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Plated terminations

InactiveUS6960366B2Improved termination featureEliminate and greatly simplifyResistor terminals/electrodesFinal product manufactureTermination problemEngineering
Improved termination features for multilayer electronic components are disclosed. Monolithic components are provided with plated terminations whereby the need for typical thick-film termination stripes is eliminated or greatly simplified. Such termination technology eliminates many typical termination problems and enables a higher number of terminations with finer pitch, which may be especially beneficial on smaller electronic components. The subject plated terminations are guided and anchored by exposed internal electrode tabs and additional anchor tab portions which may optionally extend to the cover layers of a multilayer component. Such anchor tabs may be positioned internally or externally relative to a chip structure to nucleate additional metallized plating material. External anchor tabs positioned on one or both of top and bottom surfaces of a monolithic structure can facilitate the formation of selective wrap-around plated terminations. The disclosed technology may be utilized with a plurality of monolithic multilayer components, including interdigitated capacitors, multilayer capacitor arrays, and integrated passive components. A variety of different plating techniques and termination materials may be employed in the formation of the subject self-determining plated terminations.

Printed wiring board having highly reliably via hole and process for forming via hole

Disclosed are a printed wiring board having micro-via holes highly reliable for conduction and a method of making the micro-via hole by providing a coating or sheet of an organic substance containing 3 to 97% by volume of at least one selected from a metal compound powder, a carbon powder or a metal powder having a melting point of at least 900° C. and a bond energy of at least 300 kJ/mol on a copper foil as an outermost layer of a copper-clad laminate having at least two copper layers, or providing a coating or sheet of the same after oxidizing a copper foil as an outermost layer, irradiating the coating or sheet with a carbon dioxide gas laser at an output of 20 to 60 mJ/pulse, thereby removing a micro-via-hole-forming portion of at least the copper foil as the outermost layer, then irradiating micro-via-hole-forming portions of the remaining layers with a carbon dioxide gas laser at an output of 5 to 35 mJ/pulse to make a micro-via hole which does not penetrate through the copper foil in a bottom of the micro-via hole, and electrically connecting the copper foil as the outermost layer and the copper foil in the bottom of the micro-via hole with a metal plating or an electrically conductive coating composition.
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