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Prefabricated sandwich thermal-insulation laminated wallboard and manufacturing method

The invention relates to a prefabricated sandwich thermal-insulation laminated wallboard. The wallboard is characterized by comprising an inner prefabricated wallboard, an outer prefabricated wallboard, a thermal-insulation layer (2) located between the inner prefabricated wallboard and the outer prefabricated wallboard, and a thermal-insulation connecting piece, wherein the inner prefabricated wallboard and the outer prefabricated wallboard are poured with longitudinal and transverse tensioned bar plane frames as skeletons; the thermal-insulation connecting piece passes through the inner prefabricated wallboard, the outer prefabricated wallboard and the thermal-insulation layer (2) in an embedded way; and the thermal-insulation layer (2) is a foamed thermal-insulation material and is poured between the inner prefabricated wallboard and the outer prefabricated wallboard. According to the invention, the thermal-insulation material overcomes the shortcomings of great needs of labor and low automation degree of the traditional prefabricated sandwich thermal-insulation wallboards through one-shot injection in a factory and adequate filling and compacting of a cavity in virtue of physical and chemical changes of the material; meanwhile, the thermal-insulation material and the contact surface of the inner and outer prefabricated wallboards are effectively bonded together, so rain water is prevented from intruding through gaps produced by stripping of the inner and outer prefabricated wallboards and is thus prevented from influencing the thermal insulation effect of the thermal insulation layer.

Method and device for determining conversion pose between radar and camera and electronic equipment

The invention provides a method and a device for determining a conversion pose between radar and a camera, electronic equipment and a storage medium, and relates to the technical field of images. Themethod comprises the steps of acquiring a first calibration object plane equation and a first center point coordinate of a calibration object and a calibration object center point under a radar coordinate system based on first point cloud data acquired by radar; obtaining a second calibration object plane equation and a second center point coordinate of the calibration object and the calibration object center point under the camera coordinate system based on the image data collected by the camera; and determining a conversion pose between the radar coordinate system and the camera coordinate system according to the first normal vector of the first calibration object plane equation, the second normal vector of the second calibration object plane equation, the first center point coordinate and the second center point coordinate. According to the method and the device, the electronic equipment and the storage medium, automation of the calibration process is achieved, manual participationof the calibration process is reduced, the degree of dependence on the calibration board state and the external environment is low, and calibration results are stable.

Express package sorting machine

PendingCN110270508AReduce manual involvementImprove work efficiency and accuracySortingEngineeringMechanical engineering
The invention belongs to the technical field of express package sorting, and particularly relates to an express package sorting machine. According to the express package sorting machine, a detection assembly is arranged, express packages with specific identification information can be identified and fed back to a control system, when the express packages are conveyed to a roller conveying assembly and arrive at a first classifying and conveying assembly, the control system controls the first classifying and conveying assembly to start to work, classifying protrusions on a classifying conveyer belt make contact with the express packages, the express packages do not make contact with conveying rollers as the height of the top ends of the classifying protrusions is larger than that of the conveying rollers, therefore, the rotation direction of the classifying conveyer belt can be controlled according to the specific identification information of the express packages through a control assembly, then the rotation directions of the express packages are different, and the express packages are sorted; and in addition, the process completely achieves mechanical operation, artificial participation can be omitted, the accuracy rate is effectively increased, and the working efficiency is effectively improved.

Offshore wind farm space-time attribute determination method based on time series remote sensing images

The invention relates to an offshore wind power plant space-time attribute determination method based on time series remote sensing images. According to the method, massive multi-source long-time sequence optical remote sensing data are used in a combined manner, the robustness of remote sensing image detection is enhanced due to high spatial and temporal resolution, the marine target monitoring capability is greatly improved, and the space-time attribute of the large-scale offshore wind power plant can be quickly and automatically identified. The method is simple and feasible in execution steps, and has a good effect in an extraction area and even a global offshore wind power plant. According to the method, long-time and large-space-coverage optical image data are used, and an optimized statistical filtering and sliding window is utilized, so that accurate extraction of the offshore wind power plant on a large space scale is realized. The method is conducive to compiling a detailed offshore wind plant space-time attribute list which can be timely and effectively updated, and official databases can be supplemented. Meanwhile, a scientific reference is provided for future marine wind energy resource management and evaluation of potential influence of a development area on a marine ecosystem.

