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Unsupported 3D printing system and method

An unsupported 3D printing system is characterized in that photosensitive resin can be subjected to reversible conversion between liquid and a paste; a projection device adopts UV projection as a light path programming mechanism, the projection mode of the projection device is face forming, and the projection device can move transversely or longitudinally under driving of a projection driving device; a printing platform is arranged in a material groove; and a temperature control device is arranged outside the material groove, a hot medium or a cold medium circulates in the temperature controldevice and the temperature control device can heat or cool the material groove. The photosensitive resin capable of being subjected to reversible conversion between the liquid and the paste is adopted, along with superposition of printing layers, the photosensitive resin in the paste state can also be accumulated layer by layer to form a support to support a printed solid material, thus the process of manual additional arrangement of supporting columns in the modeling process and the process of manual supporting removing after printing is completed are omitted, the printing efficiency is improved, and the labor cost is reduced.

Universal bar code label design system

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The invention relates to a universal bar code label design system which is characterized by comprising a basic data module, a module management module, a print management module and a system setting module. The basic data module is mainly used for the management of the factory, line body, model, production plan, bar code, nameplate and model. The module management module is mainly used to manage the modules generated by the system and user; the print management module is mainly used to provide print settings for the bar code to be printed; the system settings module is mainly used for management of the system menu and the personnel using of system. The universal bar code label design system has the following advantages: solving the problem that the present ar code printing system can not provide the professional bar code label design; matching and the layout and the model automatically; automatically generating a module, without the requirement for an engineer to adjust the code; permanently keeping the sealed modules in archives, thereby the current problem of excessive modules and frequent loss can be solved. Basically, the one-key printing, which can effectively reduce the probability of matching errors and improve print efficiency, can be achieved.

Block distributed type multi-printing-head 3D printing device with parallel-connection transverse beams and printing method

The invention discloses a block distributed type multi-printing-head 3D printing device with parallel-connection transverse beams and a printing method and relates to the technical field of building construction. The problems of low working efficiency and accuracy of a single printing head of an existing 3D printing device are solved. The block distributed type multi-printing-head 3D printing device with the parallel-connection transverse beams comprises climbing members capable of vertically and gradually moving relative to an already printed building and a printing device body connected with the climbing members. The printing device body comprises a track framework and the printing head transverse beams. The two ends of the multiple printing head transverse beams in each lattice unit can slide along the latticed track framework, printing heads move along the printing head transverse beams and spray out building materials, the printing head transverse beams move along the track framework by a set distance each time printing of one line is finished, and in this way, the printing construction of current cross section layers is finished line by line. Climbing guide ways are lengthened to reach a preset height, the printing device body is jacked to the height where an upper to-be-printed cross section layer of the building is located by controlling the climbing members, and accordingly, all cross section layers are printed layer by layer from bottom to top till the printing construction of the whole building is finished.

A method for printing an express order and a control device

A method of printing an express order is disclosed, includes obtaining M courier orders by the control device, the M express orders correspond to N target identification codes, wherein each express order corresponds to a target identification code, N is an integer >= 2, M >= N, and the express order is generated by the first terminal after scanning the target identification code according to the mailing information inputted by the user, the target identification code corresponds one-to-one with the courier information, and the control device is associated with the target identification code; The control device determines the printers corresponding to M express orders according to the correspondence between the N target identification codes and the respective associated printers. The control device sends a print job to the printer corresponding to each of the M express orders to print the corresponding express order. The control device sends a print job to the printer corresponding to each of the M express orders to print the corresponding express order. The embodiment of that present application also provide corresponding control device. The technical proposal of the application obtains express orders of a plurality of couriers for printing through a control device, and improves the printing efficiency of the courier documents.

Multi-head branch-control 3D printer

The invention discloses a multi-head branch-control 3D printer. Longitudinal guide rails are two guide rails symmetrically distributed along the middle positions of transverse guide rails. Each longitudinal guide rail is symmetrically provided with two printing head mounting sliding blocks, wherein a 3D printing head is mounted on each printing head mounting sliding block. The four 3D printing heads on the two longitudinal guide rails complete printing in four areas of a printing platform. Every time printing of one layer is completed, the printing platform is driven by a power mechanism to rotate by 3.6 degrees, and therefore the printing areas corresponding to the four printing heads are stacked at the joint of the two adjacent printing areas of the lower layer. The four printing heads of the multi-head branch-control 3D printer work at the same time and do not generate interference to one another, and the printing efficiency is greatly improved; and the printing platform is arranged to be rotatable, and therefore after printing work of one layer is completed every time, the printing platform rotates by a certain angle, the printing area of each printing head is changed, staggered stacking between the different printing layers is formed, and the strength and stability of printed products are improved.

Silver printing positioning template of piezoelectric ceramic pieces and silver printing method of piezoelectric ceramic pieces

The invention discloses a silver printing positioning template of piezoelectric ceramic pieces and a silver printing method of the piezoelectric ceramic pieces and aims for providing a positioning template capable of improving printing efficiency and utilizing the positioning template to print a metallic silver coating on the surface of the piezoelectric ceramic piece. The silver printing positioning template comprises a positioning plate provided with positioning holes and hinged to a workbench, and the positioning holes (4) are communicated with a vacuum pump through an air passage (5); a material plate (6) is arranged on the workbench, and material storing holes (8) are formed in the surface of the material plate and provided with springs (7). The piezoelectric ceramic pieces (2) are arranged in the material storing holes (8) in an overlapped manner to enable the positioning holes (4) to be in butt joint with the material storing holes (8); the piezoelectric ceramic pieces (2) are absorbed in the positioning holes (4); a silk screen (3) covers the surface of a positioning plate (1), and the surfaces of the piezoelectric ceramic pieces (2) are coated with silver paste; the positioning plate (1) is taken down to be fed into a drying oven to have the silver paste dried.

Electron beam coaxial wire feeding additive manufacturing equipment and method

The invention relates to electron beam coaxial wire feeding additive manufacturing equipment and method. A wire feeding straightening device is arranged above a wire feeding nozzle of the equipment, ametal wire is sent out by the wire feeding straightening device, and the metal wire is sent into the wire feeding nozzle after being guided and straightened; the wire feeding nozzle is coaxially arranged in an electron beam gun system and is arranged on an XYZ positioning device of an electron beam gun together with the electron beam gun system, the XYZ positioning device of the electron beam gunis arranged above a forming substrate, and the XYZ positioning device of the electron beam gun drives the electron beam gun system, the wire feeding nozzle and the metal wire to accurately move and position under the control of a deposition controller, so that the metal wire is melted and solidified according to set requirements; and the molten metal wire is deposited layer by layer on the forming substrate which is rotatable along a vertical axis and tiltable along a horizontal axis under control by the deposition controller, and a part in a desired shape and structure is formed. The equipment and the method provided by the invention have high printing efficiency and high precision, and can realize the additive manufacturing of metal structural members.
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