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2017results about "Cane mechanical working" patented technology

Whole bamboo flattening method and processing equipment

The invention provides a whole bamboo flattening method. The method includes the following steps that firstly, old bamboo which is 3-5 years is selected, after branches are removed, the bamboo is sawn into a bamboo tube with the corresponding length; secondly, the bamboo tube is arranged on the bamboo wood processing equipment, an outer bamboo joint and an inner bamboo joint are removed, bamboo green with the thickness of 2-3 mm is removed, and a groove is formed in the bamboo tube; thirdly, the bamboo tube obtained in the second step is placed in an oven, baked for 5-10 min at the temperature of 300 DEG C to 500 DEG C, and softened; fourthly, the softened bamboo tube is placed on a flattening machine to be flattened, cooled for 20-30 min, and flattened into a bamboo plate in a cold pressing manner; fifthly, bamboo inner skin on the inner surface of the flattened bamboo plate is removed by 3-5 mm in a planing manner, and the outer surface and the periphery of the bamboo plate are ground to be smooth; and sixthly, the bamboo plate is baked for 5-6 hours in a baking room at the temperature of 30 DEG C, baked for 10-11 hours after temperature is raised to 40 DEG C, baked for 2-3 hours when temperature is raised to 50 DEG C, and manufactured into whole bamboo. The outer bamboo joint, the bamboo green and the inner bamboo joint of the bamboo tube are automatically cut off, working efficiency is high, and the processing quality of the bamboo tube is improved.

Automatic bundle splitting and lay-feeding device and control method thereof

Disclosed is an automatic bundle splitting and lay-feeding device. According to the device, a motor is installed below a machine frame and connected with a feeding transmission mechanism and a conveying part which are installed above the machine frame, and side baffles are installed at the two sides of the conveying part; a hopper is installed on the machine frame, a pressing plate guiding part is arranged on the upper portion of the interior of the hopper, and a pressing mechanism is arranged on the pressing plate guiding part; a feeding roller part is installed on the machine frame, part of composing mechanisms are arranged in the hopper, and an upper movable scraper blade part is installed on the hopper and attached to a lower fixed scraper blade installed on the machine frame; the feeding roller part is in butt joint with the lower fixed scraper blade to achieve bundle splitting separation of straw, straw finally falls on the conveying part and is conveyed to a straw braiding machine through a conveyer belt provided with conveying spike teeth, and then automatic bundle splitting separation and lay-feeding of straw are achieved. The working efficiency of the straw braiding machine is effectively improved, labor intensity is relieved, processing and recycling of straw are facilitated, and greater economic benefits are created.

Inner segment removing machine

The invention discloses an inner segment removing machine. The machine comprises a rack, wherein an inner segment removing scraper assembly is erected on the rack and comprises a knife rest, a segment punching knife mounted at the front end of the knife rest, inner segment scrapers mounted on sides of the knife rest and located behind the segment punching knife, elastic propping pieces for driving the inner segment scrapers to get away from the sides of the knife rest as well as limiting pieces for preventing the inner segment scrapers from separating from the knife rest; blunt propping parts for propping are arranged at ends, far away from the knife rest, of the inner segment scrapers; the segment punching knife rotates and forms breaches in inner segments, and the inner segment scrapers rotate and grind and scrape the breached inner segments; the inner segment scrapers can be attached to the inner wall of a bamboo for grinding and scrape bamboo segment residues left after the segment punching knife passes; the blunt propping parts are propped against the inner wall of the bamboo to prevent the inner segment scrapers from excessively scraping the inner side of the bamboo under the action of the elastic propping pieces. The machine can be adapted to bamboos with different shapes and can fully scrape bamboo segments under the condition that no bamboo body is hurt.

Manufacturing method of bamboo-wood composite laminated timber

InactiveCN105196368AImprove longitudinal strengthReduce horizontalCane mechanical workingWood veneer joiningComposite laminatesFiber array
The invention provides a manufacturing method of a bamboo-wood composite laminated timber and belongs to the technical field of bamboo-wood processing. The manufacturing method comprises the following process steps: (1) preparing raw materials; (2) drying; (3) braiding bamboo bundles; (4) immersing in glue; (5) drying; (6) assembling; (7) prepressing; (8) hot pressing; and (9) ageing. Compared with a traditional process for manufacturing recombined bamboo by adopting a mold pressing manner, mechanization is realized in a manufacturing process of a bamboo bundle single board; the spreading of a plate blank is similar with the spreading of a plywood; and compared with the spreading of a recombined bamboo plate blank, the spreading is relatively simple, and the production efficiency is relatively high. Meanwhile, a traditional recombined bamboo product has the same fiber array direction so that the longitudinal strength of the product is remarkably higher than transverse strength. According to the bamboo-wood composite material manufactured by the manufacturing method, the method is carried out by symmetrically assembling the bamboo bundle single board and a wood single board, so that the difference of the transverse strength and the longitudinal strength of the material is reduced and the transverse strength is remarkably improved.
Owner:国家林业局竹子研究开发中心 +1

