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Laser cleaning device

The invention discloses a laser cleaning device. The laser cleaning device comprises a movable workbench, a laser generator, a beam regulator, a controller and a rotating mechanism, wherein the movable workbench is used for holding to-be-cleaned parts; the laser generator corresponds to the movable workbench and is used for emitting laser; the beam regulator corresponds to the laser generator and is used for regulating the laser into a long strip shape and scanning the laser for scanning the to-be-cleaned parts at a set scanning speed; the controller is connected with the movable workbench, the laser generator and the beam regulator, and used for setting the laser power of the laser generator, the moving speed of the movable workbench and the setting scanning speed of the beam regulator and determining the compensation angular speed according to the moving speed and the scanning speed; and the rotating mechanism is connected with the beam regulator and the controller, and used for driving the beam regulator to rotate according to the compensation angular speed, so that the scanning track of the beam regulator is perpendicular to the moving direction of the to-be-cleaned parts. According to the cleaning device provided by the invention, plate workpieces with large widths can be efficiently cleaned.

Remanufactured blank cleaning device and application method thereof

The invention discloses a remanufactured blank cleaning device. The remanufactured blank cleaning device comprises a supercritical mixed fluid generation unit, a cleaning unit and a recovery processing unit which are connected in sequence. The supercritical mixed fluid generation unit comprises a supercharging mixing device used for mixing deionized water and an alcoholic solution. The supercharging mixing device is connected with the cleaning unit through a heating device and a spray-washing device. The invention further discloses an application method of the remanufactured blank cleaning device. According to the remanufactured blank cleaning device and the application method thereof, fluid is sprayed onto the surface of a remanufactured blank in a jet flow mode to form a supercritical mixed fluid constant-temperature and constant-pressure microenvironment on the surface of the remanufactured blank; pollutants such as greasy dirt, grease and carbon deposit are washed away efficiently under the scouring effect generated by continuous flowing of supercritical fluid; the remanufactured blank cleaning device is suitable for cleaning of engines, gearboxes and other shell-type remanufactured blanks and especially suitable for effectively cleaning oil type, grease type and carbon deposit type pollutants on the portions such as grooves, blind holes, gaps and pits of blind hole type parts.

Sweeping device for post insulator of transformer substation

PendingCN108480257AEfficient cleaningMeet the requirements of live cleaning operationsCleaning using toolsEngineeringSEMI-CIRCLE
The invention provides a sweeping device for a post insulator of a transformer substation. The device comprises a vertical lifting mechanism, an enclosing rotating mechanism and two sweeping mechanisms, wherein the enclosing rotating mechanism is arranged at one side of the vertical lifting mechanism and comprises an enclosing support, an annular gear, a first hydraulic motor and a rotating gear;the enclosing support is semi-circle shaped and is provided with a semi-circle shaped inner chamber; two end parts and the top surfaces of the enclosing support are opened; the annular gear which is semi-circle shaped is arranged in the inner chamber of the enclosing support; one side of the gear is exposed from the opening in one side surface of the enclosing support and fits the rotating gear; the first hydraulic motor is used for driving the rotating gear to drive the annular gear to horizontally rotate in the inner chamber of the enclosing support in a manner of rotating around an axis ofthe enclosing support; and the two sweeping mechanisms are arranged on the top surfaces of the annular gear and are correspondingly positioned at two ends of the annular gear. With the adoption of thedevice, the post insulator of the transformer substation can be swept in an enclosing manner. The device has the advantages of being high in sweeping efficiency and high in automation degree.

Sea surface petroleum collecting robot and using method thereof

The invention belongs to the technical field of marine environment protection, and particularly relates to a sea surface petroleum collecting robot and a using method of the sea surface petroleum collecting robot. The sea surface petroleum collecting robot comprises a collecting bin, a plurality of oil conveying pipes are arranged in the circumferential direction of the side face of the collectingbin, each of two sides of each oil conveying pipe is provided with an oil inlet pipe, piston blocks are arranged in the oil conveying pipes, a metal corrugated pipe is fixedly connected to the side,away from the collecting bin, of each piston block, a connecting frame is fixedly connected to the end, away from the collecting bin, of each oil conveying pipe, a steering shaft is arranged at the tail end of each connecting frame, the lower end of each steering shaft contacts the corresponding connecting frame, a floating ball is fixedly connected to the tail end of each metal corrugated pipe, an oil filter is arranged at the lower end of the collecting bin, an oil storage tank is fixedly connected to the lower end of the oil filter, and a collecting bin upper cover is arranged at the upperside of the collecting bin. The sea surface petroleum collecting robot can efficiently and directly collect petroleum leaking on the sea surface, and thus marine environment pollution caused by petroleum leakage is reduced.

