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Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental disorder of the neurodevelopmental type. It is characterized by problems paying attention, excessive activity, or difficulty controlling behavior which is not appropriate for a person's age.

Medical devices for the detection, prevention and/or treatment of neurological disorders, and methods related thereto

Disclosed are devices and methods for detecting, preventing, and/or treating neurological disorders. These devices and methods utilize electrical stimulation, and comprise a unique concentric ring electrode component. The disclosed methods involve the positioning of multiple electrodes on the scalp of a mammal; monitoring the mammal's brain electrical patterns to identify the onset of a neurological event; identifying the location of the brain electrical patterns indicative of neurological event; and applying transcutaneous or transcranial electrical stimulation to the location of the neurological event to beneficially modify brain electrical patterns. The disclosed methods may be useful in the detection, prevention, and/or treatment of a variety of indications, such as epilepsy, Parkinson's Disease, Huntington's disease, Alzheimer's disease, depression, bipolar disorder, phobia, schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, migraine or headache, concussion, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, eating disorder, substance abuse, and anxiety. The disclosed methods may also be used in combination with other peripheral stimulation techniques.

Biosynchronous transdermal drug delivery for longevity, anti-aging, fatigue management, obesity, weight loss, weight management, delivery of nutraceuticals, and the treatment of hyperglycemia, alzheimer's disease, sleep disorders, parkinson's disease, aids, epilepsy, attention deficit disorder, nicotine addiction, cancer, headache and pain control, asthma, angina, hypertension, depression, cold, flu and the like

Systems and methods for longevity, anti-aging, fatigue management, obesity, weight loss, weight management, delivery of nutraceuticals, and treating hyperglycemia, Alzheimer's disease, sleep disorders, Parkinson's disease, Attention Deficit Disorder and nicotine addiction involve synchronizing and tailoring the administration of nutraceuticals, medications and other substances (for example, stimulants) in accordance with the body's natural circadian rhythms, meal times and other factors. Improved control of blood glucose levels, extended alertness, and weight control, and counteracting of disease symptoms when they are at their worst are possible. An automated, pre-programmable transdermal administration system is used to provide pulsed doses of medications, pharmaceuticals, hormones, neuropeptides, anorexigens, pro-drugs, stimulants, plant extracts, botanicals, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, phytochemicals, phytonutrients, enzymes, antioxidants, essential oils, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, coenzymes, or other physiological active ingredient or precursor. The system can utilize a pump, pressurized reservoir, a system for removing depleted carrier solution, or other modulated dispensing actuator, in conjunction with porous membranes or micro-fabricated structures.

Methods and compositions for treating distress dysfunction and enhancing safety and efficacy of specific medications

The present invention relates to methods and compositions for reducing Distress Dysfunction by restoring and maintaining homeostatic balance in the neurotransmitter systems underlying the Stress Response and the experience of distress and hedonic tone. Distress Dysfunction refers to the experience of dysfunctional emotional and physical distress that interferes with the individual's quality of life and functioning. A novel understanding of the bimodal opioid modulation of pain, and its impact, through serotonergic, dopaminergic, epinephrinergic, and norepinephrinergic processes, on hedonic tone, leads directly to new generation pharmaceutical formulations that are remarkably safe and effective for the treatment of a wide variety of Distress Dysfunctions, including anxiety, depression, anger, insomnia, mood disorders, eating disorders, sexual problems, pain, substance and behavioral addictions, gastrointestinal disorders, autistic spectrum disorders, attention-deficit and hyperactivity disorders, and other emotional and physical distress disorders. The foundation of this discovery is the power of Receptor Switchers, such as ultra-low-dose and very-low-dose opioid antagonists and GM1 ganglioside attenuators, in blocking acute and protracted excitatory opioid receptor signaling. Co-administration of Receptor Switchers with Endorphin Enhancers, such as specific cAMP PDE inhibitors and excitatory amino acids, is an excellent formulation for restoring healthy homeostatic balance to the endogenous opioid system, using the body's endorphins to reduce emotional and physical distress, and through synergistic and homeostatic processes, restoring positive hedonic tone. The addition of Synergistic Enhancers, such as amino acids, SSRI and SNRI agents, and non-opioid analgesics, as well as Exogenous Opioids, enhances and prolongs these therapeutic benefits. The novel principles discovered by this invention also teach a new generation of safe and effective formulations for the treatment of respiratory conditions, neuropathy, and nociceptive pain.
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