Method for processing bamboo sectional material

The invention discloses a processing method, which can form a bamboo sectional material having rich texture, sufficiently eliminates the internal stress of bamboo chips, enhances the antiseptic property of the bamboo chips and can adjust the colour of the bamboo chip through a carbonization process at 150 to 180 DEG C. The processing method comprises the following steps: after twisting retiform bamboo chips into twist strip-shaped bamboo cables, weaving the bamboo cables into a bamboo braid; immersing the bamboo braid into a glue; and thermo-curing the bamboo braid under a high pressure to obtain a texture as a precious wood can be obtained. The number of strands and weaving methods are different, so the texture of the sectional material changes correspondingly; the original form of the bamboo is changed radically through the high pressure treatment of the process; bamboo fires are recombined into a novel bamboo sectional material; and various physical performance indexes exceeding that of the wood are obtained. The method for processing the bamboo sectional material performs precompression on the bamboo braid before thermo-curing the bamboo braid under the high pressure, which reduces the stroke of an oil cylinder of a mould press, reduces the height of equipment, saves the cost of the equipment, and improves the production efficiency. The bamboo sectional material prepared by the process method can replace the precious wood facing depletion, can be used for houses, floor boards, doors and windows and building materials, and has good market prospect.

Glue preparation device for processing bamboo products

The invention discloses a glue preparation device for processing bamboo products. The glue preparation device comprises bases, wherein a box body is arranged on the tops of the bases in a penetrated manner, and a damping device is fixedly connected between the bottom of the box body and the bottom of the inner cavity of each base; the top of the box body is fixedly connected with a motor box, and the interior of the motor box is fixedly connected with a first motor; and the output shaft of the first motor is fixedly connected with a rotating shaft through a coupler. The invention relates to the technical field of bamboo product processing. According to the glue preparation device for processing bamboo products, raw materials are shaken while the raw materials are stirred and mixed, so that the stirring and mixing effect of the raw materials is better, and the efficiency is higher; the raw materials are shaken during discharging, the raw materials are prevented from remaining inside the device, after the raw materials are stirred and mixed, the raw materials are automatically fallen into a material storage box, and the material storage box is sent out by a moving device, so that the workload of workers is alleviated, the device can be moved freely, the device is convenient to use, and the work efficiency is improved.

Rattan bamboo plus material and preparation method thereof

The invention provides a cany bamboo fabric and preparation method, which comprises a cany skin layer or a bamboo skin layer (1) and a lapping cloth layer (2); wherein, the cany skin layer or the bamboo skin layer (1) are produced through the scraping and silking or drawing out and planishing treatments; the cany skin layer or the bamboo skin layer (1) are compounded with the lapping cloth layer (2) together. The cany bamboo fabric is characterized in that (a) the processes of degreasing, purifying, stewing, acid treatment and bleaching treatment are added between the process of silking or drawing out and the process of planishing, (b) the cany skin or the bamboo skin are weaved into the cany skin layer or the bamboo skin layer (1), and (c) the processes of softening finishing and hot compression and fixation are processed as the cany skin layer or the bamboo skin layer (1) are compounded with the lapping cloth layer (2) together. The cany bamboo fabric has the advantages of beautiful appearance, good performance of ultraviolet resistance, soft texture, uneasy to fold, free of yellowing, easy to clean, being applicable to the production of clothing, bedding articles, high grade car pad set, slipcover, window curtain, carpet, and shoes and hats, and versatility.