Vertical rotating cabinet and intelligent logistics storage system

PendingCN110271801AConvenient and intensive storageReduce manual involvementStorage devicesEngineeringPosition sensor
The invention discloses a vertical rotating cabinet which comprises a vertical rotating cabinet body, a rotating mechanism, storage boxes, a picking and placement platform and an automatic jacking device, wherein the rotating mechanism is arranged on the vertical rotating cabinet body; the rotating mechanism drives the storage boxes on a transmission chain to rotate and move when the rotating mechanism rotates; openings are formed at the upper parts of the storage boxes; jacking notches are formed at the bottoms of the storage boxes; the picking and placement platform is arranged on the front surface of the vertical rotating cabinet body; the automatic jacking device is arranged on the inner side of the picking and placement platform; a positioning sensor is arranged on the picking and placement platform and used for positioning conveying equipment; and jacking rods are arranged on the automatic jacking device and have a jacking state in which the jack rods can be clamped into the jacking notches and a no-operation state in which the jacking rods cannot be clamped into the jacking notches. The invention further discloses an intelligent logistics storage system. Automatic management and control of goods can be achieved; the adaptability and generality of the automatic system are greatly improved; and automatic development of some special industries is guaranteed.

Full-automatic assembling equipment for connector inserting pieces

The invention discloses full-automatic assembling equipment for connector inserting pieces, the equipment comprises a base and also comprises an indexing rotating device, a plastic part feeding device, an inserting piece feeding device, a conveying and bending device, an inserting piece assembling device, a conveying and shifting device, an inserting piece pressing device and an inserting piece shearing device which are fixed to the base. The inserting piece feeding device is arranged on the conveying and bending device, the conveying and bending device is arranged on the right side of the inserting piece assembling device, the inserting piece assembling device is arranged behind the indexing rotating device, and the conveying and shifting device is arranged on the left side of the indexing rotating device. The equipment has the advantages that: by the adoption of the scheme, the inserting pieces in conveying are automatically bent through the conveying and bending device, the bent inserting pieces are automatically assembled to plastic parts through the inserting piece assembling device, manual participation is reduced, the inserting pieces are bent, assembled, compacted and sheared in a full-automatic mode, the assembling quality and efficiency are improved, and the good market application value is achieved.

A personal income tax processing PC terminal and method

The invention discloses a personal income tax processing PC terminal and method, and relates to the technical field of tax online processing, and the PC terminal carries out information interaction with an APP terminal to carry out one-key declaration operation on personal income tax. The employee management unit stores employee information; The individual tax accounting unit is used for receivingthe bill picture uploaded by the APP terminal and carrying out data deduction and individual tax accounting in combination with data in the bill picture and employee information; The tax declarationunit is used for being connected with a tax bureau service system, carrying out one-key declaration operation according to the tax values obtained through accounting, and sending a tax declaration feedback file to the APP terminal; Functions of enterprise and public institution deduction and payment of personal income tax bill data collection, invoice authenticity inspection, pre-examination special fee deduction standards and social insurance, automatic calculation of personal income tax and monthly pre-payment declaration, annual remittance clearing and the like are realized, and the management objectives of compliance with regulations such as one-key operation of units and individuals, online verification and the like are achieved.

