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A fan assembly for creating an air current includes a bladeless fan assembly including a nozzle and a device for creating an air flow through the nozzle. The nozzle includes an interior passage and a mouth receiving the air flow from the interior passage. A Coanda surface located adjacent the mouth and over which the mouth is arranged to direct the air flow. The fan provides an arrangement producing an air current and a flow of cooling air created without requiring a bladed fan, that is, the air flow is created by a bladeless fan.

Control and drive circuit arrangement for illumination performance enhancement with LED light sources

A backlight for an LCD display comprised of an array of LEDs. The backlight may be driven and controlled by a fast pulse power converter, thus providing a response time for the backlight on the order of microseconds. The backlight may thus be used for image display, for example, in the depiction of images in a video input to the LCD and removal of image artifacts.

MgO tunnel barriers and method of formation

MgO tunnel barriers are formed by depositing a thin layer of Mg on a suitable underlayer, and then directing oxygen and additional Mg towards the Mg layer. The oxygen reacts with the additional Mg and the Mg in the Mg layer to form a MgO tunnel barrier that enjoys excellent tunneling characteristics. The MgO tunnel barriers so formed may be used in magnetic tunnel junctions having tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) values of greater than 100%. The highest TMR values are observed for junctions that have been annealed and that have a (100) crystallographic orientation.

Simultaneous-rotating hinge

A simultaneous-rotating hinge has a body, a first leaf and a second leaf. The body has a gear assembly. The gear assembly is mounted in the body and comprises multiple gears that engage each other. The first leaf is mounted rotatably on the body and connects to one of the gears in the gear assembly. The second leaf is mounted rotatably on the body and connects to another gear in the gear assembly. Interaction of the gears causes the first leaf and the second leaf to pivot simultaneously toward or away from each other.

Optical transmission system of radio signal over optical fiber link

In coupling a control station transmitting a radio signal to a plurality of base stations each transmitting the radio signal to a terminal station by an optical fiber, and dependently connecting the plurality of base stations to the optical fiber, the control station includes a radio signal transmitter and an electrical-to-optical converter. Each of the base stations including an SOA-EAM comprises a semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) and an electro-absorption modulator (EAM), a down link radio signal amplifier, and a down link antenna, the SOA-EAM receiving an optical signal from the control station. The optical transmission system can prevent optical power from lowering even if the number of base stations increases and can facilitate adding a base station since an optical coupler is not used.

Coupled lamb wave resonators filter

A coupled Lamb wave resonator filter includes first and second Lamb wave resonators. The first Lamb wave resonator includes a first resonant layer, and first and second electrodes on opposite sides of the first resonant layer. The second Lamb wave resonator includes a second resonant layer, and third and fourth electrodes on opposite sides of the second resonant layer. One of the sides of the first resonant layer belongs to a plane parallel to a plane corresponding to one of the sides of the second resonant layer. Both planes pass through the third and fourth electrodes of the second Lamb wave resonator. A periodic lattice acoustically couples the first and second resonant layers.

Articles incorporating absorbent polymer and ceragenin compound

An absorbent article includes an absorbent polymer and a ceragenin compound. The ceragenin compound has a sterol group and a plurality of cationic groups that mimic naturally occurring antimicrobial peptides. The ceragenin compound is associated with the absorbent polymer such that upon absorption of a fluid, the ceragenin compound is incorporated or maintained in the absorbent article.

Compositions and methods for regulating mammalian keratinous tissue

Skin care compositions and methods for regulating the condition of mammalian keratinous tissue containg an effective amount of a dialkanoyl hydroxyproline compound and a second skin care compound selected from hexamidine compounds, sugar amine compounds and their combination. These compositions may be either an emulsion or a solution wherin the dialkanoyl hydroxyproline compound may be converted to its salt for incorporation into the aqueous phase of a compositions.

Method and apparatus for generating a display data stream for transmission to a remote display

A method and apparatus are described for generating a display data stream for transmission to a remote display. A display control unit in a processor is configured to multiplex the outputs of a plurality of display controllers to generate a video data stream. A video compression engine (VCE) in the processor receives the video data stream directly from the display control unit without having to go through an external memory or an external display interface. The VCE compresses the video data stream, and optionally encrypts the video data stream. In one embodiment, audio and video data streams may be synchronized into a multiplexed, (and optionally encrypted), audio / video stream before being forwarded for transmission to a remote display. In another embodiment, separate audio and video streams (optionally encrypted) may be forwarded for transmission to the remote display.

Print blankets for use in electro-statographic printing and methods of using same

A print blanket for use in electrostatic printing, comprising a body portion; and, an image transfer layer comprising a non-silicone fluoroelastomer.

Methods and apparatus for manufacturing components

A method for aligning a first and a second component for manufacturing using an alignment member. The first component includes at least one first datum and the second component includes at least one second datum. The method includes fixedly securing the alignment member to a fixture in a first orientation relative to the fixture, coupling the first component to the fixture such that the at least one first datum is aligned with a corresponding datum locator of a first datum nest of the alignment member, removing the first component from the fixture, repositioning the alignment member relative to the fixture from the first orientation to a second orientation, fixedly securing the alignment member in the second orientation, and coupling the second component to the fixture such that the at least one second datum is aligned with a corresponding datum locator of a second datum nest of the alignment member.