Unstressed flattening device and method for cylindrical bamboo wood with bamboo green and tabasheer

The invention discloses an unstressed flattening device and method for cylindrical bamboo wood with bamboo green and tabasheer. The device structurally comprises a motor, a motor base, a protective cover, a knife roll, a flattening roll, an air cylinder, a flattering roll bearing sliding base, a sliding groove, a limiting bolt, a knife roll bearing fixing base, a chain and a gearbox. The flattening method comprises the steps of (1) heating the bamboo wood to reach the glass-transition temperature, (2) rapidly flattening the bamboo wood in an unstressed mode, (3) planing the bamboo green, (4) planing the tabasheer with the fixed thickness, and (5) conducting drying through overlapping and stacking in a tabasheer face-to-face mode or pressure drying. The unstressed flattening device and method for the cylindrical bamboo wood with the bamboo green and the tabasheer have the advantages that only one pair of rolls, namely the upper flattening roll and the lower knife roll are needed, the structure is simple, maintenance is convenient, operation is easy, the device and method can be suitable for flattening bamboo cylinders with different diameters, and the flattening effect is good; flattening of the heated bamboo cylinders in a heating tank is rapidly finished within 3 min to 5 min, fixed-thickness planing is conducted, most cracks of the tabasheer face are planed away when the tabasheer is planed, the tabasheer is in the adhesive face when finished products are formed, and the appearance and the strength are not affected.

Processing technology for moso bamboo for bamboo-woven basket

The invention provides a processing technology for moso bamboo for a bamboo-woven basket. The processing technology comprises the following steps that the moso bamboo freshly cut is placed into a refrigeration house with the temperature ranging from 10 DEG C to 15 DEG C to be frozen; the frozen moso bamboo is taken out and subjected to high-temperature processing for 30-60 min, the processing temperature ranges from 120 DEG C to 150 DEG C, and then the moso bamboo is placed in a closed pressure processing tank to be subjected to high-pressure processing; and the root of the moso bamboo subjected to high-pressure processing is cut away, bamboo breaking is conducted through a bamboo breaking machine, a bamboo skin is formed and tailored according to the specification of a needed bamboo-woven product, then, the tailored bamboo skin is dried, and the water content of the bamboo skin is not larger than 4%. The operation of the processing technology is easy to achieve. The moso bamboo processed through the processing technology is used for weaving the bamboo-woven product, the mould proof, high-temperature resisting and severe cold resisting capability and the anti-yield strength of the bamboo-woven product can be greatly improved, and the connection strength of bamboo fiber is obviously improved.

Green bamboo skin removal machine

The invention relates to a green bamboo skin removal machine. The machine comprises a rack, a green bamboo skin removal cutter assembly fixedly mounted on the rack and multiple conveying mechanisms driven by a motor and used for pushing bamboos into the green bamboo skin removal cutter assembly, wherein the multiple conveying mechanisms are fixed on the rack and uniformly distributed on two sides of the green bamboo skin removal cutter assembly; the conveying mechanisms correspond to the green bamboo skin removal assembly in position; each conveying mechanism comprises a pair of movable devices mounted on the rack, driving wheels mounted on the movable devices respectively as well as two gears in transmission connection with a driving wheel chain; the two gears of each conveying mechanism are located on one side of the driving wheels and are mutually meshed; each movable device comprises a pivot, a sliding rod with one end fixedly connected with the pivot as well as a sliding rod support fixedly connected with the rack; each sliding rod is sleeved with a spring; a reset spring is located between each pivot and the corresponding sliding rod support. The green bamboo skin removal machine can push bamboos to the green bamboo skin removal cutter assembly smoothly and does not deviate, the feeding speed is high, the adaptability is high, the green bamboo skin removal effect is good, and the production and processing efficiency can be substantially improved.
Owner:杭州新竹文化创意有限公司 +1

Method and equipment thereof for continuously and automatically paving coiled bamboo curtain of bamboo-wood composite board

InactiveCN103817762AEffective control of the manufacturing processQuality improvementCane mechanical workingWood working apparatusHydraulic cylinderWood veneer
The invention belongs to a method and equipment thereof for continuously and automatically paving a coiled bamboo curtain of a bamboo-wood composite board. The method comprises the steps of bamboo wood collecting, bamboo stalk sawing and cutting, thin-bamboo-strip breaking, thin-bamboo-strip screening, wood veneer gumming, coiled-bamboo-curtain weaving, drying and the like. The equipment comprises a thin-bamboo-strip weighing device, a thin-bamboo-strip thickness measuring device, a coiled-curtain weaving device and a bamboo-wood continuous plate-making device, wherein the bamboo-wood continuous plate-making device comprises a machine body, a hydraulic gantry, a drum shaft, a hydraulic cylinder, a motor, a conveying frame, a chain, a compacting gantry, a compacting wheel group, a knife rest and an operation box. By adopting the method, the manufacturing process of the bamboo-wood composite board can be effectively controlled, the product quality reduction caused by hand operation can be effectively avoided, and the bamboo-wood composite board with good quality and high strength can be manufactured; the equipment has the advantages of reasonable design, simple structure, low production cost, convenience in operation and maintenance, loading stability, high accuracy and good production efficiency.
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