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Convertible top and driving device for a convertible top

The invention relates to a convertible top for a convertible, comprising a front shell piece, a middle shell piece and a rear shell piece; said shell pieces, when in the closed state, being arranged as a roof over a passenger compartment of the convertible; said front shell piece being capable to be raised during a positively controlled opening operation such that it is moved over the middle shell piece; said rear shell piece being capable to be rotated into a folded-over position; the three shell pieces being designed such that they can jointly pivot counter to a direction of travel about a main bearing into a packaging position; wherein in said packaging position said front shell piece and said middle shell piece are oriented in the same direction over said rear shell piece, that is stored in the folded-over position. The invention further relates to a driving device for a convertible top, comprising a main bearing, a first link, a second link, an intermediate link, said intermediate link being coupled to said second link for activation purposes, a four-bar linkage, said four-bar linkage being coupled to said first link for activation purposes, a first bearing point, a driving cylinder, said driving cylinder being coupled with said main bearing at said first bearing point, and a push and pull rod, said push and pull rod being driven by said driving cylinder and being designed for a simultaneous action of force on the intermediate link and the four-bar linkage.
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