Method of Tracing Touch Paths for a Multi-Touch Panel

A method of tracing touch paths for a multi-touch panel is disclosed. A basis touch point obtained from the multi-touch panel, a predicted touch point generated according to the basis touch point, and a detected touch point obtained from the multi-touch panel are provided. A reported touch point is then generated according to the basis touch point, the predicted touch point and the detected touch point based on a parametric curve.

Diffractive optical element, optical system and optical apparatus

The diffractive optical element includes two diffraction gratings made of different materials and being in contact with each other at their grating surfaces. The materials satisfy the following conditions, and the second material is obtained by mixing a resin material with a particulate material satisfying the following conditions: nd1≧1.48, νd1≧40, (−1.665E−07×νd13+5.213E−05×νd12−5.656E×03×νd1+0.675)≦θg,F1≦(−1.665E−07×νd13+5.213E−05×νd12−5.656E−03×νd1+0.825), (−1.687E−07×νd13+5.702E−05×νd12−6.603E−03×νd1+1.400)≦θg,d 1≦(−1.687E−07×νd13+5.702E−05×νd12−6.603E−03×νd1+1.580), nd2≦1.6, νd2≦30, θg,F2≦(−1.665E−07×νd23+5.213E−05×νd22−5.656E−03×νd2+0.675 ), θg,d2≦(−1.687E−07×νd23+5.702E−05×νd22−6.603E−03×νd2+1.400 ), nd1-nd2≧0, ndb2≧1.70, νdb2≦20. The element achieves a high diffraction efficiency in a specific diffraction order over a wide wavelength range.

Optical Fiber Coupling Part and Manufacturing Method Thereof

An optical fiber coupling part that reduces the difficulty in adjusting cores, minimizes coupling loss, and prevents optical characteristics from deteriorating. An optical fiber is fused to one end of a GRIN lens which includes a quartz glass containing one or more refractive index regulating substances selected from Sb2O3, Ta2O5, TiO2 or ZrO2. Optical characteristics are not deteriorated because an adhesive is not used, and self-alignment effects facilitate adjustment of the cores of the GRIN lens and the optical fiber. Furthermore, coupling loss can be minimized by setting a refractive index distribution constant g of the GRIN lens within an appropriate range.

Composite fiber guidewires

A guide wire (400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1200, 1300) is adapted for use in magnetic resonance imaging systems. The guide wire has a shaft region (402) and a distal tip region (404). The shaft region comprises a composite shaft (406) comprising reinforcing fibers aligned with a length extension (403) of the shaft region. The fibers extend at least partially into the distal tip region. The fibers form a taper (410) within the distal tip region. The distal tip region comprises a sensor (504, 604, 702, 704, 804, 904, 1006, 1008). The shaft comprises a cable (502, 602, 702, 704, 802, 902, 1002, 1004). The cable is connected to the sensor.

Skincare product having functions of repairing scar and resisting wrinkle and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a skincare product having functions of repairing scar and resisting wrinkles and a preparation method thereof and belongs to the field of researching and development on skincare products. The skincare product is prepared from following components, by weight: 2-5% of GHK-Cu, 2-5% of D-panthenol, 2-5% of nicotinamide, 5-10% of butanediol, 1-3% of allantoin, proper amounts of a preservative, a thickener and a pH regulator, and the balanced being deionized water, wherein the total weight percentage of all the components is 100%. The preparation method includes the steps of: uniformly stirring and mixing the deionized water, polyol, the allantoin and the thickening raw material, increasing the temperature to 75-85 DEG C and maintaining the temperature for 10-15 min; stirring the mixture to decrease the temperature to about 40 DEG C; and successively adding the GHK-Cu, the nicotinamide, the D-panthenol, the pH regulator and the preservative, and stirring the mixture until the components are completely dissolved. The skincare product is sunscreen oil which has comprehensive functions, reasonable formula, refreshing skin feel and low irritation.

Electric motor

The invention relates to an electric motor having a rotatably mounted rotor magnet and a stator enclosing the rotor magnet, said stator comprising at least three coil windings and a winding carrier, wherein coil axes of the at least three coil windings are disposed radially to an axis of rotation of the rotor magnet in various radial directions. The coil windings of the electric motor are designed so that a gap that is parallel to the axis of rotation of the rotor magnet extends between at least two adjacent coil windings, in which at least one media line extending in the longitudinal direction is provided.

Case for a backlight module (I)

A case for a backlight module includes a housing body which receives a light source and has an opening directed toward a liquid crystal panel. A reflection layer is provided on a surface of the housing body to reflect the light emitted from the light source. The reflection layer has high weather-resistance and includes a resinous matrix material incorporating a UV / light stabilizer and a light-reflecting agent.

