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Microfluidic device and method for preparing microgel by using microfluidic device

The invention provides a microfluidic device and a method for preparing microgel by using the microfluidic device. The method comprises the steps of (1) taking a solution containing live cells or bioactive molecules, a photocuring agent and a hydrogel prepolymer as an internal phase, taking a mixed solution containing oil and an surfactant as an intermediate phase, and taking a polyvinyl alcohol aqueous solution as an external phase; (2) respectively conveying the internal phase, the intermediate phase and the external phase into a corresponding microchannel of the microfluidic device through a micro pump or a micro injector to form a monodispersed water-in-oil-in-water double emulsion; (3) enabling the monodispersed water-in-oil-in-water double emulsion in the step (2) to pass through an output channel of the microfluidic device, and collecting the monodispersed water-in-oil-in-water double emulsion in the step (2) into a collection vessel filled with an aqueous solution, thus obtaining the microgel immobilizing with the live cells or the bioactive molecules. The preparation of the microgel immobilizing with cells by a one-step method is realized, the obtained microgel is controllable in size, and narrow in size distribution, and meanwhile the survival rate of cells is maintained.

Method for modifying biomass cracked oil to modified bio-oil by quality-improving of esterification and etherification

InactiveCN101381611AImprove conversion rateIncrease the rate of etherification reactionLiquid hydrocarbon mixture productionViscous liquidAlcohol
The invention discloses a method for modifying biomass cracking oil to modified biomass oil through esterification, etherification and quality-improvement. The method comprises the following: step one, according to the proportion that the mass ratio of biomass cracking oil to benzyl chloride to alkaline solution to low-carbon alcohol is 100 to 80-100 to 40-80 to 10-20; and the biomass cracking oil, the low-carbon alcohol, the benzyl chloride and the alkaline solution are added into a reaction kettle, are heated at the temperature of between 90 and 110 DEG C to an infinite reflux state and react for 5 to 8 hours. Step two, after the infinite reflux reaction is finished, the mixture is cooled, condensed and layered; the lower layer is clear and transparent aqueous solution; black oil phase on the upper layer is separated, and is distilled under the condition that the temperature is 80 DEG C and the pressure is 10 kilopascal; low-carbon alcohol and water in oil phase are removed; the residual mixture is distilled under the condition that the temperature is between 130 and 150 DEG C and the pressure is 10 kilopascal; the unreacted benzyl chloride is reclaimed to obtain a product of black viscous liquid; and according to the proportion that the mass ratio of the product to ethanol is 3 to 1, the black viscous liquid is diluted and dissolved to obtain the modified biomass oil of which the PH value is between 5 and 7, the density is between 1.0 and 1.1 g/cm<3>, the water content is between 0.5 and 1.0 percent, the thermal value is between 25.0 and 35.0 kJ/g and the viscidity is between 135 and 150 mm<2>/s.

Slickwater fracturing fluid drag reducer and preparation method thereof

ActiveCN103013488AImprove stabilityReduce system complexity indexDrilling compositionFunctional monomerFracturing fluid
The invention discloses drag reducer which can be applied to slickwater fracturing fluid and a method for preparing drag reducer. The method includes: adding organic salt into acrylamide and functional monomer aqueous solution to prepare an aqueous phase, adding the aqueous phase into an oil phase system consisting of surfactant and base oil under the condition of high-speed stirring to form a stable W/O (water in oil) type microemulsion system, feeding nitrogen for dispersing oxygen, and adding initiator for polymerization to form a branchless long chain structure. The polymer microemulsion is a transparent or semitransparent thermodynamic stable system, can be quickly swelled into water and is directly usable. Adding a small quantity of the drag reducer during fluid transport can improve flow quantity and reduce energy consumption to some extent, and the drag reduction effect can reach 30%-65% when the drag reducer is compared with clear water. The drag reducer has the advantages of high stability, dissolving speed and dissolving performance, convenience in use, remarkable drag reduction effects and the like and is applicable to the slickwater fracturing technology, and excellent yield increasing effects are obtained after the drag reducer is applied to field fracturing operations.