Invoice issuance system and method

InactiveCN106920134AReduce manual involvementImprove safety and effectivenessBilling/invoicingReceipt giving machinesPaper invoicePurchasing
Embodiments of the present invention provide an invoice issuance system and method. The system comprises a self-service invoicing terminal, an enterprise server and an enterprise tax control device. The self-service invoicing terminal is used for transmitting an obtained identification code for voice issuing of a user to the enterprise server; the enterprise server comprises a purchasing flow information acquisition module which is used for obtaining purchasing flow information of the user according to the identification and a preset identification protocol, and an invoice base data generation module which is used for generating invoice base data according to the purchasing flow information; the enterprise tax control device is used for generating invoice real data according to the invoice base data and the preset algorithm; and the self-service invoicing terminal is further used for printing the invoice real data into a paper invoice. According to the system and method provided by the embodiments of the present invention, for enterprise users, various cost overheads of enterprise invoice management are reduced, and enterprise operation efficiency is improved; and for consumers, through a good way of human-computer interaction, the invoice issuance process of the user is reduced, and the time and the effort are saved.

PVC pipe bundling and film laminating device

The invention discloses a PVC pipe bundling and film laminating device and belongs to the technical field of PVC pipe automatic packaging equipment. The PVC pipe bundling and film laminating device comprises a PVC pipe set aligning mechanism. PVC pipes moves to a first conveying line along with a feeding mechanism. The first conveying line, a winding machine, a second conveying line and a film feeding machine are arranged sequentially and linearly. The PVC pipe set aligning mechanism is arranged above the first conveying line. The winding machine is used for bundling PVC pipe sets. The secondconveying line comprises a plurality of conveying sections arranged at certain intervals. Lifting supporting mechanisms are arranged between the multiple conveying sections. A film laminating mechanism is arranged above the second conveying line. Films are laminated from one side of the PVC pipe set to the other side of the PVC pipe set through the film laminating mechanism. A second film plasticpackage mechanism is arranged at the end, close to the winding machine, of the second conveying line. A film stretching mechanism, a film cutting-off mechanism and a first film plastic package mechanism are sequentially arranged at the end, close to the film feeding machine, of the second conveying line. The extruded PVC pipes can be automatically bundled and subjected to film laminating, and theproduction efficiency is improved.

Automatic tray warehouse and transfer method thereof

The invention provides an automatic tray warehouse. The automatic tray warehouse comprises a rack, wherein a tray base used for stacking trays is arranged in the middle of the rack; centering mechanisms are separately arranged on positions, at left and right sides of the tray base, of the upper part of the rack; each centering mechanism comprises a pair of centering baffle plates which are vertically arranged, and face towards the middle for jacking the trays; centering gas cylinders for driving the centering baffle plates to move back and forth are mounted at the two sides of the rack; frontand rear sides of each tray are provided with supporting slots; front and rear sides of the rack are separately equipped with a pair of supporting mechanisms for supporting the trays; and each supporting mechanism comprises a rocking jaw which can extend into the supporting slots in the side parts of each tray after rocking inwards. The automatic tray warehouse provided by the invention can realize supporting and centering of the trays, utilizes the rocking jaw to achieve the effects of supporting the trays, realizes mechanical supporting work of a tray group which is not ex-warehoused, reduces artificial participation, saves time and labor, and is high in efficiency; and stability in an automatic tray outlet process of the tray warehouse is guaranteed through the centering mechanisms.

Combined beehive

InactiveCN105532514AAchieve controllabilityReduce manual involvementBeehivesBeekeepingAutomatic control
The invention relates to a combined beehive and belongs to the field of bee keeping. The combined beehive comprises a hive body, a hive cover and combs. The combs are inserted in the hive body, and the hive cover is arranged on the hive body. The combined beehive is characterized in that a ventilation isolation plate is arranged in the hive cover, and multiple air vents are formed in the positions, on the two sides between the ventilation isolation plate and the hive cover, of the hive cover; multiple air vents are formed in the ventilation isolation plate; ventilation parts and feeding devices are arranged at the bottom of the hive body. The air vents formed in the hive cover and the ventilation parts arranged at the bottom of the hive body form ventilation channels, so that interior and exterior ventilation of the beehive is achieved; meanwhile, grooves are formed in comb outer frames and the inner walls, corresponding to the comb outer frames, of the hive body, and porous edge strips are arranged in the grooves, so that the beehive is multipurpose; by means of the feeding devices at the bottom of the hive body, feeding of sweet water or feed to swarms in the beehive can be achieved conveniently; besides, thanks to springs and blocking strips which are arranged, automatic control is achieved, labor participation is reduced, and cost is lowered; moreover, the combined beehive can be subjected to batch industrial production and is suitable for being applied and popularized.