Coreless winding apparatus

Disclosed is an apparatus for forming coreless paper rolls. The apparatus includes an expansible mandrel that can be used in conjunction with an existing rewinder. The mandrel is segmented, with the segments expanding when the mandrel is loaded into the rewinder. While in the rewinder, a web of material, such as the type used to form register receipt rolls, is wound upon the mandrel. After a sufficient amount of material has been taken up, the mandrel is removed from the rewinder. Upon removal, the segments contract whereby the cross section of the mandrel is reduced and the roll can be removed. The result is a coreless roll of material.

Digital full arch apparatus and method for immediate definitive dental prostheses

The apparatus and methods disclosed utilize a healing assembly including a prosthetic shoe and a healing sleeve that, when used in mating combination, allow the radiographic capture of the prosthetic shoe as it relates to the dental implant surface(s) and the exact orientation of the final prosthetic tooth set-up to provide all information required in one step, for final CAD / CAM of the final fixed implant supported prosthetic bridge.

Self-inking hand stamp

A self-inking hand stamp (1) with upper impact inking, comprising a stamp housing (2) in which a stamp aggregate (3) is arranged that is capable of moving from an inking position on an ink pad (4) into a stamping position, with an actuating frame (8) as well as a reversing mechanism being associated with the stamp aggregate for said purpose, whereby the actuating frame (8) is mounted like a cap on the top part of the stamp housing (2), and comprises two legs (9, 10) for actuating the stamp aggregate (3), said legs resting against the stamp housing (2), and can be depressed relative to the stamp housing (2) against spring force, and is provided with a receiving recess (17) for accommodating an information sheet (18), with a transparent cover (24) being associated with the receiving recess (17). The receiving recess (17) extends from the top side (16) of the actuating frame (8) to the broad sides (19, 20) of the frame, and the transparent cover (24) is correspondingly curved from the top side to the broad side and embodied in the form of one single piece.

Method of producing a device for storing thermal energy by solid/solid phase change material

The invention relates to a method for producing a thermal energy storage device by means of at least one solid / solid phase change material, comprising a thermal energy storage chamber containing the at least one solid / solid phase change material and a heat exchanger of the heat-transfer fluid type for storing and extracting heat of said s / s PCM immersed in said chamber.The invention will find its application in the field of the storage of thermal energy and for example for the application of storing heat in an urban or industrial heat system.

Adjustable tree stand

An adjustable tree stand includes a support unit that includes a support platform having two lateral parts, and that further includes first and second mounting structures, each mounted to a corresponding one of the lateral parts of the support platform. The adjustable tree stand further includes a cable unit that includes a cable, a first attachment member connected to one end of the cable, and a second attachment member connected to the other end of the cable for releasably coupling with the second mounting structure.The adjustable tree stand also includes a control unit including a threaded rod mounted non-rotatably to the first mounting structure, and a slide seat connected to the first attachment member of the cable unit and coupled movably to the first mounting structure for sliding movement therealong.

Semiconductor memory cell and manufacturing method thereof, and semiconductor memory devices

A semiconductor memory cell includes: a memory element formed by a first field effect transistor having a gate insulating film made of a ferroelectric film; and a select switching element formed by a second field effect transistor having a gate insulating film made of a paraelectric film. The ferroelectric film and the paraelectric film are stacked together with a semiconductor film of a compound semiconductor interposed therebetween. A first gate electrode of the first field effect transistor is formed on a side of the ferroelectric film, and a second gate electrode of the second field effect transistor is formed on a side of the paraelectric film so as to face the first gate electrode. The semiconductor film forms a common channel layer of the first and second field effect transistors.

Heat sink

A heat sink includes a pillar member, to which a device that generates heat is to be mounted, and a plurality of heat-dissipating fins arranged on a side surface of the pillar member to dissipate the heat generated by the device. The heat sink further includes a ring-shaped holding member that has a plurality of grooves formed therein. The holding member is mounted to a longitudinal end of the pillar member and has each of the heat-dissipating fins inserted in a corresponding one of the grooves of the holding member, thereby holding the heat-dissipating fins to the pillar member. Each of the heat-dissipating fins has a detachment prevention portion that prevents the heat-dissipating fin from being detached from the pillar member in a direction perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the pillar member.

Ocarinas with an inner liner and an outer shell

InactiveUS6872876B2Prevent excessive condensationFacilitate manufacturingPercussion musical instrumentsOcarinasAirflowEngineering
One embodiment of an ocarina has an inner liner that includes a plurality of apertures and an outer shell disposed substantially completely around the inner liner. In one exemplary embodiment of such an ocarina, the plurality of apertures in the inner liner facilitates the airflow communication through the inner liner to produce a tone when the ocarina is played, whereas the outer shell provides a protective or ornamental envelope for the inner liner and includes a plurality of openings that register with the apertures in the inner liner. In another exemplary embodiment, an ocarina has a body having a plurality of apertures disposed therein. The body is formed by an inner liner defined by at least one sound chamber and a first cooperating cover and an outer shell disposed substantially completely around the inner liner. The outer shell is defined by a vessel and a second cooperating cover, and some of the inner surfaces of the outer shell engage some of the outer surfaces of the inner liner to retain the inner liner in the outer shell in an interference fit.
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