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Vinyl tape cartridge life validation

A microcontroller, an integrated circuit memory chip, and a data line connection to a microcontroller are the functional elements of a thermal printer vinyl tape cartridge life validation system. A unique, 64 bit, end user company specific identifier is provided from a vendor along with a write zero once integrated circuit device. The write zero once memory chip guarantees that no re-roll of a vinyl tape roll core used in a thermal label printer incorporating this system is possible. The write zero once integrated circuit memory chip is selected for write protection where bits can only be changed from a one to a zero state. The length of a tape roll is represented as a binary number polynomial vector. A length vector is mapped to a count-down register where it will be decremented based on a thermal label printer signal capable of translating tape consumption events into supply length units. There is also a block of relevant supply information representing the supply label characteristics such as color, stock length, type and width. If a unique, 64 bit, end user, company specific identifier matches with a stored copy located in microcontroller ROM, the vinyl tape supply is considered validated and available for use on a thermal label printer incorporating the present invention while the label supply has available life.
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