Feeding equipment for round bar turning

The invention relates to feeding equipment for round bar turning. The feeding equipment comprises a bottom plate, wherein a bar storage box is arranged on the bottom plate; an overturning base plate is arranged at the lower end of the bar storage box; a driving motor is connected to the overturning base plate; a bearing plate is mounted on the overturning base plate; a slide block is fixed to thebearing plate; an L-shaped chute is formed in the overturning base plate; a long rack is arranged on the middle back part o the bearing plate and hydraulic clamp hands are connected to the left and right end parts, the long rack is engaged to the first gear, the first gear is engaged to an incomplete gear, the incomplete gear is connected to a rotating motor, the incomplete gear is engaged to a second gear, the second gear is engaged to a movable rack, a connecting rod is hinged to the back end part of the movable rack, and the connecting rod is hinged to a driving plate. The feeding equipmentprovided by the invention grasps, positions and clamps round bars by means of a mechanical operation, so that the labor intensity is alleviated; by means of precise transmission, the round bars are high in positioning precision, the high quality of product processing is ensured, and the work efficiency is improved.

Industrial robot with automatic feeding and discharging functions and method

InactiveCN112209115AReduced risk of material spillageReduce manual involvementCharge manipulationStacking articlesRobot handControl engineering
The invention discloses an industrial robot with automatic feeding and discharging functions and a method, the industrial robot comprises a rack, a stock bin is arranged in the rack, a feeding assembly and a discharging assembly are symmetrically arranged in the stock bin, first lead screw modules are symmetrically arranged at the top end of the rack, a positioning disc is arranged at the tops ofthe two first lead screw modules, clamping mechanisms are symmetrically arranged on the positioning disc, a tool disc is clamped between the two clamping mechanisms, separation mechanisms are symmetrically arranged on the two sides of each clamping mechanism, a supporting arm is arranged on one side of the rack, a second lead screw module is arranged on the supporting arm, a manipulator mechanismis arranged on the second lead screw module, and optical fiber sensors are arranged at the positions, located on one sides of the separation mechanisms, of the bottom end of the positioning disc. Theindustrial robot with the automatic feeding and discharging functions and the method have the beneficial effects that automatic feeding and discharging of lead frames at the middle end or the tail endof a production line can be achieved, the lead frames are loaded through the tool disc and is convenient to store, and the situation that in the prior art, when manual feeding and discharging are adopted, the surfaces of lead frames are prone to be scratched, and consequently, the follow-up packaging effect is affected can be avoided.

Vibration type unmanned potato harvester

The invention discloses a vibration type unmanned potato harvester. The potato harvester comprises driving wheels, tread patterns, separation rotating cylinders, a vibration pushing plate, a first vibration screening plate, a support frame, a balance weight block, a battery pack, an alarm apparatus, a placing plate, a handle, a controller, driven wheels, guide baffles, a second vibration screeningplate, a vibration device, a first camera, a second camera, second motors, encoders, a support shaft, a displacement limiting ring, a side baffle and a support plate; the second motors are provided with the encoders, the driving wheels are provided with the tread patterns, the separation rotating cylinder is installed at the front end of the vibration pushing plate, and the first vibration screening plate is installed at the bottom of the vibration pushing plate. Potatoes in soil are driven to move to the first vibration screening plate through the vibration of the vibration pushing plate driven by the vibration device, the potatoes larger in size can roll out from the rear end, and the potatoes smaller in size can roll from the second vibration screening plate to the side face so that not only can the soil be separated from the potatoes, but also the effect of screening the potatoes different in size can be achieved.
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