Insecticidal composition concentrated solution and method of use thereof

ActiveCN101406177ADelay drug resistanceLong-term control and prevention effectBiocideArthropodicidesAntioxidantSolvent
The invention discloses a concentrated solution for a pesticide composition and an application method thereof. An active ingredient of the concentrated solution for the pesticide composition is pyrethrins or pyrethroid, a solvent is fatty acid methyl ester or fatty acid ethyl ester, and an additive comprises a food-grade or natural antioxidant and an emulsifying agent. The concentrated solution for the pesticide composition can also comprise plant essential oil which is taken as a synergistic agent. The concentrated solution for the pesticide composition has the advantages that the concentrated solution for the pesticide composition is a pesticide composition with quick knockdown and long-acting effect; and the fatty acid methyl ester as the solvent is a low-volatility organic compound and a material with low maximum ozone generation activity, which reduces the harm of a pesticide to human beings and the environment. The concentrated solution for the pesticide composition forms an oil-in-water emulsifying preparation after the dilution to directly serve as a spraying agent for disinsectization application, or forms a water-in-oil demulsifying agent after being mixed with water and odorless gas to serve as an aerosol for disinsectization application. The concentrated solution for the pesticide composition can be used for the control of insect damage of winged insects and reptiles, indoor dust mites, head louses or body louses of human beings and so on, and the anthelminthic treatment of clothes, and can also be used as a sterilizing agent and a fungicide on a target object.

Method for processing oil sludge

InactiveCN103739175AReduce inclusion viscosityReduce loadSludge treatmentOil fieldOil sludge
The invention relates to a method for processing oil sludge, and is suitable for processing ground crude oil in oil field, and a whole technology does not impacted by the loading. According to the existence state of oil, sand and water in oil-containing sludge, by the steps of heating, adding drug, homogenizing, aerating, depositing and centrifuging at high speed, the existence distribution state of oil, sand and water can be changed, the sand-in-oil phenomenon in the original oil sludge is gradually changed to sand-in-water, and the inclusion viscosity of the crude oil to sediment is reduced. Through settlement, oil sludge can be separated before entering into a centrifuge, the loading of the high speed centrifuge is reduced, processing amount of a device is increased, and the unit energy consumption is reduced. The separated sediment surface as well as the internal oil content are reduced to the lowest limitation. The unit treatment process parameter can be freely adjusted according to the oil-containing sludge processing requirement, the method has certain adaption capability; the process is simple and smooth, the operation and management are convenient, recovered crude oil and processed sediment can reach the standard in a stable manner, and a system employs the combination of automatic mode and manual operation.

Method for preparing microcapsule

The invention discloses a method for preparing a microcapsule. The method comprises the following steps of: mixing and dispersing inorganic particles serving as stabilizing agents, aqueous solution and oil phase containing active ingredients to prepare water-in-oil type emulsion; or mixing and dispersing the inorganic particles serving as the stabilizing agents, the oil phase containing the active ingredients and water to prepare the water-in-oil type emulsion; performing the hydrolysis reaction on silicate ester and/or titanate on the oil-water interface under the stirring condition, forming membranoid substances by combining the hydrolysis product with the inorganic particles distributed on the oil-water interface, and packing emulsion droplets containing the active ingredients; and then removing the continuous phase through filtering, centrifuging or distilling, and washing to obtain the microcapsule, wherein the oil phase is the silicate ester, the titanate, silicate ester and titanate or an organic solvent containing the silicate ester or/and the titanate. In the method for preparing the microcapsule, the solid particles are replaced by surfactants, so that the method reduces the pollution of pesticide water emulsion products to the environment, and also reduces the production cost of the pesticide water emulsion simultaneously.
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