, then spinning operation is carried out, after the spinning mould 1 and the cylindrical spinning part 10 are cooled, detaching is performed, and finally the high-precision high-quality cylindrical spinning part 10 is obtained.

Power off reset snap action thermostat

The invention relates to a power off reset snap action thermostat which comprises a shell, a seal cover, a bottom cover, a double-metal disc, an insulating rod, a fixed contact component, a movable contact component and a PTC (positive temperature coefficient) heating element. The periphery of the double-metal disc is butted on the shell and located in a space enclosed by the seal cover and the shell. The insulating rod is penetratingly disposed in the shell and located below the double-metal disc. The top end of the insulating rod alternatively touches the double-metal disc. The fixed contact component comprises a first conducting column and a fixed contact which are fixedly connected. The movable contact component comprises a second conducting column and a movable contact which are fixedly connected. The fixed contact is located above the movable contact and on the motion travel of the movable contact. The bottom end of the insulating rod is butted on the movable contact component. The PTC heating element is provided with a top face, a bottom face and a lateral face, mounted in the shell, and electrically connected with the first conducting column and the second conducting column to form two electrodes. The two electrodes are located on the same face of the top face, the bottom face and the lateral face of the PTC heating element.

Connector with quick unlocking structure

The invention discloses a connector with a quick unlocking structure. The connector with the quick unlocking structure comprises a plug provided with an unlocking sleeve and a socket provided with a lock sleeve and is characterized in that sliding chutes are symmetrically arranged on a plug outer conductor in the radial direction; the unlocking sleeve is provided with an groove with an unlocking surface; sliding blocks are arc-shaped wedge blocks provided with circular grooves and are arranged on the sliding chutes of the plug outer conductor through a clamping ring in a sliding connection mode; the lock sleeve is provided with a locking face and a clamping groove; under the axial thrust, the lock sleeve of the socket pushes the sliding blocks to slide outwards in the radial direction; when the plug and the socket are in butt joint with each other in position, the sliding blocks enter the clamping groove under the elastic force of the clamping ring and are locked; in the unlocking process, the unlocking sleeve is pulled to enable the sliding blocks to be separated from the clamping groove, so that quick unlocking of the plug and the socket is achieved. Compared with the prior art, the connector with the quick unlocking structure has the advantages that the connector is simple in structure and reliable in connection, quick unlocking and passive intermodulation performance of the connector can be improved, voltage standing waves are greatly reduced, and the connector is convenient to install and especially suitable for high-power signal transmission.

LED lamp circuit board for integrating light source and power supply and manufacture method thereof

The invention discloses an LED lamp circuit board for integrating a light source and a power supply with the advantages of reliable connection, fast and simple production, high production efficiency and high product qualification ratio and a manufacture method thereof. The LED lamp circuit board comprises at least two module unit boards (1), wherein every two module unit boards (1) are fixedly connection, a metal layer (13) used for fixing LED chips (2) and forming electric connection between every two LED chips (2) is arranged on the front surface of each module unit board (1), a power line (14) which is welded with a circuit element to form a circuit is arranged on the back surface of each module unit board (1), and every two power lines (14) of two connected module unit boards (1) are electrically connected through a jumper wire phase. The manufacture method comprises the following steps of: manufacturing prefabricated circuit boards into a connected circuit board, patching the whole connected circuit board, carrying out wire bond, coating fluorescent powder and silica gel, welding the circuit element after curing, cutting each module unit board (1) into independent parts, connecting the independent parts through connecting parts and electrically connecting the power lines (14) through jumper wires. The invention can be applied to a light emitting diode illumination field.

Terminal and connector

A connector includes a plurality of terminals and a connector housing, receiving the terminals. Each of the terminals includes a terminal connecting portion, having a tubular shape, and receiving a mating terminal, a wire press-contacting portion including a press-contacting blade for press-contacting a wire, and the press-contacting blade having a blade width larger than a width of the terminal connecting portion, and an interconnecting portion, connecting the terminal connection portion and a wire press-contacting portion. A press-contacting direction in which the wire is press-contacted with the wire press-contacting portion is parallel to a terminal fitting direction of the terminal connecting portion. The terminal connecting portions of the terminals are received in the connector housing in parallel so that the press-contacting blades are arranged in a staggered manner. Also, a connector includes a housing and a terminal received in the housing. The terminal includes a wire connecting portion which connects a wire and an extension portion which is extended from the wire connecting portion. The extension portion has a conductive portion which is formed in a direction intersecting a direction in which the terminal is inserted into the housing. The housing has an exposure hole through which at least part of the conductive portion is exposed to an exterior.