Highly-efficient peanut cleaning device for deep processing of agricultural products

The invention discloses a high-efficiency peanut cleaning device for intensive processing of agricultural products, which comprises a feeding device, a universal wheel, a secondary spray cleaning device, a peanut transfer device, a second rotating cleaning device, a primary spray cleaning device and a first rotating cleaning device ; The inside of the first rotating cleaning chamber is provided with a first rotating cleaning device, a cylindrical screen and an internal cleaning device; the device of the present invention passes through a secondary spray cleaning device, a peanut transfer device, a second rotating cleaning device, and a spraying cleaning device. The washing device and the first rotating cleaning device are set up to clean the peanuts multiple times, which can efficiently clean the soil on the surface of the peanuts; through the cleaning of the internal cleaning device inside the first rotating cleaning chamber, the mud left by one cleaning can be prevented from clogging The sewage outlet prevents sludge from accumulating at the bottom of the device; through the setting of the cylindrical screen inside the first rotating cleaning chamber, the peanuts are cleaned on the surface of the screen; through the setting of the peanut transfer device, it is easy to remove the peanuts after cleaning.

Automatic cleaning equipment and cleaning method for passenger car power cabin

The invention provides automatic cleaning equipment and cleaning method for a passenger car power cabin, which relates to the technical field of cleaning equipment. The cleaning equipment comprises acleaning platform and a cleaning device. The cleaning platform comprises a carrier plate, a gantry-type frame arranged on the carrier plate and a moving mechanism arranged on the end face of the gantry-type frame; the moving mechanism has a moving seat movable in the X-axis direction and the Z-axis direction perpendicular to each other. the cleaning device comprises a swing member and a dry ice cleaning machine arranged on a carrier plate; the swing member comprises a mounting table fixed on the movable seat, a linkage mechanism arranged on the mounting table and a driving motor for driving the the linkage mechanism to swing; the cleaning nozzle of the dry ice cleaning machine is fixedly arranged at the swinging end of the linkage mechanism, and the driving motor drives the linkage mechanism to swing so as to make the cleaning nozzle swing back and forth. The automatic cleaning equipment for the passenger car power cabin adopts the automatic cleaning device to match with the dry ice washing machine, the washing process is harmless and does not produce secondary pollution, the washing efficiency is improved, and the hidden danger of manual washing is reduced at the same time.

Board surface cleaning equipment for printed circuit board

The invention discloses board surface cleaning equipment for a printed circuit board, and relates to the technical field of cleaning equipment. The board surface cleaning equipment comprises a mounting frame, a conveying mechanism, a cleaning mechanism, a drying mechanism, a cooling recycle mechanism, a fixing mechanism and a heating mechanism, wherein the conveying mechanism is arranged at the lower end of the inner side of the mounting frame, the cleaning mechanism is arranged above one side of the conveying mechanism, and meanwhile the drying mechanism is arranged above the other side of the conveying mechanism; a cleaning box is arranged on one side of the cleaning mechanism, and the fixing mechanism is placed on the conveying mechanism; and the heating mechanism is fixedly installed on the vertical inner side wall, on one side of the drying mechanism, of the mounting frame. According to the board surface cleaning equipment for the printed circuit board, through the fixing mechanism, the conveying mechanism, the cleaning mechanism, the drying mechanism, the heating mechanism and the cooling recycle mechanism which are sequentially composed, automatic and efficient cleaning of the circuit board can be achieved, damage to the circuit board during cleaning is avoided, the circuit board can be dried through inert gas in a clean and closed environment, and dust pollution and oxygen oxidation are avoided.

Nylon bristlelike monofilament fabric for cleaning, and cleaning tools formed by the same

InactiveCN103600555AEfficient cleaningStrong stimulating effectSynthetic resin layered productsMachine detailsToxicityPolyester
The present invention discloses a nylon bristlelike monofilament fabric for cleaning. The nylon bristlelike monofilament fabric comprises a nylon bristlelike monofilament weaving mesh, or a cloth base and nylon projection point groups weaved on the cloth base surface, nylon bristlelike monofilament terry groups weaved on the cloth base surface or nylon bristlelike monofilament hook groups weaved on the cloth base surface, wherein the nylon comprises modified nylon. According to the present invention, the hardness of the material is in the cleaning material hardness range of the steel wire ball and the polyester fiber, and characteristics of high cleaning decontamination quality and efficiency and no damage on the cleaned surface are provided; the nylon bristlelike monofilament fabric has characteristics of large mass production, low cost, no toxicity, no odor, wear resistance and durability; the present invention further discloses a plurality of cleaning tools made by using the nylon bristlelike monofilament fabric, wherein the cleaning tools can be used in all aspects of daily life; and the nylon bristlelike monofilament fabric can be combined with the wiping material layer to especially make into a mop tool so as to form the work state with double effects such as wiping and brushing, such that cleaning quality and cleaning efficiency are significantly improved, and the tool is the optimal selection of the cleaning work.
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