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Polypropylene-base resin composition and products of injection molding thereof

InactiveUS6441081B1Good balanceExcellent injection moldabilityFilm/foil adhesivesPolypropyleneTalc
A polypropylene resin composition which comprises:(1) 55 to 75% by weight of (A) a polypropylene resin consisting of a mixture of the following polymers (i) and (ii):(i) a propylene-ethylene block copolymer having a propylene homopolymer part which is the first segment and having a propylene-ethylene random copolymer part which is the second segment and(ii) a propylene homopolymer having an intrinsic viscosity [eta]P of 0.8 to 1.8 dl/g as measured in tetralin at 135° C.,(2) 21 to 30% by weight of (B) an ethylene-1-octene copolymer rubber having a melt flow rate (JIS-K-6758 at 190° C.) of 2 to 10 g/10 min and having a 1-octene component content of 20 to 25% by weight, and(3) 5 to 20% by weight of (C) talc having an average particle diameter of not more than 3 mum, wherein when the amount of the second segment contained in the propylene-ethylene block copolymer of the polypropylene resin (A) is designated as (A)' and the ethylene-1-octene copolymer rubber content is designated as (B)', the following expression is satisfied:and when the above composition is subjected to a tensile test according to ASTM D638, it exhibits, an ultimate elongation of at least 400%, and the melt flow rate (JIS-K-6758 at 230° C.) of the composition is at least 30 g/10 min, and an injection-molded article obtained by injection molding the above polypropylene resin composition.

Fully-automatic overturning mold-release lifting appliance for production line of aerated concrete

The invention discloses a fully-automatic overturning mold-release lifting appliance for a production line of aerated concrete. The lifting appliance comprises a rack, a traveling trolley movably arranged on the rack, an overturning lifting appliance connected with the traveling trolley, as well as a lifting appliance positioning device arranged on the overturning lifting appliance or the traveling trolley. The lifting appliance positioning device comprises a positioning block, a connecting rod positioning arm, and a positioning oil/air cylinder which is connected with and drives the connecting rod positioning arm; the positioning oil/air cylinder is connected with a driving device fixing seat; the connecting rod positioning arm is hinged with a positioning arm fixing seat; and when a piston rod of the positioning oil/air cylinder is retracted, the positioning block can be tightly clamped by the connecting rod positioning arm. Automatic accurate positioning of the lifting appliance and automatic hooking of a mold can be realized; with good balance, the lifting appliance is safe and reliable due to effective reduction of potential safety hazards; by use of the lifting appliance, the labor power can be saved, the production efficiency can be improved greatly, the production cost can be reduced, and therefore a good economic benefit is created for enterprises; and meanwhile the lifting appliance is simple in structure and convenient to operate.

Counter Tapered Thermoplastic Elastomers

A counter tapered thermoplastic elastomer composition comprising: (a) a counter tapered diblock A-[A/B] copolymer with a peak molecular weight from 20,000 to 250,000, which includes a monovinyl aromatic homopolymer block A with a peak molecular weight of at least 8,000 and a counter tapered copolymer block [A/B] with a vinyl content of at least 15 weight percent based on the amount of conjugated diene units in the diblock copolymer; and (b) a block copolymer selected from the group consisting of linear triblock copolymers having a peak molecular weight that is at least about 1.5 times the peak molecular weight of the counter tapered diblock A-[A/B] copolymer described In (a), multiarm coupled block copolymers having a peak molecular weight that is at least about 2.5 times the peak molecular weight of the counter tapered diblock A-[A/B] copolymer described in (a), and mixtures thereof; and (c) wherein the ratio of (a) to (b) in the counter tapered thermoplastic elastomer composition is from about 1:5 to about 5:1. The counter tapered thermoplastic elastomer compositions provide in the applications: i) easy processing such as short dispersion time, low mixing temperature, low viscosity, excellent storage stability; and ii) better reinforcement such as high elastic response, wide range of performance grade, high adherence, higher filler loading capacity, and better compromise between high and low temperature properties; which make them suitable for a broad range of applications such as road paving, roofing, shingles, waterproofing membranes, adhesive tapes and labels, contact and sprayable adhesives, and sealants.
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