Fixing structure for automotive headlamp xenon bulb

ActiveCN106195843AEasy to install and replace the lamp holderReliable connectionRoad vehiclesLight fasteningsLamp shellHeadlamp
The invention relates to a fixing structure for an automotive headlamp xenon bulb. The bulb is mounted on a lamp shell of a lamp holder. A bulb fixing seat comprises two semicircular seat bodies. Each seat body is provided with a boss and a limiting post. A vertical groove in the inner side of the protruding arc wall and a peripheral clamping groove in the peripheral wall of each seat body communicate with each other. Two spring pieces are connected to the bosses on the corresponding seat bodies through at least one corresponding assembling hole in a pressing manner. Bottom plates of the two seat bodies are inserted into the neck of the lamp shell and connected in a bucked manner. An upper convex point on the inner side of each spring piece abuts against the bottom face of a lamp holder limiting disc. Elastic pins penetrate gaps in the bottom plates of the seat bodies and abut against the lamp shell of the lamp holder. At least two protruding blocks on the periphery of each base for a reflector penetrate the corresponding vertical grooves and are rotated to the peripheral clamping groove. Reflectors are clamped to the corresponding seat bodies. The bases of the reflectors are pressed on the upper convex points of the outer sides of the corresponding spring pieces. The fixing structure has the beneficial effects of being simple in structure, capable of fixing the reflectors and the lamp holder without loosening and capable of effectively solving the problems of light scattering and poor concentrating caused by waggling of the lamp bulb of an automotive lamp.

Modular maritime floating island

InactiveCN103979084AReliable connectionStrong ability to resist wind and wavesFloating buildingsModularitySitting room
The invention relates to a modular maritime floating island, comprising multiple welded all-steel-structure floating box modules, rubber mats and linking cables, wherein the floating box modules can be square modules and rectangular modules, or can also be hexagonal modules; each module is provided with an upper linking boss and a lower linking boss; every two adjacent floating box modules are linked by one cable; a floating box body of each floating box module is divided into an upper layer and a lower layer; the lower layers are respectively and internally provided with a watertight compartment; the upper layers are respectively provided with a working and living room; the lower layers and the upper layers are correspondingly communicated by through cross channels; the sides of the channels are respectively provided with a staircase communicated with the upper plane of a floating box. The modular maritime floating island has the beneficial effects that the floating boxes can be modularly and massively produced, and are applied to maritime combination for infinite extension; the floating island has a strong capability of resisting stormy wave, is small in immersion depth and can be berthed on the bank side of a shallow sea or in a lagoon in a floating way; after a plurality of power modules are combined, the floating island can be positioned in a deep sea in the floating way; the modules which cannot be restored due to damage can be sunken into the sea bottom by unfastening the cables; each floating box module is provided with an independent rainwater collector and an independent septic tank; therefore facilities such as a community, a greenhouse, an aquaculture net cage and an airport can be built on a large floating island.

Magnet door stopper hinge

ActiveCN104328960AFlexible adjustment effectReliable connectionWing fastenersPin hingesFixed hingeHinge angle
The invention relates to a magnet door stopper hinge, which comprises a hinged shaft, a fixed hinge leaf, a door hinge leaf, a steel bushing and a regulating sleeve; an included angle which is not less than 90 degrees is formed between the regulating sleeve and the door hinge leaf; the regulating sleeve is provided with a magnetic attraction device; the magnetic attraction device consists of magnets of at least two pipe reducers; the door hinge leaf is provided with a pull-in plate pulled in with the magnets; an included angle of 90 degrees is formed between the pull-in plate and the door hinge leaf; the regulating sleeve comprises an arc part and a horizontal part; the front end of the horizontal part is provided with a vertical part. The magnet door stopper hinge disclosed by the invention has the advantages that by rotating the regulating sleeve to change the angle, on the steel bushing, of the regulating sleeve, the pull-in angle between the door hinge leaf and the fixed hinge leaf is changed, so that the pull-in angle can be regulated according to different operating environments or installing environments; regulating is convenient; the pull-in plate arranged on the door hinge leaf is pulled in with the magnets, so that the opening angle of a door is reduced, and the damage to the door is reduced; the regulating sleeve is provided with the rotating arc part and the horizontal part provided with the magnets, and therefore, installation is convenient, the damage to the magnets is reduced, and the pull-in effect is best.

Method for rapidly and reliably coupling emission power of light sending and receiving device and coaxial coupling cramp

The invention discloses a quick and reliable method for coupling the transmission power of a coaxial light transceiver; the method comprises the following steps: firstly, a coaxial coupling clamp similar to a fort and provided with coupling bolts is prepared; a semi-finished laser and a fiber are clamped in the central locating hole of the coaxial coupling clamp, the bolts are rotatably compressed along the clockwise direction, a pressing block is pushed in, and then the bolts are rotatably coupled along the clockwise direction, thus leading the bolts to be coaxially fixed; power is supplied to an exposed traction angle of the semi-finished laser, and the semi-finished optical fibers are connected to an optical power meter, and then fine adjustment of X axis and Y axis is respectively carried out to two groups of coupling bolts which respectively represent X axis and Y axis, optical power coupling is carried out, and the coupling bolts are fastened when the optical power is coupled to the maximum value. The method has the advantages of simpleness, easy operation, reliable connection, high yield and small clamp body; no change of relative position of the light transceiver in the transportation process, and no loss of light transmission power; low manufacture cost which is one fifteenth of that of the big clamp in the prior art or that of a method of dispensing for pre-fixing; and convenient dismantlement.
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